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” the Manzhusha in hell China ” the graceful in water / , this chapter in all 3569 words, update at: 2017-03-06 09:26

Love is, you see him not pleasing to the eye, still meet him to cook, you scold his slovenly, still meet him to wash the dress, you disrelish him to bother, still do not leave do not abandon.

She is thinking, side eye just discovers, there is a light scar actually on his neck, it is new scar! Be a mark having a tooth that she factitious bites apparently, the should go feeling him neck with not own hand, ceng… flashy artifice was captured.

“Good ache… ” she can’ts help phonate, sensory artifice within an inch of is given birth to crumb, monsoon outstanding hear sound reaction to come over, loosened immediately hand, packed up what shine in the eye and pass to kill subsequently meaning.

Rise continuously in light of sit up Xiang Song cherish, light mouth: “Woke? “Woke??

Song Xishou aches still do not have delay to come over, see monsoon outstanding, the instant that just is handholded by him seems to see the thrill through in his eye a shade crime, it is she is enraged from the crime that had not seen, can be now it is downy completely in the eye, be she was misreaded?

She is kneading an artifice to grousing, pain tear came out quickly: “You how so large interest, good ache. Good ache..

Monsoon outstanding pupil is dark, a short while shallow laugh: “You want incivility I, I so handsome, affirmative meeting is being frightened! ” the feeling is like really by incivility, still stretch his hand hold tight hold tight dress.  

The relation change between two people is too sharp, when letting Song Xiyi between suit hard, she catchs a hair to conceal her awkwardness, a hand plays had finger, handle points to scuffle was together, immediately loll, in a low voice delicate words says: “You know I sold season family name the share of 30% secretly a few days ago, I sold 50 million, still promise him to give again 20% , · of my · · ” from the back voice is smaller and smaller, the head is built quickly pull be on the quilt.

Monsoon outstanding stretch one’s hand handhold the finger of her scuffle, pulling her to rely on her a bit closer, shallow laugh: “Want you to be beside me only, it is whole season family name to also be indifferent to. It is whole season family name to also be indifferent to..

Look at her the top of head, the cinch that use a hand a her little hand. Unusually warm the centre of the palm lets one has flowed to warm in Song Xixin, feel room temperature is unusually elevatory, she carries the eye looks at monsoon outstanding pupil, blink eyeball, taking a question. At this moment, he lowers his head to kiss went up the lip of cherish of the Song Dynasty, do not have development, simple kiss is worn, she is a bit small hide.

Monsoon outstanding the arm that pins her, depressed tone says: “Do not move. “Do not move..

The breath of his expiration lets itch in Song Xixin, she slowly closed an eye, his lip Fu come up, it is like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply was kissed only, stretch his hand the fine small of the back that tackled her, the head is put aside was in on her shoulder, the movements is afraid of greatly very gently touch the arm that is fond of her.

“Little grudge. ” monsoon outstanding cry gently.

“Hum? “Hum??

“You had thought Yilinhui cheats you, for instance his leg may be done not have bad. ” his sound had a cold idea.

Cherish of the Song Dynasty twists an eyebrow, a bit angry: “It is good that you often are not aimed at my elder brother, the family member that he is me harms me without reason, still hurt a leg to save me. You can not be aimed at my elder brother again. You can not be aimed at my elder brother again..

Monsoon outstanding did not reply, good a little while ability is dark dumb sound: “I am sorry little grudge! “I am sorry little grudge!!

Cherish of the Song Dynasty just takes out a hand to answer without conversation hold in the arms was in on his clement and warm waist.

Monsoon outstanding body budge, the tepid breath of expiration sprays by the side of the ear in cherish of the Song Dynasty, say subsequently: “Come home! “Come home!!

“Good. “Good..

Cleared away a thing two people answered Hai Yuan, region boss machine looks at backlash to tighten the two people that be next to, seem what to differred, also warmed in the car rise.

Monsoon outstanding helping cherish of the Song Dynasty up to take an entrance, see the doorway closes closely, eyebrow is knitted slightly, took out the key to open the door from bag subsequently, foregone goes in one pace, look at darkish house, opened the lamp, opened central heating, just go playing the hand of cherish of the Song Dynasty.

Her sideways was sheered, cannot help laughing says: “I am not fracture, you do not become me dot. ” person went in oneself.

Entered porch, stopped expression but comical, monsoon outstanding the on the surface of expressional corners of the mouth that sees her removed a complacent laugh, because she is aing string of 1,him arm cannot change a shoe.

