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An Xiuji uses a hand to be stroked on Chun Yang’s face, do not consider on the cry bitterly drain that meet again after a long separation. She ignites another likewise dim oil lamp went kitchen room. She is taken become a monk or nun in two only eggs and a bit flour, dedicated and serious ground did paste of panada of a bowl of egg. She spilled a few salt on the face that paper paste, cautiously end arrives in the room, put on a small. Chun Yang has not waked. An Xiuji closes good door window, blow out an oil lamp. She sits on kang, first slightly pitch, the eye gets together remove all with nothing left to look a daughter up and down: The hair is withered and yellow, pell-mell caboodle is on the head; Before the face compares 5 years some smaller, the malic face of round circle turned elliptical goose egg into the face; The lip is cadaverous, without a bit redness of skin; The body below the quilt is skinny certainly. An Xiuji wipes an eye with the back of hand, defend silently beside Chun Yang.

About the time that spent a bag of smoke, chun Yang’s eyelid beat, beat again then, open slowly next come. Fix eyes on looks at the daughter’s An Xiuji to stimulate body of the nutation that use the land, the hand touchs the hair like move spring Yang Kucao, the lip is asp: “Chun Yang, in relief… I am mom… it is mom ah… “

“Mom, ” Chun Yang empty is called out losingly, “Mom, did I come home? Did I come home??

“Hum, came home, in relief return mom beside, our woman two also will not part again henceforth… ” An Xiuji’s tear also cannot help again, clang clang ground flows outside, in an instant wet a big mind. Chun Yang did not cry, she is looked at blur already in dim lamplight the mother that clear tear emerges like the spring, if suddenly separates an era. Last time? Mix last time is the mother nearly so when? Oh, it is the first day 15 years old. 15 years old! I now how many years old? Chun Yang thinks of here, sit up suddenly, ask: “Mom, I a few years old? I a few years old??

“Ah? ! ” An Xiuji is asked so that be stupefied by Chun Yang, she did not think of Chun Yang can ask a such indescribable questions, she is of the age that knows her. … ? An Xiuji puts the hand on Chun Yang’s forehead rapidly. Did not have a fever, that is — what did the head that An Xiuji suspects Chun Yang suffer to harm, intelligence sufferred the likelihood to affect. But anyway, the daughter is living come back already very good; Even if a complete fool is after her, I also can take care of her those who get card of appropriate appropriate post. Think of this, she is smiling to say to Chun Yang: “You 20 years old, spend a few months again full 21 years old, be true old girl. Be true old girl..

“21 years old! 5 years many! ” path of Chun Yangnan Nan, “I am returned actually living. ” An Xiuji remembered to be caught by Japanese arms like the Tong Chunyang in the village abruptly the year before last year come back, the Xie Shuhui that died later, she understands the daughter’s lot a little it seems that. The daughter is done not have foolish! Install beautiful Ji Jigao to promote indignation, she holds a daughter in arms closely at a draught, hold in the arms closely in that way, as if should fill the hug that loses 5 many years in this closely in the hug like. Chun Yang is held in the arms some are suffocatively by the mother come, she is struggling to say: “Mom, I am thirsty. ” An Xiuji unlocks Chun Yang hastily, for quilt of her approach approach, rise went kitchen room, carried a bowl of boiled water a little while. She is herself a moment ago excited self-condemned: Chun Yanggang come back, need nutrition and rest.

An Xiuji puts boiled water on a small cool, since end still superabundant lukewarm egg papers paste to hand Chun Yang, say: “Boiled water is hot still, you drink paste first, drink water lukewarm also. ” clever ground has received Chun Yang to paper, lower his head to be drunk silently. Long-unseen mother love! The flavour of long-unseen home! Chun Yang’s tear receives a land drippy in the bowl, in the mouth that entered her with move burnt paste, in the stomach, in abdomen. Burnt paste is drunk, chun Yang raises a head, eye inner tube is worn smile, say with lively sound: “The burnt paste that mom does is really delicious. ” An Xiuji has received empty bowl, the ground that bestow favor on be addicted to says: “Want you to like to eat only, every do mom more deliciously than this suddenly. ” she puts empty bowl on a small, had held boiled water bowl in both hands to hand Chun Yang, “Come, just good, drink quickly. I go heating bit of hot water, you wash a face. ” the bowl papering paste that saying to take a small to go up went kitchen room.

