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Once the purest oneself fly as cruel actual ash already smoke destroys!

“Elder brother! Be you? Be you really? ” this piece of familiar face before cherish of the Song Dynasty looks at an eye, be fond of again in the heart Jing, consider do not get oneself to also be bumped into by the car, feel what an arm aches to should die but still want to stretch one’s hand the face that goes feeling Yi Lin, look to be bumped to go out psychedelic.

At the moment more and more ambiguous, at the moment one black fainted.

Original by day person is much, large cocktail party was held here what is more,the rather that, the person is more, already very somebody was surrounded come over, see cherish of wounded the Song Dynasty and Yi Lin, however nobody notices the person that strikes a car already escaped secretly!

Passerby looks at the two people that lying on the ground, in succession say: “Call an ambulance quickly, that male leg shed a lot of blood! ” somebody took a mobile phone to make emergency treatment telephone call.

“Go away! ” frozen sound nots allow to ignore from transmit outside the crowd, monsoon outstanding, of Xie Jing, monsoon goes towards crowd stride.

Monsoon outstanding see Song Xiyun falls on the ground, go up to did not bleed personally fortunately, crouch next stretching one’s hand to take her arm: “Little grudge, little grudge, wake! Wake!!

Discover Song Xiyi went via fainting, crouched next holding in the arms to remove cherish of the Song Dynasty, just look to go up to the ground is lying person, complexion is heavy, treat Xiang Xie condition: “Let a person send a hospital, was over to explain to me why he can be here. ” holding double of Song Xixiang car in the arms.

Somebody raves in back: “We called an ambulance. ” those who respond to him is breathed air cooling.

Insensible medium Song Ximeng arrived to go.

“What do you call the name? ” year young Song Xiwen.

“Yi Lin ” the boy is hanging down first, it seems that very fear.

Year young the boy that cherish of the Song Dynasty looks at this thin and small, having in his eye endless helpless.

“I call the Song Dynasty cherish, you follow me later, I can protect you! I can protect you!!

“Elder brother, I seemed to fall in love with monsoon outstanding. ” the cherish of the Song Dynasty of green period is a bit bashful.

“Not OK! “Not OK!!

“Why elder brother? He is open-armed to me. ” mood of cherish of the Song Dynasty is a bit excited.

“He can kill you dead, be no good absolutely! Yi forest sound is tender, but the tone is very firm.

Monsoon outstanding the hand that pulling Qiu Xinya goes far gradually, cherish of the Song Dynasty exerts all his strength at the back chasing after, loud growl: “Monsoon outstanding you come back, you promise to won’t drop me. ” but how is she also chased after.

·· of · of · · ·

Kindheartedness hospital, the monsoon in ward outstanding giving Song Xigai the quilt in small movement, suddenly her canthus sheds a tear soundlessly, inpour she in the hair of two hair on the temples, he sees the movement in the hand, subsequently gently erasure her tear stains.

After a day, song Xihao opened an eye without omen ground, saw an eye first outside, the day wants black.

The monsoon that side head saw climb to be asleep in bedside outstanding, what to think of suddenly, should lift a quilt to get out of bed but what the hand aches easily is fierce, she saw a hand, it is to binding bandage so, should be a car bump into the abrade when coming over, thinking slowly should get out of bed.

Monsoon outstanding feel activity woke, delay next tired bodies, remove a waist to see the cherish of the Song Dynasty that Xiang Zheng should get out of bed continuously: “Do not want to be moved in disorder, the doctor says the bone amlposition of your arm. The doctor says the bone amlposition of your arm..

“Where is my elder brother? Monsoon outstanding! ” Song Xigen did not care about him to say originally, just thinking Yi Lin Xing?

Monsoon outstanding small frown heart, light say: “You were misreaded, that is not your elder brother. That is not your elder brother..

“Either, I saw, it is good that you take me to look for him! ” Song Xixiang starts work the arm that goes pulling him, eye inner tube is worn anxious expression.

Monsoon outstanding the movement that sees her, press her arm quickly: “Are not moved, do not want arm! Do not want arm!!

“I take you to look for him! ” between the eyebrows is close when saying knit.

Monsoon outstanding helping cherish of the Song Dynasty up to arrive the ward next door, she sees familiar back to the window, the disease of dress bounty is taken, but he is not to standing, sit on wheelchair however.

She dare not believe a bit, cried gently: “Elder brother? “Elder brother??

