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After driving away Wang Shuwei, tang Fei accompanies Qin Shan in the hospital, look at her to just weep silently to also do not talk, tang Fei is sucked greatly at a heat, “Shan Shan, go looking for Wang Shuwei before me, cheat him to say his arm is impossible to restored. Cheat him to say his arm is impossible to restored..

Qin Shan is amazed, no wonder of his for no reason at all be about to leave hospital, return what ask Qin Shan to him to protected labour to be driven away, it is so such.

“I am very sorry, because my cause lets,generation so much is misunderstood between you. ” Tang Fei very regret.

“It doesn’t matter Is am sorry, since he wants to drive me to go all the time after traffic accident, used so much means not to fear to delay me namely? I am tired really, the means of this kind of mutual torment also should stop. The means of this kind of mutual torment also should stop..

“Actually I can feel come out he still loves you very much, you… “

“Ah, should remove a persuasive talker how suddenly, who is knowing eventually just you most the person that care? Who is knowing eventually just you most the person that care??

Tang Fei temporarily tongue-tied, “Shan Shan, I am sorry really, i… “

“Your action has replaced you to make a choice, the your none hesitant hand that held your daughter leaves in so critical this afternoon condition, you should know what just is the most important to you in those days. You should know what just is the most important to you in those days..

“Have interest to hear my story. ” did not wait for Qin Shan to nod, tang Fei still say, “I and she is fall in love at first sight, we so in harmony, the resemblance with all striking be fond of, those her small disposition little thought are in my eye all is lovely, that is the love of student times, not mix into any impurity.

But let me lose her forever however accidentally, that amuse oneself come back already very late, we discharge archives to have a thing greatly in a of roadside, who wants to be come up against unexpectedly scatter the rogue with mad wine, they see Qing Chun’s Hao Jing, begin to start work to her unexpectedly use a base, I am young in those days gas is filled, went giving on among them a person one fist, this complete rile they, I am pulling Hao Jing desperately run, where can cross these local villain ably, situation is urgent under I am dragging her to had turned over a block of stone used as a seat to fall toward the bridge jump, finally, she gives me pawnshop cushion with her body, and her head however of firm firm hit the rock below, such, she, she… forever departure I.

If we are early,come back a bit, if I am so not actuation, if I am not pulling her,jump the bridge, perhaps she won’t die. Why, the person that why dies is me?

Later is Su Wan, she looks at me to degenerate, look at my him humiliate, next of her spank spank dozen woke me, so old it is her all the time rearward is assisting me, never raise any requirements to me however.

Although I married Su Wan later, but I never also forget Guo Haojing, I help that early the rogue each sends into the jail, but even if is such, countless times I sleep lightly in midnight, metropolis dream challenges to her why did I change heart, she says her already for me gone why I marry with others even.

Can replace her without the person the position in my heart ah. After I knew to have the child, the home to me me more cared, myself says to forbid the feeling to Su Wan, because that has permeated the close affection in dribs and drabs,can replace without the person.

Until encountered you, I think certainly her group comes you, I admit, your pure make me enchanted really, I am selfish even think, if I am together with you,remorse to be able to decrease to her ashamed in my heart a few.

It is me too selfish, I harmed you, more harmed Su Wan. More harmed Su Wan..

“Hao Jing is so kind-hearted, how does meeting give the heart to see you so sad ” , qin Shan looks at the Tang Fei that face of attack by surprise cries, gently the hand that feeling him, “You and Su Wan had been close friends, you are her most the person that care, she can bless you. She can bless you..

Tang Fei bent over in bedside of Shan of the Qin Dynasty overnight, awake the following day, he sees Qin Shan has left sickbed, apparel orderly, “Leave hospital today? “Leave hospital today??

“Hum, it doesn’t matter hindered greatly, notice the dot goes later. Notice the dot goes later..

“Where should you go to? ” the face that Tang Fei looks at a bit of Shan of the Qin Dynasty not to divulge a mood, gutty and disturbed.

“You tell Tang Ge me, the person is living it why be met is so difficult to why be met ” , it is helpless sigh completely, qin Shan slowly say, “I went, I think Jing Yijing, time won’t deceive people, what can it tell us to it wants ability sooner or later. What can it tell us to it wants ability sooner or later..

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