[the contraindication of fluid of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop] _ contraindication is what _ unsuited crowd

Article introduction

Former oar of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop, oily kind have filling empty interest wet, travel gas and the action that stand. Former oar of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop, oily kind it is vest in relatively the blame prescription drug of security, but this is medicaments after all, because this is even a few more advertent matters concerned. That Zuo , former oar of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop, oily kind abstain from what is there? What kind of person does not suit to eat?

The contraindication of fluid of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop

Former oar of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop, oily kind be a kind mix relatively generally common Chinese traditional medicine prescription, by the root of herbaceous peony, tuckahoe, Jiang Houpiao (ginger is made) , the Chinese traditional medicine such as Xie You of oil of extract of root of herbaceous peony, Job’s tears benevolence, the shell of areca nut, unripe the tuber of pinellia, licor西安夜品茶网ice, wide wrinkled giant hyssop, purple perilla of material ma东莞夜生活论坛ke it. Its complementary material key is get together Shan Li ester – 80, anise fennel is oily.

Below understands former oar of healthy atmosphere of wrin武汉夜网论坛kled giant hyssop, oil first kind common problem:

Food of 1. avoid smoke, wine and hot food, raw or cold food, high114夜网论坛 fever measures food, taste of dietary collocation appropriate is weak.

The contraindication of fluid of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop

2. does not suit to be in take medicine period inside take additionally feed nourishing sex Chinese traditional medicine.

3. has disease of hypertensive, heart disease, liver, diabetic, nephrosis to wait for chronic illness circumstance to should be in next the doctor is specific and directive taking badly to feed.

Between 4. teenager children, pregnant woman, lactation, the person th武汉夜生活论坛at aged body declines should be in next the doctor i东莞夜生活论坛s specific and directive taking to feed.

Condition of 5. vomiting diarrhoea should reach a hospital badly instantly go to a doctor.

The contraindication of fluid of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop

Former oar of healthy atmosphere of 6. wrinkled giant hyssop, oily kind of spirituosity (alcohol) 40% ~ 50% , after taking medicine cannot safety drives machine, car, boat, from uprise of course of study work of exercise, mechanical equipment reachs appearance of real operation instrument.

In addition, former oar of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop, oily kind take food of advertent avoid smoke, wine and h东莞夜生活论坛ot food, raw or cold food, high fever wants to measure food when feeding, taste of dietary collocation 114夜网论坛appropriate is weak, and do not suit to重庆夜网论坛 be in take medicine period inside take additionally feed nourishing sex Chinese traditional medicine.

That Zuo , what kind of person does not suit to eat?

西安夜生活论坛One, disease of hypertensive, heart disease, liver, diabetic, nephrosis waits for chronic illness circumstance to should be in next the doctor is specific and directive taking badly to feed.


2, between teenager children, pregnant woman, lactation, the person that aged body declines should be in next the doctor is specific and directive taking to f佛山夜品茶网eed.

3, to taboo of symptom of this drug allergy, irritability constitution person discretion is used.



[the action of vitamin D and functional introduction] advantage of _ effect _

Article introduction

Respecting is vitaminic D, be certain we all is not not close completely, below the c重庆夜品茶网ircumstance that a lot of children are born, the doctor can open vitaminic D to eat to the child to parents, it can drive calcic assimilation to absorb. Because child human body grows,the circumstance of development falls, be deficient in calcium very easily, very big to the influence of human body. That Zuo , what do the effect of vitaminic D and action and side-effect have?

The action of vitamin D and function introduce

1, the assimilation that vitaminic D may assist body of reasonable promotion itself to be aimed at calcic element and its phosphor element absorbs a state, the l长沙夜品茶网evel of the haemal calcium that makes the body and its blood phosphor lies the level of a relativ东莞夜生活论坛ely saturated condition, then reasonable ensure the body the health of body and mind of every function is smooth.

2, vitaminic D, can assist us to drive phosphor of human body calcium to digest absorb, be helpful for child tooth and skeleton growing, what compensatory adult skeleton needs high grade protein, precautionary osteoporosis and rachitic reach its osteomalacia disease, eat these feeding to a few oxen breed and suckle broken bits and its yoghurt more usually material can complement.

3, if vitaminic D absorbs an amount too big, can create the situation with vitaminic toxic D. A lot of feel, eat to always be compared more had eaten less, actually this kind of thought is incorrect, it is vitaminic, wi长沙夜网论坛ll tell in the light of the body, daily the part that absorb also has certain restriction, overfeeding is bad to the body.

