2- ” one sword pricks Xiang Taiyang ” outline of in广州夜网论坛WFGcomplete draft reference

” city of drive sword bend ” sheep is elegant / , this chapter in all 544 words, update at:

Incomplete draft outline:

Fully: Because water be soiled is ambiguous already,is paragraphs of big character before playing paragraph of character, cannot identify.

Servile bear □ (one solution doubt is like ” Ti ” word, 2 solution doubt is like ” wither ” ) be sent 9 mountain villa with haze, rebuke plan and haze escape several times, abortive, haze is killed by club of suzerain of 9 mountain villa, xiong Ye is given Wang Fu by master resell of 9 mountain villa, wang Fu encounters strange kill, killer is free child search Chou Zhi this, slaughter whole place of business, bear is released, suffering begs killer free child do obeisance to division.

Free child with ” one sword pricks Xiang Taiyang ” training of killer sword action is ursine.

Bear practices hard stunt, abnormality goes out action, unique skill is become greatly. Free child accept business of killer of below one picket, free child experienced all corners of the country of all previous that take bear.

In all corners of the country, bear encounters Xia Yun, meet with however free child object.

Free child take bear to drive one place to the county, kill a county to make, answer in hall of thunder of prefectural outskirt snipe, appear right now accident, tang Men has a hand in thunder hall suddenly, free child in the accident dark implement, before on one’s deathbed, free child told ursine truth.

Ursine mind fall, the dirty night runs quickly madly.

Xiong Hexia is defended to capture by bright and beautiful garment lock up, in close prison, summer and insensible what medium bear happened to skin is close.

The highest fencing that Xiong Wu gives master place speech in despair ” one sword pricks Xiang Taiyang to drill the sword in can giving out fokelore finally is enraged ” , the sword enrages, iron prison is defeated for an instant.

In the returns a master hill of the ursine loneliness with heart grey cold meaning, discover new clues however, he decides to return 9 mountain villa, find out oneself one’s life experience.

Ursine interfuse the bodyguard of 9 mountain villa, conceal one’s identity is found out in those days he and haze are how be sold 9 mountain villa, discover haze is not dead however.

Ursine skill is oneself and haze to avenge to 9 mountain villa, encountered the tenacious antagonism of 9 mountain villa, bo Ying comes to be aided, when imperial edict of the read out that predict an eagle, his one sword thorn the Long Wen that goes up to imperial edict, jing retreats Bo Ying, he Lanang walks out of 9 mountain villa like that, go gradually gradually far…

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