The forehead, 广州夜生活娱乐NFD we are not had language

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Lin Shichen’s achievement has been pass bubbling with noise, our Tfboys can take the advantage of this opportunity what to do of course ~~ Lin Shichen does not know why, should leave Wang Junkai only they, feel bit less in oneself heart what, it is oneself like to go up really probably he! Lin Shichen, what are you thinking, how can oneself like Wang Junkai? Are we friends clearly? Not again wishful thinking, calculate you to like a someone, the someone still does not look to go up you! Although Lin Shichen comforts him so, but oneself still cannot help think Wang Junkai, probably this likes truly namely!

Wang Junkai is same as usual still, will go to school together with Lin Shichen, do not know from when to rise, this had become their custom, but this morning Lin Shichen just ponders over this problem hind, she produced another kind of feelings to Wang Junkai, feel to there is a kind of charm on Wang Junkai’s body, attracting Lin Shichen to stand by him deeply, “Wang Junkai, do we know how long? ” on board, lin Shichen asks Wang Junkai indescribably, wang Junkai thinks produced what thing, come with respect to face about, say to Lin Shichen: “How, you asked about this how suddenly to come, what thing to produce? ” Lin Shichen dare not is opposite inspect Wang Junkai, oneself are mixed he is right inspect, oneself face is met aglow, in case was seen by Wang Junkai? Lin Shichen dare not think downward again, come with respect to face about, say disapprovingly: “Did not produce what and thing, I ask casually namely, how? Still forbade me to ask? ” the face about that this ability is at ease comes to Wang Junkai, the respecting that thinks of somewhat: “This problem, actually I also had not noticed, it is good that I feel we were known long, do you feel? ” original Wang Junkai also has this kind of feeling, lin Shichen feels he became medium a large award, want what to say to Wang Junkai with respect to face about, did not think of Wang Junkai also face about came, the labial as it happens of two people bumps in again together, be in last time, wang Junkai and Lin Shichen had received a kiss on weather station, did not think of so fast, their once performed again, the forehead, we are not had language, you can be fastened so cruel we these do not have amative person!

Wang Junkai realizes his action is a little beyond the mark, unlocked the other side synchronously with respect to god of He Linshi Chen, “Wang Junkai, I feel between us seem what to had produced before, do you have this kind of feeling? ” although Lin Shichen’s face still is in red, but the right think of a way that this kind of thing is him, do not speak out, of own hold back afflictive, “I also have this kind of feeling, but it is to say not to come out, be like us from be born to be known! ” at the same time if Wang Junkai heard what Lin Shichen says, the idea in the heart in him heart also speaks out, “Hum, there is the reason that indissoluble before us? ” Wang Junkai nods, feel Lin Shichen says without the fault, “A moment ago thing is I do not take care, not be intended, you but must not thinking is me in the petty gain that takes you ah! ” Lin Shichen is low head says, wang Junkai saw, a feeling that wants to dally with her upsurges in the heart, as it happens there have a wall, jade Wang Junkai is pressed to Lin Shichen slowly, use a hand to form to close in front of Lin Shichen’s finally graphical appearance, it is the mural Dong in idol play, you knew! In Lin Shichen’s heart, a fawn is touched touch hit wind continuously, “You, what do you want to work? ” Lin Shichen fears say. “The business that you a moment ago did to me, did not want to admit again now, who does my mental loss expenses look for to want to go after? ” Wang Junkai is bad say badly. “Can be I also have fall victim! What doesn’t your mental loss expenses calculate, my? How don’t you pay to me! ” Wang Junkai laugh, loosened Lin Shichen, “I say casually namely, won’t be you taken seriously? ” the Lin Shichen that says this word look back on sees red face, “Hello, you can open for fun the next time small, such doing bad to me to you ah? ” Wang Junkai has laughed, ” good good, I knew, go, we go to school want to be late! ” saying, one plays Lin Shichen’s hand, run quickly to the doorway of the school, it is actually such, wang Junkai and Lin Shichen often are in not far from the school place to get off trend school, still can do exercise so!

Arrived in class, what was people saying, because Wang Junkai is pulling Lin Shichen to come to the school, had been commonplace, if Lin Shichen or a person comes Wang Junkai the school, that ability is abnormal! Classroom Li Anan is silent, talking without the person, this lets Lin Shichen more was at ease, when everybody was not commenting Wang Junkai will learn fortunately, with the thing of Dong of Lin Shichen wall, or Yue Chuanyue is far, lin Shichen’s reputation, still have Wang Junkai’s reputation, was destroyed? How can everybody think them? Lin Shichen thought no longer, because want to fear more more, there was a scrip on her table at that time, wang Junkai writes need not want to know, who can still have besides Wang Junkai so dull write scrip to Lin Shichen, lin Shichen takes scrip, looked, there is a word on scrip, “How? A moment ago thing is me incorrect, do not get angry good? ” Lin Shichen in a low voice laughed, ; is being written on scrip ” ah, I had forgotten, know our thing without the person fortunately, otherwise but with respect to flooey! ” after be being written, lin Shichen gives Wang Junkai with respect to a place of strategic importance, not a little while, scrip came again, writing above: “Be, this thing so the past! After I think they know, can not have surely of language, our red is heard a little much really, explode again come out, people can think we come really! ” Lin Shichen writes on scrip again on: “To be opposite, ten million works to want caution after, cannot again such, good, did not say, was discovered by the teacher besides! ” this action is really quick still, wang Junkai was not written again, and Lin Shichen’s idea, still do not go up in classroom, she is considering Wang Junkai’s issue!

Finished class, of bump of fart of bump of king source fart beside come to Lin Shichen, “I say Shi Chen, when does the thing of your He Xiaokai announce, vermicelli made from bean starch people still look for me several times for this thing, you look, they block me up this morning again, you often can let its victim to me, my heart broke! ” this ability knows Lin Shichen, wang Junkai is doing the business of that thing this morning, the reason that vermicelli made from bean starch is absent is in because of them namely bet Wang Yuan, it is thank heaven really, “That Wang Yuan, we do not know really, otherwise such, to compensate for you, do I and Wang Junkai ask you to eat big food? ” Wang Yuan listens the meal eats, compromised immediately, when going, still do not forget to say: “Remember calling me to moment! ” the forehead, we are not had again language!

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