The action of vitamin D and function introduce

Loo佛山夜网论坛ked after article is medium, whether does we武汉夜生活论坛 all have to vitaminic D brand-new upgrade understood? Vitaminic D is very big to the effect of the body, but e114夜网论坛at much, also can appear side-effect. Consequently, all things are Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. completely, one should master to measure alertly when life daily life.

Receive go down, what will we master the disease that issues D of element of defective environment sanitation to hav东莞夜生活论坛e?

The action of vitamin D and function introduce

1, skel武汉夜网论坛etal ache: If vitaminic D is insufficient,grow up, the disease such as ache of very special and easy skeleton giving , muscle, when awaking, condyle also is met relatively muscle is inflexible.

2, give to rest problem of serious too heavy, fat illness: Vitaminic D is fat dissolve sex vitaminic, when adiposity of human body human body, the vitaminic D chroma in blood of diluent of very easy meeting is worth, this means human body human body adipose more, the vitaminic D in blood is lower, rest consequently the person of serious too heavy, fat illness, the likelihood needs to absorb vitaminic D more.

3, constant full head is sweat: When human body lacks vitami佛山夜网论坛n D, constant full114夜网论坛 head is sweat, perspiring very easily is the first state that西安夜品茶网 lacks vitamin D place to give normally.

4, the mood is depressive: Vitaminic D can assist promotion nerve to conduct chroma of corporeal serum element to be worth, and serum element can make a person relatively hopeful, let a bit buoyanter. 1998 one medium or small scientific research shows information, when winter, if adult of health of body and mind absorbs replenishers of vitaminic D, state of mind of more special and easy opposite giving , but have large and medium-sized research discovery, this action is not effective to lady of 70 years old of above.

5, intestines and stomach gives an issue: Patient of patient of disease of clone family name, disease of inflammation sex enteron, appear as a result of action of intestines and stomach unusual, human body of very easy influence is adipose digest absorb, more special also of course create vitaminic D insufficient problem easily, this kind group a group of things with common features those who want much more advertent vitaminic D absorb.



[the effect of horsewhip careless tea and action] drinkable method of _ advantage _

Article introduction

Citric horsewhip grass is in recent years relatively the tea of leg of thin and small of thin waist abdomen of fashionable square, basically be effect grows the person that take at assistanc重庆夜生活论坛e, can drive basal metabolis, advantageous micturition, accomplish thereby 佛山夜品茶网reduce weight the eye ground that reduce weight, this secret recipe can bathe, put in tub 7 into full hot warm boiled water, after increasing citric grass and horsewhip about 20 minutes, can enter bathe, enter halt at the same time bath cure, at the same time massage rub kneads lumbar abdomen, ham root ministry and crus abdomen, practical in that way effect more actor.

The effect of horsewhip careless tea and action

The action of horsewhip careless tea and effect

1, horsewhip careless tea can alleviate varicosity and leg ministry oedema, but cure migraine, ass佛山夜生活论坛i佛山夜生活论坛st the cleanness inside bowel to reach reduce weight reduce weight, invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, solution be worried, raise irascibility body to discharge the action such as poison.

2, hot reduce internal heat of Qing Dynasty of equipment of horsewhip careless tea service, promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy comes loose the action with urticant disappear of Yu, advantageous micturition,

3, horsewhip careless tea has calm effect, in the light of dyspeptic, bronchitic have remedial effect, long-term sex is in face careless tea of horsewhip of the edible before sleeping, can have recuperation taste system and reduce weight the action of thin body.

The edible means of horsewhip careless tea

1, boiled water develops tone instantly, in setting scented tea containers esp. for use in the house, develop tone instantly with the boiled water of 90 ℃ above, in that way fragrance and pithy can outside ooze.

2, Ji spends 15 grams, horsewhip is careless 20 grams, bai Sha candy 15 grams. Ji flower is cleaned soak, horsewhip grass is cleaned, cut grows into 3 centimeter paragraph. Put straw of Ji flower, horsewhip into stewpan again inside, turn on the water 250ml, slow fire simmer in water changes to make 25 cent Zuo after article baked wheaten cake leaves, filter is dropped residual, put into white saccharic agitate to be become namely, acting tea drink. Often edible can invigorate the circulation of blood spends Yu promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy, go Yu stops ache, disappear of clear hot reduce internal heat, advantageous micturition is urticant, applicable pee not the spring of second liver patien114夜网论坛t of the disease such as free edible.

The effect of horsewhip careless tea and action

3, citric grass 20 grams, horsewhip is careless 20 grams. The citric grass of one tea spoon and the horsewhip grass of one tea spoon add boiled water of 500 ~ 1000ml.

The action of horsewhip grass and effect

Small suffering of flavour of vaccine of manufacturing tuckahoe effect, the gender is cool, have noxiousness.