Chun Yang is drinking already tepid boiled water slowly, looking a room up and down: Still be the kang that tell house, kang end still is the wooden ark with that red mottled lacquer; A small also is 5 years ago, the break that is a desktop only is some morer… abrupt, chun Yang feels incorrect: Where is father? ! She becomes aware to Jing of this quarter ability father is not in house, too intense sentiment lets her not was in unexpectedly the absent that discovers father for a short while. Where did father go? Be still father be dead? Be threshing floor that? …

At this moment, an Xiuji was carrying a hot water to come in. Chun Yang asks rapidly: “Mom, where is father? ” An Xiuji terrified, immediately returns to normal, mention lightly ground says: “Oh, your father visits relative, want a few talents to come back. ” ” visit relative, whose home? ” Chun Yang is in hot pursuit. An Xiuji puts salver on kang, wrung a towel, give go up in Chun Yang hand, say: “Home of your 2 mother’s brother is a bit vivid, call your father to help. Call your father to help..

Chun Yang brushs a face to say at the same time at the same time: “Are 2 mother’s brother be pulled by Japanese be a soldier? ” install Jing of beautiful Ji Yi: Be, 2 younger brother are pulled by Japanese became arms, if oneself surrender now a few months, 2 younger brother still are done not have come back; I forgot this stubble temporarily, deficient child still remembers. An Xiuji is forced to make up then: “You 2 mother’s brother came back after Japanese surrenders, this not the house is slack, idle of the Leng Nong that take the advantage of a day fills fill. ” say so that pour fair and reasonable, did Chun Yang also believe — is she after a few years to also come back — her father and uncle why won’t living? Chun Yang’s mood is relaxed a lot of, as long as the family is living, than what this is important.

Chun Yang washs a face, the water in the basin became black almost. An Xiuji hit a water that wash a foot again, let Chun Yang also wash the foot. She takes out an an unlined garment and a thick robe, cotton-padded trousers to still have a pair of cotton-padded shoes from ark. She puts garment pants shoe in the warmer end of kang, the tone with spent light volume says: “You washed the dress that gets on the body to take off, change clean, will bathe again tomorrow. ” say to just discover Chun Yang to go up to wearing an unlined garment merely personally, and still be an unlined garment that defeated. This unlined garment is China female soldiers gives her that, that moment will be August in the last ten-day of a month, wear as it happens of an unlined garment; After answering Korea later, she denounces what ate when hunger must be overcome only, never want the thing of other; Hurry on with his journey hastily by day plus her, also do not feel cold on foot, sleep in haystack in the evening warm; She is done not have too those who care about the dress is feeble.

An Xiuji wraps around the quilt to go up in Chun Yang’s back at once, the head that touchs her says: “Also will cut the hair tomorrow. ” Chun Yang ” hum ” , stoop waist is worn with hand rub the ash on the foot. She wants to tell a mother she is how the ground thinks her these a few years very much, but that is,she thinks in what kind of day! Not, tonight is such warmth, did not make those frozen come in. Let mom also let me be enjoyed first enjoy this long parted family happiness of a few years.

Wash a foot, an Xiuji goes washing crural water. Chun Yang changes brand-new and clean unlined garment, lie in warmth by the nest in, she ased if to be returned again 15 years old previously, everything is so warm and comfortable — just perhaps became a nightmare, just the dream must grow some.

An Xiuji falls to wash crural water to come in, say to Chun Yang: “Sleep, sleep well shut-eye. Sleep well shut-eye..

Chun Yang closes an eye obediently. Install oil lamp of blow out of beautiful female singer, sleep by Chun Yang’s. Mother and daughter two each embrace one bed quilt, speechless ground slept.

In quiet night, woman the pillow of two became wet wet.

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