The ability when two people take a sitting room discovers Yi Lin is bending a waist to climb to resemble on wheelchair partly is to be asleep, song Xiyi arrives soon, heart acuity is acerbity unceasingly, double arrives in front of: “Elder brother, blame me… ” the left and right sides looks, “Plum Where is Mom? “Plum Where is Mom??

Yi Lin is kneaded rubbed arm, saw eye monsoon outstanding: “Plum Mom says her daughter-in-law gives birth to the child, came home, wind outstanding did not say with you? ” carry soon to he, is resembling you did not say question?

Cherish of the Song Dynasty is taking interrogative look to look to monsoon outstanding, on his face a bit cold, but still be dub below, finally is Yi Lin is not willing to go out to eat, song Xiyou won’t cook, monsoon outstanding with respect to prep let alone he can eat only, they are forced outside was being decided, sell ate a meal simply, just atmosphere is a little delicate, cherish of the Song Dynasty is very happy. Monsoon outstanding happier. Yi Lin however slouch a piece of face, take a look from time to time.

The monsoon after dinner passes outstanding went study, song Xize is in Yi Lin of sitting room for company.

“Elder brother. ” Song Xizhong is to be unable to bear strength, opened a mouth first.

“Hum? ” Yi Lin carries the eye crossed a head to see an eye from the side in TV she.

What do not restrain a bit in Song Xixin is nervous, in a low voice soft soft say: “I want to try to mix monsoon outstanding life, he can explain and investigate all matter, if I discover he cheats me again, then I won’t excuse him again for certain, do I just think quiet life is good? ” the frontier says the edge is taking aim Yi Lin’s complexion.

Yi Lin muttered to oneself a little while, pupil narrow one’s eyes rises: “He can harm you, I do not want to make you sad. I do not want to make you sad..

The try to show happyness when one is sad that cherish of the Song Dynasty sees an elder brother these days, the heart aches of hold tight a bit slightly, eye ground is bringing a grief: “Elder brother you are not angry, i… ” point to the hand again scuffle together.

Yi forest hand is built did not move on knee, it is heavy face only, chilly is strong say: “If let you choose between I and him, who do you choose? Who do you choose??

Song Xizhan rises crouch in front of Yi Lin, although sound is low but very sturdy: “Elder brother, we are family members, I just want to let you better humor is treated, if you do not want to see monsoon outstanding, we can move out, I know you are here very uncomfortable. I know you are here very uncomfortable..

Yi Lin is looked at at the outset that glutinous glutinous says the little girl that should protect him is already old, wanted to be taken away by others, the hair that feels pity of the Song Dynasty cannot refrain fromingly supports, pause, just say: “I love you. ” the smile on the face also infiltration bottom of the heart.

The laugh with bright look of narrow one’s eyes of cherish of the Song Dynasty rise: “Elder brother, I know you are best, I push you to answer a room to rest. I push you to answer a room to rest..

She thinks the brother says to love her is the practice that agrees with her, did not think carefully however the love that elder brother place says is…

If cherish of the Song Dynasty after answering a room says to enjoin, should going upstairs, yi Linqing’s cold sound sound rises: “Little grudge, if one day you discover I cheated you, how are you met? How are you met??

“I owe an elder brother a life, I also believe the elder brother won’t cheat me. ” cherish of the Song Dynasty says upstairs trot, pace is a bit anxious.

Look at her evasive back, the little grudge that Yi Lin knows him is to wanted to go with the person after all, pupil also draped a chill subsequently.

Cherish of the Song Dynasty upstairs trotted hastily, big rely on on the wall to panting, left hand is grasped closely case, read aloud repeatedly in the mouth: “Won’t, won’t, won’t… “

The thing of this paragraph of time happening is too much, she is not the cherish of the Song Dynasty that did not have calculation that once upon a time, the too much change after coming back lets her be opposite in the heart monsoon outstanding if saying, shook slightly, she does not wish to want, but some things are apparent.

Good a little while, she just loosens hand, there still is one in the eye silk is flurried, slow pace goes toward the study, light jog of the ability after standing in the doorway half minutes opens the door.

She never has come in monsoon outstanding study, did not think of the conference is so big, super- there are two computers to return on big desk some she is not known, seeming is scanner and so on, sofa tea table is had completely, there is a lot of on the bookshelf a lot of book, this is a house! In Song Xixin small sigh, still have drug taking actually grass mixes 5 small child, did not think of monsoon outstanding the person of such chelonian wool still can have such interest. She resembled seeing the New World-the Americas is same, the left and right sides is taking aim.