Production puts in classics vaccine liver, lienal classics ‘s charge.

Qing Dynasty of manufacturing action vaccine heats up alexipharmic solution, invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu to come loose wet detumescence of Yu, benefit,

1, cure dengue is ill: Take grass of new Zuo horsewhip 150 grams of 60 ~ (dry piece degressive) , turn on the water great fry gives 300ml to fluctuate, at coming on before 4 hour, 2 hour are taken 1 times each, take 2 ~ 4 days repeatedly, and every time is used do a西安夜网论坛 bur beggar-ticks 15 grams (child discretionary reduction) , everyday 1 agent, cent of water simmer in water is taken 2 times, take 6 days repeatedly. The 48 hour after subsidise of 33 patients disease, blood checks plasmodium all shade turns, efficient amount to 92% .

The effect of horsewhip careless tea and action

2, cure diphtheria: Take dry horsewhip grass (bur beggar-ticks) 30 grams, great fry gives 300ml to fluctuate. 150ml of adult every tim东莞夜品茶网e, take 2 times everyday, 8 ~ is 14 teenager children years old, every time LOOml, everyday 2, 50ml of 8 years old of following every time, everyday 3 ~ 4, all take 3 ~ 5 days repeatedly. Cure diphtheria 50, all heal, after taking medicine, all be worth fall burn the 15.3 hour between , between of false film subsidise 2.2 days, pharynx mop is modelled turn between shade 2.4 days, all be worth hospitalization 4.6 days.

3, cure infectivity hepatitis: Take horsewhip grass 500 restrain decoct fluid 800ml, adult 40 ~ 50ml, child 20 ~ 30ml, all take 3 times everyday, in all cure 80. 77 are cured, 2 effects are distinct, invalidation 1. 15 days all are worth between icteric subsidise , various enteron disease 3 ~ 12 days of subsidise, liver splenomegaly contracts 35 days 72 times at 14 ~ , liver function examination and transaminase are checked, 79 are in 10 restore to come over inside 30 days one.长沙夜生活论坛 Hospitalization time all is worth 23. 6 days.

4, cure grippe: With horsewhip grass 30 grams, green punt-pole, notopterygium each 15 grams, bubble is taken. Everyday 1 agent, cent is taken 2 times, or levigation ad[……]


[side-effect of Jin Yuting prophylactic] _ harm _ is affected

Article introduction

Does the key remind: ? Why does  thorium protect Zha of dog of  of Kuang of throat of Ji hum   leech ] have 东莞夜品茶网do well contraceptive method, then be forced to do chooses urgent contraception, it is to take feed prophylactic, this kind of way is opposite and character contraceptive step is concrete effect Zuo is relatively first-rate, but it is medicine 3 minutes poison, because this prophylactic also has certain side effect, graceful of amid gold to bring up can have certain side effect, the lady is taken before feeding, should master.

Side-effect of Jin Yuting prophylactic

Urgent contraceptive sort has varied, the brand also is to have a lot of, outside dividing long-term prophylactic, also one is plant is short-term prophylactic, namely prophylactic, it is to be in begin to be taken orally of the 72 hour after having sexual life of all preventive measure husband and wife to feed a reasonable kind urgent use contraceptive. Its use contraceptive measure ratio is 佛山夜品茶网relatively tall, but pro东莞夜品茶网phylactic also is to have certa114夜网论坛in side effect, what side effect to have actually? Below lets us know the side effect of graceful of prophylactic gold to bring up.

What does the side-effect of prophylactic have? We can be example with prophylactic of graceful of golden to bring up, jin Yuting is one of prophylactic, it is divided can accomplish contraceptive step outside practical effect, still can cause a few otherer side-effect, if the most general is,can cause menstruation to be not moved. Jin Yuting is a kind of powerful effect is urgent use contraceptive, in prophylactic level practical effect is very good, it often can achieve the actual result of contraceptive measure, advocate if the basis checks the oviposit period and egg of pregnant of block the way is embryonic bed, mortar consistency that promotes palace neck fluid additionally, spermatozoon of male of block the way comes over to achieve contraceptive measure effect fully.

Side-effect of Jin Yuting prophylactic

Jin Yuting takes the meeting after feeding to give a few side-effect, slight重庆夜品茶网 person can佛山夜网论坛 give the unwell sense such as disgusting retch. If be,before classics to be taken orally of ten days of periodic t武汉夜品茶网ime is fed word, also be relatively big to the influence of period, can cause the vagina to bleed, still can continue to create skin occurrence spot additionally. Consequently the lady wants advertent, prophylactic cannot apply several times repeatedly, be opposite otherwise health of body and mind is very bad.