Yi Lin hears sound back easily, subsequently rotational wheelchair turned to come over, laugh slightly: “Little grudge. “Little grudge..

See her an arm is being aed string of 1 by bandage, complexion is anxious: “Your arm how? “Your arm how??

Cherish of the Song Dynasty earns monsoon outstanding hand, go crouch before Yi Lin: “Elder brother did you wake? Is yesterday me what you saved yesterday? Incorrect, your leg? Incorrect, incorrect, i… my arm does not have a thing, my arm is active still! ” saying incoherently to still prepare to move use arm.

Monsoon outstanding the movement that sees her, leng Sheng exports: “Do not move in disorder. ” but Song Xibing did not respond him.

Yi Lin looks at her some are foolish foolish expression, laughing to say: “Little grudge, you are fastened anxious, do I and you say slowly? Do I and you say slowly??

Cherish of the Song Dynasty sits to the chair beside, look at Yi Lin: “What do you tell elder brother I happen after all? Your leg? Your leg??

This ability sees Yi Lin to monsoon outstanding, corners of the mouth is shallow laugh: “Wind outstanding, see me two considered conversation to forget you, you go to otherwise first busy! You go to otherwise first busy!!

“I do not have a thing, you chat. ” monsoon outstanding do not plan to leave rely on on the door to play had a mobile phone.

Cherish of the Song Dynasty saw him, be disinclined to manage him, see Xiang Yilin say urgently: “Elder brother you say quickly with me! “Elder brother you say quickly with me!!

Yi Lin is lop pupil: “I a few days ago the hand has intuition, just do not see you, be forced to recover everyday in the hospital, go to your home looking for you to just know you went the day before yesterday bender wants to look for you originally, the result sees somebody drives should bump into you, the shank that the doctor says me folded · · · ” say the move is silent.

Song Xiting arrives cannot help lachrymal water arrived disease is taken on, lachrymal path: “Elder brother, iing am sorry is me trashy, you just become because of me such. ” use another hand erase again the tear stains on the face, laughed to say, “Do not have a thing nevertheless, now science and technology so develop, your leg has met elder brother for certain, I can cure certainly your leg! I can cure certainly your leg!!

Hand of Yi Lin Shen feels her hair top to taking to bestow favor on be addicted to: “Goofy, elder brother does not have a thing, must not cry! Must not cry!!

Monsoon outstanding the behavioral eye eye that looks at Yi Lin is frozen rise, taking a few minutes of satirize: “Awake to be able to go, still can turn a person, shank folded a day to be able to sit wheelchair, really preterhuman! Really preterhuman!!

Cherish of the Song Dynasty heard loiter to stand, anger say: “Monsoon outstanding, your this word what meaning? You are not to be exposed to we are good. You are not to be exposed to we are good..

Yi Lin carries the hand pulls her: “Small be reluctant to part such, wind outstanding also be inadvertently, do not believe even myself I became good a bit. Do not believe even myself I became good a bit..

Cherish of the Song Dynasty looks at monsoon outstanding anger anger says: “Go out, we do not want to see you! We do not want to see you!!

Monsoon outstanding complexion is heavier and heavier, face about sliding door went, phut… close acoustical blare, yi Lin sees monsoon is crackajack, see Xiang Song cherish, taking a blame: “You see your disposition, still mix same before. Still mix same before..

Cherish of the Song Dynasty calmed next mood, laughing to say: “Elder brother you are not angry, you should raise the body well now. You should raise the body well now..

Outside the door, monsoon is crackajack fire of the nest in the heart after coming is gotten fierce, go toward the deanery, hit a phone to do not have a few times to Xie Jing connected: “Woke, I search over there the dean too. ” .

Xie Jing reached the office, it is such a pair of setting. The dean lowers his head to stand in monsoon outstanding nearby, it is grievance very it seems that, monsoon outstanding a piece of gloomy and cold face sits on sofa, miff ground looks at a dean, looking is to take a dean to had cast energy of life.

“You is this to should eat a dean? ” Xie Jing goes by.

Monsoon outstanding the teacup that takes tea table to go up threw the past, xie Jingxing deficient nimble hid, cry urgently loudly: “Yi Lin offends you to get angry, you take my go flat what to is used! You take my go flat what to is used!!

He stood, kick one foot table, ad cool-headed face says: “Let you staring at Yi Lin, do not treat even the individual, want you what to is used. Want you what to is used..

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