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The 21st chapter is moment

My time 2588 days

Curtain of night had been pulled open prelusive, the sun is poor still so lose lose be about to follow to say acoustical good-bye today.

Right now Yang Pulan looks at the head beside approvingly, and right now head, be like the size like a watermelon, not be round however nevertheless, go up because of the head, insert full bone, still or so both sides also has to compare a little bit this head is small, be like the small forehead of the size like fist, and there is a complexion evil spirit more after the head black, the old of eye double glare, abandoning a head is more extend have 3 foot how long, in the ceaseless waveringly after the head.

“You will cry henceforth laniary, I want you to treat the foe like the dog Yang Pulan of quite fierce ” is being touched with the hand laniary, resembling touching is rare very, it is rare thing very like.

Laniary the favor that hears host renown, give out cough up to breathe out from inside mouth the sound that cough up breathes out comes out, and these sound also get on face of former this locality to also cannot have moved the Ku epiphysis that play again at the same time rise.

Yang Pulan sees this also is amazed very, did not think of oneself innocently between, still produce it is pretty good lackey very.

“Zhang Yaqin, wang Hao came back? “Right now old Dong walks into a classroom, the desk that comes to Zhang Yaqin is forward Zhang Yaqin asks.

Right now Zhang Yaqin is keeping the operation that the teacher decorates today, hear the inquiry of old Mr. Dong, zhang Yaqin puts down the pen in the hand, look up look to old Dong say Mr. ” , wang Hao still is done not have come back “

Hear Zhang Yaqin such reply, old Dong also feels strange, this Wang Hao works after all, how didn’t one day come back, without method, when also waiting for Wang Hao to come back only, he ask well again is how to return a responsibility, think old Dong left only.

See the departure of old Dong, old Dong Mr. ” is overtaken before Zhang Yaqin runs at once, wang Hao does not have a thing! “Zhang Yaqin is careful justice meaning, complexion looks at old Dong tensely.

See Zhang Yaqin cares Wang Hao ” to do not have a thing, he is not dot, estimate will come back with respect to this tomorrow! You go back well study “

“Favour! Good, that teacher I went back ” hears a teacher to say Wang Hao does not have a thing, the flower that nervous small cheek also resembles in full bloom immediately is same.

Old Dong is looked at happy the Zhang Yaqin that go back, the some in the eyes also heaves a sigh only.

“Alas! You look quickly, one of 8 great beauties of our school laughed, sai! The appearance that she laughs is really beautiful! “An eye is sending light right now, corners of the mouth slightly oozy water, the expression of pig elder brother of one face.

“Be! Still envy Wang Hao to sit together with the belle of appearance everyday actually really, if I can sit last time, even if after me not two months do not sit to go then! “At this moment the man of another thin and small, staying to grow long hair, still from time to time swing, show the elegant demeanour of ego.

“Was gotten! “Pig elder brother hears long hair male word, uncover other people of demerit say ” only Wang Hao can be the target that develops mainly nowadays, you ah! Did not think. Did not think..

“Be! Imagine an illusion nevertheless, OK still the ground “

“Zhang Yaqin’s classmate, wang Hao’s classmate does not have a thing! “Those who see Zhang Yaqin is in hight spirits come back from outside, although ask the thing of others is bad, but be to serve as classmate or him neighbour to want to ask without giving thought to, after wanting to understand, week rainbow glow comes to the front of Zhang Yaqin desk.

Hear the word of week rainbow glow, zhang Yaqin’s happy say ” does not have a thing, a moment ago the teacher has said, he does not have what thing “

“Oh! So such ” knew he think known answer most, week rainbow glow is informal again say a few words, return as went up.

In the dim light of night, the one person of old man that a teenager and a face resemble more than 50 years old ride a horse.

“Tian Shu! Why we not by air? Why we do not do car train! Dry must equestrian come over it is good in the ” on horseback that right now teenager is climbing ” foolishly dull ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Dull dead, fast dull dead. Fast dull dead..

Hear the teenager’s word, pair of teenager say Young son ” young sons that face of cropland father’s younger brother takes smile this is the custom that ancestor stays, cannot be defeated! And equestrian still can improve the health! The childe is successive and familial after be in that way can have profit “

” ! ! ! “Hear Tian Shu to get a word, the childe covers ear with the hand at once ” Tian Shu, I had said this word as a child. I listen early irritated. I listen early irritated..

“Ah! Fine words not idle is told less, want to be able to help a person only, even if be to tell 30 thousand still be 10 thousand how many go!

“I know you meet such saying that ” boy is small pulling a head in a low voice the whisper is worn ” Tian Shu, black nowadays into such, we won’t want outer camp again today! “The teenager looks up look at Tian Shu to ask.

“Wait to be met too again! If return the place that did not lodge, so we with respect to camp! So we with respect to camp!!

“Have before the hope, this are much then better! “Climb to go up in horseback, there is *** to should do snacks to eat at the same time in the hand, at the same time dull.

Teenager and the course that cropland uncle takes are belonged to wild model course, it is the course of escape city. Come down to go there all the way so the place that seeks accommodation, the place of accommodation is filtered almost.

The teenager still climbs in horseback, and Tian Shu, eye all the time the look is orthoptic ahead, whether to because,meet to the teenager Ma Er unmanned drawing and burnt chaos ambulates, sever a line the sort of circumstance need not consider completely.

Right now they had walked along two woods again, 4 rivers brook, 5 hill, and now also is to had arrived late night at 10 o’clock.

“Tian Shu, have store! Have store!!

“Without! “Without!!

“Tian Shu, do you see inn? Do you see inn??

“Did not see “

“Does Tian Shu still have many far? “Does Tian Shu still have many far??

“Fast, you hold to one day again. You hold to one day again..

“Do not know how old father misses after all, we the has a lot of school there, even if be the poorest,also do not know on how many times better than here, but old father works must I am not far 10 thousand lis run to here to go to school, alas!

I see him is to see me not pleasing to the eye! “Boy small mouth rises abruptly.

In journey, two people have sentence not sentence chatting.

And Wang Hao there, arrive from the morning late night, drinking tea with Han Han all the time.

“Favour! It is moment set out ” Han Han puts down the teacup in the hand, see a sky, seem pair of Wang Hao to say, seem again say to oneself.

And if Wang Hao hears Han Han, the teacup in also dropping a hand indissolubles what is asking ” Han eldest brother be when? The teacup in also dropping a hand indissolubles what is asking ” Han eldest brother be when??

Han Han rises at the same time mobile activity body, at the same time say ” is the thing that is you of course! At the same time say ” is the thing that is you of course!!

“Be! My within an inch of forgot. “Wang Hao knocks his head with the hand.

Wait for Han Han beside activity later, go to ” of king bright say! “Han Han says to enter an airspace with respect to forward footfall in.

Wang Hao sees Han Han says to go, also rise at once step a space in.

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