Contraceptive step of prophylactic of graceful of golden to bring up is concrete although the effect is first-rate, but if have,take by accident feed, also can affect practical effect, it needs to be fed in to be taken orally of the 72 hour after sexual life 佛山夜网论坛of husband and wife, and so that use contraceptive step is concrete the result is stronger, it is better 武汉夜品茶网that the propo武汉夜生活论坛sal takes prophylactic of graceful of the to bring up that feed gold faster and faster. Taking alertly additionally feed urgent contraceptive around controls two hours must empty stomach. If be in,take medicine 2 hour less than produces sickness, should fill take.

Side-effect of Jin Yuting prophylactic

A few side effect that give likely about prophylactic are above, the key is meeting influence period, still can continue to create the unwell sense such as disgusting retch additionally, practical side e114夜网论坛ffect of because of the person different, but unwell mufti closing a winter takes prophylactic much, a month ea重庆夜生活论坛ts need not exceed 2 times, can bring adverse effect to health of body and mind otherwise. Once take medicine late become aware menstruation does not come, check instantly even, looked to produce an accident gravid, facilitating appropriate is handled.



[back unplugs coal tub reflexes an area to pursue] _ unplugs how coal tub _ unplugs coal tub

Article introduction

The person’s back is the crucial mainstay line that abide of courage and uprightness goes, back core area jams, cause courage and uprightness to run not free, can cause a lot of disease, below the circumstance that deposit of courage and uprightness carries on the back after, connect according t武汉夜生活论坛o cupping can be defeated first-rately, below knows the place of back cupping and effect.

Back unplugs coal tub reflexes district plan

Acupuncture point of day an administrative unit in Xizang enrages subsidence of a swelling all right

Return classics: Classics of hand sun small intestine.

Essence of life follows fixed posi重庆夜生活论坛tion: In humeral bone ministry, play brood of central sunken part when ridge, as smooth as photograph of the 4th lumbar. Pick acupuncture point: Hang down of course arm, the horn below humeral bone makes the same score the 7th lumbar, upgrade counts 3 cone namely the 4th lumbar, do thereby playing brood of central nodical武汉夜品茶网 part with ridge point-blank is.

Cupping action: Easy muscle invigorate the circulation of blood, enrage subsidence of a swelling all right. Advocate bone of smelt metal s东莞夜品茶网houlder is aching, the disease such as lacteal carbuncle.

Cream acupunct114夜网论坛ure point of bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 fills deficient empty

Return classics: Classics of bladder of enough sun’s rays.

Essence of life follows fixed position: Make the same score thorn of the 4th thoracic v重庆夜网论坛ertebra dash forward below, houzhengzhong opens 3 inches by heart line.


Cupping action: Fill deficient empty, manage lung deficiency of vital energy, advocate smelt metal coughs, pant, consumption, night sweat, haemoptysis, memory drops, frequent seminal emission, thin thin, consumptive disease.

Back unplugs coal tub reflexes district plan

To in relief acupuncture point be good at lienal raise a stomach

Return classics: Arteries and veins of superintend and director.

Essenc西安夜品茶网e of life follows fixed position: In back, go up when the net between Houzhengzhong, thorn of the 7th thoracic vertebra dash forward in next dent. Pick acupu佛山夜网论坛ncture point: Fu lies, the arm relies on human body both sides closely, leave horny level with clavicle thorn of the 7th thoracic vertebra dash forward lower part.

Cupping action: Be good at lienal raise a stomach, poor wet, advocate smelt metal is icteric, pectoral costal region goes up painful, wei is cold, cough, pant, pectoral frowsty be discouraged, gastralgia, the back of the human body is powerful painful.

Back unplugs coal tub reflexes district plan

Qing Dynasty of big reed acupuncture point heats up detoxify to come loose cold

Return classics: Classics of bladder of enough sun’s rays.

Essence of life follows fixed position: In back, when thorn of the 1st thoracic vertebra dash forward below, houzhengzhong opens; of 1.5 inches of place 重庆夜品茶网to pick acupuncture point by heart line: The 1st cone is the 1st lumbar, the photograph node that along end of the side in clavicle and Houzhengzhong the centre of a circle of heart line makes perpendicular and standard of the 1st lumbar is in eve西安夜生活论坛n if.

Cupping action: Clear hot detoxify comes loose cold, stron长沙夜品茶网g character muscle, advocate smelt metal coughs, calorific, have a headache, humeral backache.



