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Wang Shuwei drags Qin Shan hastily, pull her in him bosom, the encircling her waist of rascally does not make her random move, “Shan Shan, my head is good ache, my head seems to did not suffer me to control. My head seems to did not suffer me to control..

Of do all one can of Shan of the Qin Dynasty want to flounce off Wang Shuwei, “You loosen to me, the word that says sprinkles the water that go out, your brain is bad to make do not remember, I can be one word does not forget one sentence. I can be one word does not forget one sentence..

“Shan Shan, I am sorry ” , wang Shuwei bends over to say in her side side.

“Wanting to puzzle with sugar-coated bullet I, you want or else let go not to blame me impolite to you ” , bite what Qin Shan says make a determined effort toward Wang Shuwei’s shoulder, wang Shuwei eats painful, suck at a heat, however more emphatic is her band in his brachial turn, “Do not let you go. “Do not let you go..

Qin Shan calm hurries release what is held, see there are two deep teeth to imprint on Wang Shuwei’s shoulder only, “Your brain drinks water, do not know to hide? Do not know to hide??

“Want you only can vent one’s anger, I am fond of a dot what to calculate ” , crooked mouth of king tree Wei is being borne ache, giggle Shan following the Qin Dynasty says, “Angry still, should come no longer? Should come no longer??

Assume a posture of Shan of the Qin Dynasty is about to bite off, wang Shuwei pulls her rapidly, “Shan Shan, ache really, otherwise is changed bite at the same time, so symmetrical. So symmetrical..

Qin Shan ” sneer ” one acoustical laugh comes out, “With the sweater that need not buy an one word to get to you again, can you still let you go out to reveal reveal? Can you still let you go out to reveal reveal??

“That falls need not, the someone looked to be able to think crooked ” , wang Shuwei blinks an eye illegibly toward Qin Shan, low the face that the head is sticking Qin Shan, “Shan Shan, did not get angry, I apologized. I apologized..

His face is very very hot, breath is very very hot also, close clingy him move makes Qin Shan whole the body is uneasy, she wants to had fastened face and him to maintain a bit distance, but Wang Shuwei resembles sticky like going up in him body, a bit does not take a bit space to her.

Qin Shan still does not have reaction to come over, wang Shuwei holds the face that had her in both hands, mouth heavy Fu goes down, his heat that kiss broil overbearing, pestering her words, let her cannot breathe, cannot think. Cannot get Qin Shan’s response, wang Shuwei appears a bit rusty, begin emphatic to suck her tongue, “Ache ” , qin Shan cries, the body can’ts help rely on to tighten Wang Shuwei, but it is not clear that the sound of toot talk in under tones murmur listens at all.

“Wang Shuwei, you stop, I am occupied say with you ” , qin Shan pushs Wang Shuwei breathlessly, feel he seems to wanted to eat his, if or else is loose choked, qin Shan seeks a ground rapidly, “You had a fever, the head that I touch you is very hot still not very hot. ” the chest that both hands is opening Wang Shuwei, can breathe eventually.

Wang Shuwei pulls corners of the mouth, fu body collect blows air gently to the side of ear of Shan of the Qin Dynasty, the hand that holding her falls slowly move, hoarse voice says, “Shan Shan, the head was not ironed, here is very hot. Here is very hot..

The one Jing in heart of Shan of the Qin Dynasty thinks retractile hand, the hand that Wang Shuwei is holding her lets her cannot move, blushing of be ashamed of Shan of the Qin Dynasty is worn face, be at a loss.

Wang Shuwei holds her in the arms case, the every act that sees her falls in him eye right-down, because she is bashful and go up red face is hanging low, wang Shuwei’s eye is giving out heat. Hold her in the arms to the bed, come out her garment unlined upper garment, wang Shuwei breath is hurried, bully body presses her to be below the body, he can experience her to tremble pettily, depressing the desire that is about to erupt, “Shan Shan, OK? ” , qin Shan is covering with the hand the face dare not see him, she knows he wants what to do, but she does not plan,refuse.

Wang Shuwei removeds gently her hand, a inch of a inch kiss goes down, he looks at her what fall personally to be like the gentleness like water, because,look at her the finely body that kiss and does not swing independently, do not control eventually rushed.