Monsoon outstanding busy video, pupil looks sidelong at cherish seeing the Song Dynasty to come in to do not have conversation nevertheless, like seeing she enters grand sight garden with Liu grandmother, can’t help cannot help laughing, but this laughs scared the person in computer, does the other side sigh track: ? Stop does Se of Li of chew of Piao reason Qiang gnaw bed of Φ angry pay always mulberry of О of cochlea of prize of unoccupied place ㄊ of  of boundless and indistinct?

Monsoon outstanding tick off a lip, say to the person in computer: “They had known you, prepare to come back to help me, hanged first. ” said to shut computer, to the Song Dynasty cherish goes by since the station.

“How don’t you still sleep? ” he stretchs his hand the arm that the cherish that feel the Song Dynasty is aing string of 1, looking is active.

“Still ache a bit, do not have nevertheless so fierce in the morning. ” Song Xihai looks in the left and right sides, laugh suddenly, showed small tiger tooth to say: “I want to raise only small hamster. “I want to raise only small hamster..

Monsoon outstanding the cherish that pull the Song Dynasty sits to sofa, arranging broken hair to her, shallow laugh: “Can, want you to like only. Just other girl is a cat dog, why should you raise hamster? Why should you raise hamster??

“Because I can take it all the time. ” after she seemed to had thought of, get along with it, what tiger tooth laughs is more apparent.

See the smile of real intention of Song Xizhen heart, he feels to use the love that the half of season family name changes, very worth while. Knead her hair: “You are happy good, too late today, answer a room to sleep, what has a plenty of time to say slowly later. What has a plenty of time to say slowly later..

This is the sweetest day after having an accident probably, monsoon outstanding embracing Song Xian heart to enter Mian. It is a lot of things only affairs of human life expects hard!

Morrow, song Xixing will rub an eye, she was wanting to tear open bandage today, the systemic acid that she be condole really sleeps aches, sit up looks to beside, bed aside already icy, thinking monsoon outstanding should be to go to a company, take care of her after all so long, the company has a lot of things to wait for him to handle for certain.

She issued a bed to walk along French window, see eye instant is put outside bright, had spread outside went up a Bai Xue, snow still is falling, those who fall is very big! Did not think of base of month of ability October portion snowed, she likes snow particularly all the time, she waits to want to issue a building to tell an elder brother not as good as.

Group of season family name, in assembly room, monsoon outstanding sit in advocate on, look at below eristic in succession partner people, begin to write or paint of the roll in the hand, chilly says: “I had decided, you can be held with only. You can be held with only..

Among them a partner, said a note, stand up say: “Season always, you and lord child this also too trifling matter, stock position is informal with respect to substitution, before two days are a cherish of the Song Dynasty, provide our place to know her university to still do not have graduation, but because be your wife, old president also started to talk we just agree. Do not know that to risk a wool head boy that come out now, sitting is the season family name of the half, you say, is this blind monkey business? ” his leg after saying seems to have bit of shiver, cold sweat is completely in control.

Other shareholder is heard cold sucked at a heat, this word dare become this actually outstanding face speaks out monsoon, this often was to take panther courage really.

Monsoon outstanding sneer, early know this group of old guy are ill-affected, did not know to make how many game privately, it may not be a bad idea resolves the issue today.

He stood, the chair behind spurn, clear clear the throat to say flintily: “You sell father’s younger brother of one the Qin Dynasty, black father’s younger brother company secret secretly group of source giving a bit. 2 Lin Shu, ji Shu you are the company’s oldest partner, but you go the person of the company under the counter go out to dig. Think I am not in a company to you can let you return a day really? You everyday reap where one has not sown, still want to eat however bigger, be afraid of is to be able to be maintained. ” sound is extremely cold at the back of respecting, haze of the whole body is spread all over, pelter of the temperature in assembly room come down.

Saw an eye subsequently aside Yi Lin, look again to Bai Yincan: “Went turning share. “Went turning share..

Because Can stretchs his hand,made an asked motion in vain, yi Lin Zheng should go out accordingly, “Bug winged insect fly… ” phone noise rise, the person in assembly room looks Xiang Yilin together together.

What Yi Lin knows who this is is exclusive ring, take out the name that stared at meeting screen to go up, received subsequently rise, moment hind rectifies the individual’s cold face to go up to stretch tight closely, hanged phone stride to be about to rush out.

The monsoon that the station looks at all the time by the door sees the expression on Yi forest face, narrow one’s eyes had the double eye after picture frame, the station holds off him to the front of the door: “What should you do? “What should you do??

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