[shrink fontal capsule is summarized] action of _ effect _

Article introduction

Shrink fontal capsule is a Chines114夜网论坛e traditional medicine prescription, its crucial function is to depend on frequent micturition make water is urgent, hold back does not live uric improvement, it is the pee frequency that causes in the light of empty of a few kidney very much, for example get up in the night to urinate increases night in the evening, this kind of state can improve disease with this one medicines and chemical reagents. Use method uses volume level, adult eats 6 1 times, 1 day 3. If apply this to use medical treatment, disease is improved do not get a word significantly, check uric convention further to check to the hospital with respect to need, look to have inflammation i西安夜网论坛nfection, or be it is kidney canaliculus injures action to damage wait, again of purpose sex medication.

Shrink fontal capsule overview

Shrink fontal capsule is taken feed how long be successful, as exasperate as patient patient’s condition level is relevant, cannot treat as the same.

Shrink fontal capsule is general Chinese traditional medicine prescription, action key is the dispel that help this world Zhuang Yang of cold, filling kidney shrinks make water, the pee frequency that the heat inside arm light deficiency of yin with irritability causes in order to of clinical 重庆夜网论坛medicine key, in the evening enuresis. The bases of this medicine is Zhiren of yam medicine, beneficial and the root of three-nerved spicebush, airframe water load can be reduced on certain level. This medicine is general 东莞夜品茶网effect is pretty good, but because of Chinese traditional medicine the medical effect of prescription relatively delay, compare in the light of state of illness consequently light, it is OK to fluctuated in January commonly be successful. State of illness of one part patient is more serious, need to take feed fluctuated in March, just can give remarkable and practical effect. Below general situation, if take medicine practical effect is not distinct after Jan114夜网论坛uary, proposal patient at go to a doctor of surgery of secrete make water, cleared and other disease.

Shrink fontal capsule overview

Besides, because shrink,fontal capsule can cause blood pressure to rise, the heartbeat is accelerated, reason suggests hypertensive patient prevents to take feed shrink fontal cap西安夜网论东莞夜网论坛坛sule, give the state that blood pressure rises to become fast with the heartbeat in case.

Shrink fontal capsule overview

Shrink fontal capsule is medicine of the one pre重庆夜网论坛scription in planting, its are clinical medical action basically is lukewarm kidney dispel cold, shrink make water stops involuntary discharge of urine, crucial in order to the heat symptom-complex inside arm light deficiency of yin with irritability, if be really, vest in the heat symptom-complex inside arm light deficiency o重庆夜品茶网f yin with irritability, general effect is pretty good, chinese traditional medicine prescription drug effect relatively delay, if be opposite disease trea长沙夜生活论坛tment is common fluctuation of a m西安夜生活论坛onth has practical effect possibly, this kind of practical effect can feel according重庆夜生活论坛 to itself, the state of glossal diagnosis by feeling the pulse will differentiate, if did not get effective, suggest hospital outpatient service is adj, want again cure, want certain level to just can get effective.



[the picture that the root of balloonflower spends] appearance of _ action _

Article introduction

The root of balloonflower is beautiful, belong to wh114夜网论坛at greenery tangerine straightens to bloom, tangerine straightens, another namer is small bell flower, Seng Guan carry on one’s shoulder of flower of grass of dish of cap, bi武汉夜网论坛tter root, stalk, burden, 6 horn, Baiyao, latin is called Platycodon Gradiflorus. Stalk of division of the stalk that belong to tangerine, tangerine belongs to vivacious long xylophyta. Centimeter of cauline tall 20-120, do not have wool commonly, occasionally close by undercoat, do not send a branch, go up very less one part branch. Li Shi examine is in ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in commentate its friend says: “This careless root is firm and upright, friend says tangerine straightens ” . Tangerine stalk root is officinal value, contain glucoside of tangerine stalk black, have relieve a cough expectorant, expectorant, antiphlogistic (treat pleuritic) equivalent circuit.

The picture that the root of balloonflower spends

The photograph that the root of balloonflower spends, centimeter of cauline tall 20-120, do not have wool commonly, occasionally close by undercoat, do not send a branch, go up very less one part branch. The leaf is all and verticillate, one part verticillate comes all accrete, do not have a handle or have very short power, leaf egg, egg shape ellipse to wrap around needle form, grow 2-7 centimeter, wide 0.5-3.5 centimeter, form of pointed ministry wide agree comes the circle is blunt, coping urgent needle, wool is done not have above and emerald, below often does not 重庆夜品茶网have wool and have Bai Shuang, there are undercoat or tumor above arteries and veins occasionally dash forward shape wool, edge provides fretsaw dentate. Beautiful Chan Duo is very unripe, or several compositive raceme that spend a holiday, or capitulum sends a branch and compositive change hemicycle of ministry of canister of panicle; calyx globose or sphere shape pours awl model, by Bai Shuang, lobation triangle, or narrow triangle, luo La of dentate; card is occasionally big, grow 1.5-4.0 centimeter, blue-black or La Zi is lubricious. Horny fruit is globose, or globose cone-shaped, or shape pouring egg, grow 1-2.5 centimeter, diameter 1 centimeter. Open florescence 7-9 month.