Him discovery when Qin Shan awakes is tangling to go up personally in Wang Shuwei, move to see he tightens the mouth of close lightly on the look, point to with the hand gently light his lip, issued one second to be kissed, wang Shuwei is experienced, emphatic holds firmly she answers a kiss, “How, don’t still have enough? ” , stretch one’s hand hold the face that holds her.

“Do I want to see you still have a fever namely? ” , qin Shan chicanery.

“Should good, can be to move yesterday evening very big a little while ” , say loiter loiter her face, “Should accompany my motion to move again? “Should accompany my motion to move again??

“Wang Shuwei, is ailing person frailer? ” Qin Shan bends over to ask in his bosom.

“Also be minute of circumstance then ” , wang Shuwei holds Qin Shan in the arms to him body, “The moment of truth, do not drop chain absolutely. Do not drop chain absolutely..

When awaking again day already daybreak, wang Shuwei kneads the hair that kneads Qin Shan, “Shan Shan, you say the thing before telling you with me, I want to know all things that concern with you. I want to know all things that concern with you..

“You remember eventually ask me ” , qin Shan exerts all his strength on face of king tree Wei twisted, “Do I still think you live in instantly only? “Do I still think you live in instantly only??

“Because I fear, in case be me be willing to see least of all how to do? It is good now to do not pass, I won’t think in disorder again ” , at the moment Wang Shuwei feels infinite and gentle.

“Cut, have him heart wretched only person, ability can feel others also is wretched, wang Shuwei I say with you, the spank that a moment ago hit you is petty gain you. The spank that a moment ago hit you is petty gain you..

Wang Shuwei is touching her forehead with chin, “That heart not wretched girl, I want to hear your story. I want to hear your story..

“The story is too miscellaneous, do not know from why to speak of, what do you want to know? Such, you ask I answer, do not conceal absolutely ” , qin Shan offers.

Two people cross one’s legs is sitting face-to-face.

“Shan Shan, do you have a dear one in this city? Do you have a dear one in this city??

“Without, my pa Mom is in another city life, my elder brother and immigrant of elder brother’s wife arrived last year after New Zealand, I do not have a family member here. I do not have a family member here..

“What is you say you experienced very difficult issue? “What is you say you experienced very difficult issue??

“Demand repayment, be threatened, by menace, you won’t know within an inch of I today’s. ” Qin Shan is very quiet say these, king tree is not flavor very in Wei heart, when she needs to help most, oneself return what did not come to reach understanding however her.

“Why to owe money? “Why to owe money??

“My elder brother is project of Cheng of charge for the making of sth. , say by person circumvent the project is illegimate, total worth is frozen, the worker that those working is abeted, ask we want money all the time, still say to let ourselves pay cash first, it is probably such, you can imagine by oneself. You can imagine by oneself..

“Do you follow you is relation of elder brother’s wife very good also? “Do you follow you is relation of elder brother’s wife very good also??

“Hum, the most difficult when she did not leave my elder brother. The most difficult when she did not leave my elder brother..

“Why to say all but does not see you? “Why to say all but does not see you??

“You know, the person of those dun is met by hook and crook, they block my elder brother up not only, still block me up to follow my sister-in law, work overtime once very late, they block me up to small market crossing, you know us to move to avoid what those people can keep, compare little place in the person commonly, these demanding repayment it is local ruffian rogue mostly, my university graduates before long girl, you know they want what to do, so I arrived with respect to experience at that time the person can have after all how acedia, later is the discovery when my elder brother comes out to receive me, lay those people, so I still am very fortunately. So I still am very fortunately..

Wang Shuwei holds close fist slowly loose, it is to have ability of much more hopeful state of mind so billows not of Jing describe these businesses again to him.

“That later? Later how? Later how??

“Wang Shuwei, noticing regulation is you ask I answer, excuse me a bit more specific, the thing is too much excuse me not give uncecessary details. ” choke of Shan of the Qin Dynasty he.

“How did you cross a body later? “How did you cross a body later??

“Lawsuit is hit won, total assets remands, the project continues, left with respect to Chun Nuanhua next. Left with respect to Chun Nuanhua next..

“A few years does such life have? Does your pa Mom know? Does your pa Mom know??

“About the same 34 years, after I graduate before long my elder brother had an accident, till last year thing of the beginning of the year just calculates all end, they went to abroad living, what my pa Mom knows is not much, know to have those who want debt, but do not know to have so serious, dare not say with them so much. Dare not say with them so much..

