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” Shan has Mu Xi ” Ding Liu / , this chapter in all 1622 words, update at: 2017-02-07 10:28

Bend one’s knees of Shan of the Qin Dynasty, the crotch to him is one foot, tang Fei ” Ao ” make loosen she, qin Shan begins to run, but she drank wine originally, plus a moment ago got fright, did not run one soft trip is in two paces leg on the ground, that despair in her heart, great storms went, crossed a ship in this small ditch today, helplessly look at Tang Fei to be chased after, “You still want to run, which can you run? Which can you run??

This is a devious alley child, qin Shan wants to call a person, however by Tang Fei a hand dies to death button mouth, he rectifies an individual to lean on her body, once the person drinks much body to be weighed all the more, what Qin Shan is pressed by him is essential cannot move. She sees Tang Fei’s driver is standing nearby, keep watch to him for certain, look they are early had been arranged, this oneself are to be over really.

Qin Shan struggles the more Tang Fei jumps over vigorously, he tore in drag Qin Shan’s jacket, pushing lightly now her trousers, “Ah ” , she right now already dog-tired, abandoned basically revolting.

“Work, the so wide path there cannot go, be not here? ” , the driver’s sound is transmitted, qin Shan sees somebody is being stood by hither, she realizes this is her only opportunities. Go all out do one’s best push Tang Fei, “Save me quickly, save me ah… ” Tang Fei is very fast clamp down on lives she, accelerated the start on the hand at the same time.

“Shan Shan, be you? Shan Shan? Shan Shan??

” toot toots ” , be A Shu, qin Shan resembled capturing help straw and same, be mad with joy.

Wang Shuwei begins to do not have the phone of Shan of get through the Qin Dynasty all the time from last night, to her breath of post a letter also was not answered, he knows she is the person of gruff disposition, oneself were maintained again what does inexorable also people say, he fears to be able to lose her this really, wuhan flies to look for Qin Shan after arranging the job to the company today so, be being communicated face to face after all still is a few more effective, lest second birth is misunderstood.

Going to Wuhan had been near at 8 o’clock, he will to credit card consume that hotel of clew, lost connection not to go up with the girlfriend mobile phone that says his downstage, very anxious, the Id that signed up for Qin Shan lets them check, decide she is in this hotel, but room date is offerred no longer anyhow downstage, wang Shuwei can find no way out, be forced to be in the sofa of the hall is classy she, this time place should have a meal outside, then he is being defended, handle the work incidentally.

Open the notebook that carries, wang Shuwei managed project plan, examined mail again, have the aid of translated a company of the other side to be combed afresh to the requirement of software, busy the table sees after be over, already fast at 11 o’clock, wang Shuwei to doorway look around, those who saw just come in is lofty plain, idle does not have a thing before, qin Shan all sorts of says their company to Wang Shuwei to the photograph strange flower things with respect to the Eight Diagrams, wang Shuwei is short to these Home Zhang Jiachang Home Li homes although do not have much large interest, should do Lezi to listen nevertheless, so he is to know lofty plain, seeing him is him only a person, did not see Qin Shan, rise before going up, “Hello, I am Wang Shuwei, it is Qin Shan’s boy friend, where is she now excuse me? Where is she now excuse me??

Lofty plain frightened jump, where risks a person that come out, still say the boy friend that is Qin Shan, boy friend! That, is Tang Fei? Think of here, lofty plain wine woke one most, “Are you Qin Shan’s boy friend? Does Qin Shan have a boy friend? Does Qin Shan have a boy friend??

“Yes, we had interacted large half an year, I make her telephone call be illogical, disturb you presumingly so. Disturb you presumingly so..

“Was over. ” lofty plain call to Qin Shan rapidly, close machine. Call to Tang Fei again, nobody are received listen. He this urgent, said its course with Wang Shuwei rapidly, two people decide to search separately, tang Fei size also is a boss, should not do what exorbitant thing, if still be not contacted,the word on calls the police.

Wang Shuwei is searched for along the driveway, phone of Shan of the Qin Dynasty closes all the time machine make him anxious, continue to going forth, a devious alley child in ignore bright showing a bit light silently suddenly, it is smoke! Return what can hear faintness to cry call, mind tightens Wang Shuwei, determination looked in the past.

When the voice that hears Qin Shan, wang Shuwei’s heart is like by pinprick, prick the pain of thorn, it is her really if really, oneself most did the thing that fear happen really? He was not paid attention to in front the warning of that chunk head, also do not follow his gibberish, going up directly is one fist, two people are very fast scuffle is together, wang Shuwei saves popular feeling urgent, was unavoidable to take several a punches, look at punctual machine, his one foot kick goes down to throw chunk head, hurry subsequently Shan of run to the Qin Dynasty, a hold tight opens Tang Fei, go up even if write down heavy fist, “Boil rapidly, I had called the police, the word that does not think boils to father. The word that does not think boils to father..

Tang Fei pulls his driver, of be foul-mouthed got on a car, “Gutty you are waiting to me. “Gutty you are waiting to me..

Wang Shuwei looks at the Qin Shan of shrink into oneself, he wants to hold her in the arms, who knows to just was next to her, she with respect to Jing Song push him, “Do not touch me, go away go away. Go away go away..

“Shan Shan, I am A Shu, do not fear, I am here. ” Wang Shuwei is infinite and tender, he is afraid that sound is frightening her high really.

Qin Shan looks up, see him, attack suddenly in his bosom, “A Shu, frighten me dead, I think I was over. I think I was over..

Wang Shuwei doffs jacket the cover is on her body, hold a her face hotel in the arms to go.

Search a person to not have of fruit lofty plain wander in hotel entrance, see Wang Shuwei is holding Qin Shan in the arms, corners of the mouth still is coagulating bloodstain, see the Qin Shan in his bosom again, the curl up crouch with garment not whole unlined upper garment, lofty plain the doubt of bellyful can be stupefied is dare not talk in the past.

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