The picture that the root of balloonflower spends

Tangerine stalk is deep root sex greenery, perennial grows flowers of herb perennial root, in brushwood of much more natural Yu Xiaoshan slope in the center, quality of a material of flesh of its root fleshy, show round pillar, do not send a branch to send a branch less perhaps. At the outset advocate the bine can is as long as 15 centimeter above. The bine stands, tall 0.5 ~ 1 meter, entire individual plant has ivory milk, do not send a branch commonly or go up end sends a branch a bit. Foliaceous opposite or verticillate, leaf egg shape wraps around needle form, edge has not the acute of neat is dentate. Open florescence to compare evening, 7 ~ will give birth to 1 in cauline coping in September or count the flower of a blue-black or blue purple, when squaring, spl佛山夜网论坛ash goes up the ball that show spirit model. Card collect draws bell contrast, topmost 5 crack, when hanging down very the bell that resembles ancient time, form of another namer bell is accordingly beautiful. 8 ~ in October Jian fruit.

The root of balloonflower spends indigo leaf, pattern is beautiful, very provoking attention. A lot of areas serve as view and admire sexual plant to cultivate at zoology park compound in the center, peaceful simple but elegant, original fun.

Advocate the bine makes an appointment with 70 centimeter high, manpower cultivates can achieve 1 meter. Foliaceous opposite, verticillate or accrete, surface layer is bright and clean, hoarfrost of opposite light apply. Beautiful Chan Duo or 23 moves are born in the tip of a tree, monk cap is like when in bud, bell state is appeared after leaving. The flower has violet blue, emerald green blue, shine wa重庆夜生活论坛it in vain varied tonal, see more univ武汉夜网论坛alve, also have heavy valve and weigh valve partly, the calm that spend appearance is elegant, pattern charming and not colourful. Japan straightens on behalf of tangerine with purple, delicacy of the Northern Dynasties is not seek fame and wealth with tangerine stalk. What the root of balloonflowe西安夜生活论坛r spends is violet in the ribbon is blue, la Zhongjian is violet, clean heart bright looks, to the person a kind of calm, elegant, indifferent to fame or benefit, comfortable enjoy. In arboretum, original one scene, be called ” the flower is medium place person, not admire is lively ” , spend match with Ji , have ” brilliant ” feeling, the delicacy that is deep and rem西安夜生活论坛ote beauty cuts a flower, apply extensively at Hua La, flower bouquet, a tangerine straightens, can increase art to admire practical effect land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of anotherly. Also can make potted flower or ground plant at spending diameter, flower nursery. The root is material of famous Chinese tradit[……]


[breast of hydrogenous Kun frost creams] effect of drug of _ effect _

Article introduction

Outside treating fleck to divide systemic cure, still need to become partial cure to the place of spot, an effect outside this one , the meeting is better. And hydrogenous Kun is common, actually hydrogenous Kun frost and hydrogenous Kun breast cream, the difference of both is not big, ba武汉夜生活论坛ses is hydrogenous Kun completely, it is the action of Huang Heban having dispel completely. Because this did not have where home,make a way well. And with hydrogenous Kun Chinese traditional medicine preparation cure fleck also has a lot of common problems:

Advertent unremitting applies:

Dispel yellow speckle is need between a paragraph of , not be ten days can be finished. One is called ” breast of 1000 Bai Qing Kun cream view of remedial fleck effect is checked ” findings report informed us this one general principle.

After daily warm boiled water washs a face, breast of Kun of light Tu Qing is in to cream in splash (Guangdong saves everybody health西安夜品茶网 medicine is finite the enterprise produces) , early in injury place is wiped outside be being divided la东莞夜生活论坛te 2 times each, and gently massage 3 ~ 5min. Every weeks of supersonic wave guide enters 2 ~ 3 times, every time guides 10Min of min佛山夜品茶网istry of appearance evaporate face can be enraged with abstrus114夜网论坛e Sang Zheng first before entering, according t重庆夜网论坛o stoma of hair of skin of pyroelec114夜网论坛tricity effect open, can drive the assimilation with hydrogenous Kun stronger frost to absorb in that way, guide into not less than 15min between , wave band of supersonic wave stock with medium and advisable, was a period of 重庆夜网论坛treatment in March. Those who do supersonic wave guide to enter is additional, early in still need cent late 2 times to brush frost of 2% hydrogen Kun, and 3 ~ 5min reachs gently massage medicines and chemical reagents is digested thoroughly absorb. Before cure, after taking drug 4 weeks reach 8 西安夜品茶网weeks to be opposite leather damage color mediates gross area is begun comment on, additional exterior investigates side effect.