“How to go together accordingly? “How to go together accordingly??

“I should go you give me pa Mom live out one’s life in retirement, really. Really..

“So you should stay here, is they left a house to give you? Is they left a house to give you??

“Yes, originally my elder brother still wants to get ready again to me money, but I think, I did not need money particularly again at present, staying to raise the child to use to them. Staying to raise the child to use to them..

“Shan Shan, is suffering not bitter? Is suffering not bitter??

“Bit gnash one’s teeth not to come over, I think everyday at that time can shut-eye awakes I still am a child only, do you know the sort of feeling? You are going on the street, next abrupt change comes out a few strong-bodied people will browbeat you want money. Actually, lack cash namely at that time, but also because be money, so these do not calculate a thing. I do not fear pain, I am afraid of the person that did not bear hardships together namely. ” the chest that gangmaster of Shan of the Qin Dynasty touchs in Wang Shuwei, “You look, be after suffering comes happiness? My whats don’t have a loss, harvested so much thing instead, otherwise by myself, which can my present life of the burden. Which can my present life of the burden..

“This is you should get ” , wang Shuwei is patting Qin Shan gently, “Your elder brother is really lucky, have a good son’s wife not only, still have a good little sister. Still have a good little sister..

Qin Shan arranged task of one conditions or feelings of the lower levels, raise a head suddenly, “Dong ” chin hull that struck Wang Shuwei, “Shan Shan, you are bit slower, I feel my tooth broke completely ” , wang Shuwei is covering mouth, saying ambiguously.

“Hum, broke a tooth into pieces not to understand toward the pharynx in abdomen, I had not sought your account, you, that Lin Qing is clever how to return a responsibility, a few Lin Qing do you still have clever? Still not from solid speak. ” glare of Shan of the Qin Dynasty asks him.

“You want what to know, convention, you ask I answer ” , wang Shuwei learns to sell now now.

“The beauty that you think, I all should know ” , king of move of Qin Shan hold tight cultivates the ear of Wei, “Honest from wide, notice detail. Notice detail..

“Why to arrive is my this regulation different ah? “Why to arrive is my this regulation different ah??

“I draft regulation, I say what is. I say what is..

Wang Shuwei is kneaded temporal, start to talk slowly, “Happy-go-lucky before also the desire to do better of it doesn’t matter, till understanding Lin Qing is clever I just begin to make arduous efforts, miss better to her life, she likes all sorts of famous brand, as long as she is happy although I add again much class,have nothing to do with, but these are insufficient still, she auxes would rather a third party that goes becoming wealthy person also is not willing to wait for me. A few days ago she will look for me to say to want compound, I did not agree, did not have. Did not have..

“Did not have, so fast? Be to say to notice detail? ” no wonder followed yesterday like eating ** , be to be taken to pass green tag so, qin Shan secretly want, he this kind of person can the make concessions to avoid trouble of submit to humiliation? Return for certain from the back occupied.

“The thing is such, I was over candidly ” , wang Shuwei is playing Qin Shan’s hand, “Had gone, also did not want to mention again, shan Shan, so we just are encountered be opposite. So we just are encountered be opposite..

Qin Shan slightly frown, since he does not wish to say that again such, the following day still is growing, have a plenty of time, kiss his mouth, “Wang Shuwei, believe even if, you say, I am believed. I am believed..

Qin Shan is left look at, look at again, eyeball is ceaseless of revolve staring at Wang Shuwei, “That what, still have a thing I should ask you, you should reply according to the facts, cannot lie. Cannot lie..

Wang Shuwei raises eyebrow, “Ask. “Ask..

Of hold back of Shan of the Qin Dynasty all over the face aglow, chi of throat puff and blow a long time, suck greatly at a heat, “Wang Shuwei, doesn’t then your happy event like me? Doesn’t then your happy event like me??

A word asks Wang Shuwei happy, doesn’t her head turn circle? I am to much duller ability can be away on official business 10 Lai Tiangang come back to still falling ill to sit here please a person that oneself do not like! “Qin Shan, if not be to be about to go to work a little while, I use real operation certainly again of firm firm answer you this problem. I use real operation certainly again of firm firm answer you this problem..

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