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The next day early morning, lan Yuxi woke confused did not know what to produce, after knowing she seemed to fall into the be clear in water yesterday only, somebody saved her. Yes, right somebody had artificial breath to her yesterday, who can you be? Saw till her be asleep the Mu Beifeng by her, the appearance that he is asleep is looked at quite lovely still but in fact he is wrapping around the wolf of sheepskin, thinking in her heart is he saved himself, still have defend all the time beside her, can you be him how can this young ruffian save him? She is done a bit did not understand…

“You wake! ” aside Mu Beifeng also woke, he sees the Lan Yuxi that staring at his all the time feels to hold out at odds, “What to see, because this childe saved you,be so your settle on this childe, plan to be made with body photograph? ” she feels a bit comical, those who feel he is true is to imagine attraction from opposite sex arrogant and conceited, narcissism arrived home, “Comrade Mu Beifeng, do you feel I can compare myself to small still and babyish is bored man interested? ” his both hands holds a bosom in the arms, “Orchid teacher, that but not certain, unless you like, is old man also or it is you what heavier taste likes is female ” .

Her intestines is fast scamper is green, but must maintain image of a good woman again, “Mature of course every woman likes attractive man, and a few meetings rely on to gnaw what often like take advantage of one’s power bully people again is general not very is congenial, yes? ” she impolite still moved one bureau again.

“That with respect to wait and see what happens! ” Mu Beifeng is unwilling also give the impression of weakness.

Alleged love just gives him a definition below between the lover, it is to stand on the scratch line likewise, but arrives at terminus to who can say definitely again first! All everything is associate with cloud and mist nevertheless just, the person must look ahead. This is Lan Yuxi establishs the love below to oneself enunciative, so she looks very insipidly to these, at least now is.

Mu Beifeng is answered when arriving in the home, mu Mohua is discussing those who close to share economy to Internet this year to expand with the manager bang peak of Liu, after all what electronic business affairs develops now is very rapid must make hay while the sun shines. He just was crossed on stair was interrupted by Mu Mohua, “Crossed you two years to graduate again, it may not be a bad idea jackarooes now to the company, to moment I and your Shenyang aunt also can have set his mind at to fall half ” unripe ” Mu Mohua say. Mu Beifeng has bit of be agitated, “Be early still? Urgent now what, to time I can know how to be done. ” Mu Mohua to him son this kind of manner feels a bit sad, the son of others is the word that hears parents but he should follow his sing a different tune namely.

After Fang Qiaosheng goes back to the motherland, be arranged to be in enterprise of square family name to become general manager, his canal starts armed struggle will still have look very much, but because he is close to a female rarely so people thinks he is a Gay, his parents also is being urged ceaselessly marriage but who knows his heart in had Lan Yuxi early. Some things are such, you do not want to but the fact does not let you do not do person of really demiurgic lane again,be done obviously!

Lan Yuxi sits in the room, want to want to come here to had had period of time feel to be sent so going down also is not method. Then she just thought up the door to mix Shen Fangqing people say, happen to Shen Fangqing just also comes in her room. Mu Beifeng also comes out from across the room that as it happens saw Shen Fangqing entered Lan Yuxi, he sneaks away secretly the eavesdrop outside the door although this is not a what elegant thing. “Rain sunlights! Do these days you live fortunately? ” Shen Fangqing sits to ask. Orchid rain is hitting shiver not to know to should say she wants to move out all the time in sunlight heart this thing ” Shenyang aunt, I live very well. But I always feel to be no good so, I want to move out otherwise too bother you. I want to move out otherwise too bother you..

“What your this child says is what word, how can bother us! What be boreal maple was done to you? ” Lan Yuxi thinks, what can he do to oneself, besides contend for everywhere send her picture to her, still have even if lean, the artificial breath yesterday. “You how? Do not have reaction to come over a long time ” Shen Fangqing broke her think, “Without, shenyang aunt, how is boreal maple little brother to me myself wanted to take away! ” day ah god! Excused her to say against one’s will if. Also enrage scamper immediately in the Mu Beifeng of doorway eavesdrop, what thing complains this Shen Fangqing he, still having this Lan Yuxi also is to still return boreal maple the little brother cries is Orphean!

Shen Fangqing stands up compensatory a few, “That is live fall! What our home also is not short of is! You accompany me here I still have a partner! But Shenyang aunt should kiss you girl. ” she hesitated, still cannot bear the Shen Fangqing that the heart leaves this to inspect her to be close daughter, but she still wants to move out finally, also such. “Good, I stay in that Shenyang aunt temporarily fell. ” two people talked long to leave till Shen Fangqing, the Mu Beifeng outside the door also had gone, maybe is to be being enraged.

Lan Yuxi attends class on time, go on the road little also now scandal. Also be, a bit bagatelle is impossible all one’s life somebody is writing down her ponder in the heart, often can be contrary as a result. Because Fang Qiaosheng is opening car of a person of extraordinary powers to come today midday midday,receive her, this those present can look clear is true above original photograph, some people say ” orchid the teacher won’t be raised by the bag! How does this skin feel this figure to meet? ” someone makes conclusion again ” again good figure was received by that Gao Fushuai. ” (? ` ? ? ? ′ ? ) make popular feeling sour really!

As it happens passes Mu Beifeng, see Fang Qiaosheng is in wait for Lan Yuxi, flavor is not a bit in the heart, look he is gotten well ** she, give her then a definition: Attract too much attention offends grass. . Lan Yuxi walked along a doorway to see a flock of people are surrounded over, and square Qiao Sheng very does the going of gent arrive beside her ” pluvial sunlight can eat a meal today with me? ” you still can refuse in her heart presumably? “Hum ” . See this circumstance Mu Beifeng blocks what sunlight in orchid rain with respect to the past then before, “Teacher you but have,made an appointment with today, do you think break one’s promise? ” Lan Yuxi felt to surprised to blame her when to have made an appointment with, “Be? How don’t I know. How don’t I know..

The feeling in Mu Beifeng heart is exceedingly vinegary, but still should prevent her to be together with him, “True ah! See your friend also came nevertheless, otherwise we together! ” Fang Qiaosheng feels an animosity, this fellow still is arrival not to be pooh-poohed really! Although he wants to sunlight together with rain very much but the appearance that he feels he should want to hold a hypocritically modest person is in, want magnanimous, “This classmate wants to go together then together! “This classmate wants to go together then together!!

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