Fruit of clinical research Jian treats fleck to choose breast of Kun of 2% 1000 white hydrogen to cream, after passing 4 weeks efficient amount to 80% , efficiency of the overall height afte重庆夜品茶网r passing 8 weeks is amounted to 90% .

Besmear only alertly go up in spot:

Hydrogenous Kun frost need not all normal skins with inunction circumjacent harm, what also cannot use is overmuch, the area that does not say to had not had spot 西安夜品茶网also daub will prevent to have spot, because make cu佛山夜生活论坛taneous countenance shadowy likely not well-balanced. Extremely individual patient can the skin is allergic and generation dermatitis. Because this besmears only,go on spot.

Prevent alertly bask in segregation:

Huang Heban’s generation follows suit blow insolation relevant also, once airframe accepts ultraviolet light damage, skin cell is met release pigment physiologically. The level of cutaneous color and pigment is relevant, black element cell carries pigment, when pigment assemble an outer skin can look clear, the spot that with respect to generation we often say. Because this is treated,must do well alertly inside fleck period prevent bask in segregation countermeasure.



[pilose antler piece how much does bubble water put] dosage of usage of _ of _ make tea

Article introduction

Pilose antler piece means comes with use quantity for the key. Its put forward clearly ” with cent little, take day much ” , it is every time eats less namely but need to often eat continuously, just 114夜网论坛can accomplish ” big void delay fills ” action.

Pilose antler piece every time eats is how much gram

Pilose antler piece how much does bubble water put

It is commonly 1 to 2 grams, this makes dosage is first-rate to human body.

1, pilose antler piece with at stew when taking, the use quantity of every time is 1 ~ 4 grams (amount to Chinese scale of weights arrives 3 minutes 1 money 2 minutes of) .

2, contain instantly change fine and soft piece use quantity is 0.5 ~ 1 gr武汉夜生活论坛am (amount to Chinese scale of weights is 1.5 ~ 3 minutes) .

Pilose antler piece it is material of a kind of Chinese herbal medicine after all, certain use amount asks, it is OK that general proposal is overcome with 1-2, because of pilose antler piece medical effect slants lukewarm, proposal first dosage is taken feed, ambassadorial dosage takes pilose antler to may cause body empty fire to go up phlogistic, cause oral cavity ulcer, nosebleed, gum swollen ache bleed the symptom that w重庆夜品茶网aits for a series of get angry.

Pilose antler piece want to eat how long to just have practical effect

Pilose antler piece how much does bubble water put

A week can give actual time effect to ten talents, cure cure is need in between , following this person body quality also is relative.

1, wine of bubble of smooth commonly used pilose antler is drunk, healthy health protection is effective the effect is particularly good also, and it is archaic China take the general kind of pilose antler, when wine of bubble of reoccupy pilose antler, can the hill ginseng with proper supplement and medlar, reach the capable person of its cultivated land Chinese herbal medicine that has effect of nourishing preserve one’s health, the action of healthy preserve one’s health that can allow wine of bubble good bee in that way is more exceedingly good. In addition the pilose antler after bubble medicinal liquor piece also need not desertion, after can getting off instantly to be taken orally, every time need not be taken feed overmuch, had better be to need not exceed 3 grams.

2, pilose antler piece it is capa114夜网论坛ble person of a kind of Chinese herbal m佛山夜生活论坛edicine that has effect of nourishing preserve one’s health, the flesh that abounds it with these nutrition only kind food food is stewed together after making, take, also can obtain good healthy preserve one’s health practical effect, it is OK also to can reduce gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it essence of filling kidney solid prevents consenescence. Flesh of breast of the pig chop with daily universal life, chicken and its goose stewing right amount pilose antler can be added when making piece, its flesh is fed to drink its boiling water after been stew most be beneficial to the body to pilose antler piece in the assimilation of nutrient element is absorbed with apply.

3, pilose antler piece not be food of a kind of nourishing preserve one’s health only, also be material of a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, common everybody is taken when feeding, can grind it into powder, in installing glue to assist, use Wen Shui to swallow instantly, can let pilose antler in that way piece sufficient play is best yes officinal value action, also can let the body digest those who absorb it to contain a variety of nutrition, can accomplish the most Utopian healthy health care practical effect.

4, winter weather is cold, need nourishing p长沙夜品茶网reserve one’s health, be appropriate eat the time that fill. Pilose antler piece invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu healthy preserve one’s health, characteristic and downy, generally speaking winter uses pilose antler piece feed fill to suit particularly. Can eat 2 times winter or be 3, the person that seeks beauty also need not worry gain flesh, pilose antler piece after eating, also won’t gain flesh immediately. Unless be very m长沙夜品茶网uch,take, of large in that way half an year just is met after a year get fat.

Pilose antler piece how much does bubble water put

Eat pilose antler piece optimal time

1, winter

Winter is human body eats the gold time that fill, and human body is in one has been compared digest the circumstance that draws nutrient part; If be the time that chooses summerly weather blood to be filled greatly, cause Qing Dynasty probably to fill overmuch, make human body the five internal organs maladjusted then, give to give the state such as nosebleed.

2, fall frost hind

Fall after frost, pure natur重庆夜网论坛al slowly become cool, the gas of the shade of this moment nature and body is reduced, gas blood is elevatory, body animal spirit just began astringent, this which moment takes pilose antler this kind of lukewarm filling food gets a word, the state with the iciness of lady winter hands or feet that that Zuo can reduce constitutional Xu Han, cold Wei.

3, at night 7-8 is nodded

Among a day, the gas of t[……]


[plain akebi is poisonous why to still use] how does _ of noxiousness of _ plain akebi return a responsibility

Article introduction

Although say东莞夜品茶网 plain akebi is material of a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, of th114夜网论坛e secondary action with but Chinese herbal medicine also is met,appear particular, we come to below understand, plain what poisonous side effect does akebi have?武汉夜品茶网

Contemporary research makes clear plain akebi has lesser poisonous side effect, poisonous side-effect component is akebi armour element (birthwort is acerbity) , wooden orchid is alkaline reach glucoside of akebi ginseng black. Overmuch birthwort acid sends generation of splanchnic organ blood-vessel to become ill, cause nephritic function blood to offer block, cause kidney canaliculus necrotic. Birthwort acid may重庆夜生活论坛 be endangered instantly to kidney body cell. More calcic ion is contained in akebi, uremic oneself discharges potassium hardship, potassium cannot come out with the platoon besides the body, cause disease of tall Potassium blood. Besides, akebi endotoxin can cause splanchnic organ capillary become ill, bring about splanchnic organ to bleed, oedema, reach the disease such as enteron haemorrhage.

Plain slight cold of akebi great pain, thorough popular feeling, cystic classics, can the fire below clean heart, discharge of n佛山夜品茶网ext can advantageous micturition are hot, make cold wet glide. Go out from pee. In order to drenchs drop is acerbity painful or inside igneous Kang Cheng, sink at colon, because send talking around to give birth to sore, the person that be troubled by bare of heart make water. The small cold fraction that enter blood, advantageous condyle of arteries and veins of a 9 a key to do sth, blood, the result with acetanilide invigorate the circulation of blood, can use the pain or numbness caused by cold that treat heat, because unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease heats up stop up,hot pain or numbness caused by cold is at condyle of main and collateral channels, sluggish of gloomy of courage and uprightness jams, down to arthralgia, partial broil heats up strut, or companion is calorific, limb is cold, heart be agitated moves uneasiness. Small cold Qing Dynasty connects akebi, classics of travel Yu easy, Cold wet can divide.

Side-effect key is toxic report, clinical symptom is: On the stomach is unwell feeling, disgusting keck, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal distension, appetite not beautiful, have a headache, urgent, hold back does not stay in make water of facial min佛山夜网论坛istry dropsy, frequent micturition frequent micturition, lumbago, make water is make w东莞夜品茶网ater, little in the evening, not make water, blood pressure is elevatory, magical wisdom not clear.

Physiological characteristic

This product shows pillar length a cir长沙夜生活论坛cle, slightly newest sheet music, grow 50 ~ L0, 2 ~ of straight 87.5px. Color of surface layer Huang Zong or palm are Brown, vertical stroke reachs protruding line to sunken channel; The section is in much Peng Da, have cicatricle and branch streak. Rudimental skin ministry is easy tear. Simple 东莞夜生活论坛hard fact, rupture not easily. Cut piece thick 2 ~ 4mm, edge not neat, huang Zong of rudiment114夜网论坛al skin ministry is lubricious, brown or wooden ministry weak Huang Shen is flaxen, have grain of rufous rad佛山夜生活论坛iative form and break, tube aperture is bespread during, pith ministry is minor, kind ivory or Huang Zong is lubricious, have Kui accent occasionally. Energy of life is tiny, flavour is weak.


Country of origin

Produce from Sichuan, Guizhou Province, hunan Province and other places.