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As host of bridge of sounds of nature, rong Tianer knows very well to this matter is stayed in light of the identity of the person that oneself can be watched aside only, from at the beginning, she is unalterable what. Because she knows that she must comply with condition development, if what she changed really, can be that punished?

Next a got-up affair develops, the case that also knows before Rong Tianer of no less than is same. The emperor is beginning hand processing to decide kingly government office, give orders the whole family copies behead. Fang Junqian must hurried back go rescue, however the emperor is iron surely the heart should pull out this disaster, the result is, fang Junqian personally hand blade decides kingly father husband and wife, the eye looks at his family member to die in oneself in the in pairs below the intimidate of the emperor before, fang Junqian is overwhelmed with sorrow.

That one night, rain cats and dogs, drench destroyed all hopes, two men are desperate in execution ground solace, mutual support, mutual hug. Just be like — at brim of extensive region eaves, Hong Huang, only of remnant, final, surround attentive.

“Bend eaves… are you in? “Bend eaves… are you in??

“I am in. “I am in..

“Be in all the time? “Be in all the time??

“Be in forever. “Be in forever..

His ground asks.

His ground answers.

“Bend eaves, are you in? Are you in??

“I am in. Be in all the time. Be in forever. Be in forever..

— — — — — — — — — — — — — ,

Back-to-back, prince arrests a person to you home of the house that be like bend, force Fang Junqian toward the blind alley, xiao Qingyu violates the emperor to dictate then eventually, fling caution to the winds to rescue Fang Junqian. When Fang Junqian Xiao Qingyu 2 people had escaped smoothly the arrest of the emperor arrives at all directions after the city, it is square Jun Qianyong’s unending retaliation next. And during this, xiao Qingyu puts no less than his Daqing then eventually, depend on Fang Junqian after one night lingering resolutely leave him and go, when the false information that hears Xiao Qingyu has died personally, fang Junqian overnight white first.

Fang Junqian has the dispute between army rebel and Daqing, also be unique the rich between double arrogant weichis, it is a chess with military forces, it is with the world note!

Final, fang Junqian wins naturally, but know oneself in Rong Tianer heart, it is earning of the Yu Xiangrang that be like bend. Because Xiao Qingyu believes, fang Junqian can become generation Ming Jun. A few days are in before Fang Junqian ascend the throng, xiao Qingyu designs imperial robe of Xuan Hei trace a design in gold for Fang Junqian personally and apparel for its, fang Junqian ascend the throng that day, xiao Qingyu personally hand blade oneself father — emperor of Daqing a conquered nation, in iciness; Inside prison house, rong Tianer kisses ear to hear Xiao Qingyu an one’s words that rips a heart to crack lung —

“Xiao Qingyu was wished to leave him like you nowadays, you are satisfactory. You are satisfactory..

“Xiao Qingyu is unashamed at common people the world, lost him only however, are you satisfactory? Are you satisfactory??

“Xiao Qingyu casts him in that emperor, again also cannot he sees for company worldly beautiful scenery, you… satisfactory… “

Rong Tianer just is in silently by, listen, feel as if a knife were piercing one’s heart.

Disregard Fang Junqian prevent desperately, the Yu Yi that be like bend leaves him like that and go. Later, had Fang Junqian to be like disease of bend eaves leg to save, disregard imperial status, kneel down to more than highly skilled doctor, rescue of request beyond highly skilled doctor resembles bend house.

Saw with one’s own eyes sees generation emperor is paid so for a person, rong Tianer also can’ts help using a facial expression.

“Day pay a formal visit Majesty! ” the place with the one ordinary place with the 100 manorial grass in more than highly skilled doctor, rong Tianer meets personally now eventually, she respectfully to this through the ages one emperor, saluted. On this world, can let Rong Tianer do obeisance to the person that take readily, not much really still!

“It is a day so, rise please! ” Fang Junqian sees in former days old friend calls in, also laugh indifferently.

Rong Tianer did not rise instantly, still genuflect is on the ground, light tone say: “I am sorry! “I am sorry!!

“Why to give this speech? ” syncopation of Fang Junqian eye takes bewilderment.

“Day do not have method to help you! ” Rong Tianer gnash one’s teeth, say.

Fang Junqian is lop eye eye, staring silently genuflect the Rong Tianer before his body, do not have wave motion of mood of a silk, everything Yun Danfeng is light. He is slowgoing to Rong Tianer before, extended a hand to help her up rise, say: “This cannot complain you quite, no matter final result is had after all between I and bend eaves, this is the inexorable doom between I and bend eaves and lot number, you do not belong to us this times, cannot sortie is too much! Cannot sortie is too much!!

“So say, that day day the talk with childe, was Majesty all heard? ” Rong Tianer asks in a low voice.

“Should hear heard, ought not to hear also be heard! ” Fang Junqian is bad bad laugh, nevertheless this smile looks in Rong Tianer is bleak however.

“Majesty, I am sorry… ” Rong Tianer nose one acid, feel the tear in orbit floats sadly only piece.

“This is not your fault. It is our Jun Qian only overrate force, also covet goes against a day to change a life, since be destined,I and bend have final result hard between eaves, then I also do not mind to be fought with the day, fight with the destiny! Fight with the destiny!!

“Majesty… ” man of this red garment before Rong Tianer looks at have sth in mind, it is unexpectedly between utterance the sort of unwilling succumb the stern air of arrogance at the destiny, the monarch of clank iron bone bully gas. Perhaps, affection arrives in, everything hold read aloud, ask why again why?

Yu Ri promised to be disease of leg of cure of the eaves that be like bend eventually, the process is very difficult nevertheless, place favour succeeds finally, xiao Qingyu stood eventually, rong Tianer hits a bottom of the heart to be him glad. During passing to be celebrated joyously in this, it is the message that transmitted another not old pass the time in a leisurely way to stop however —

World experience the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor the 3 early morning at the beginning of Feburary, main forces talking about alliance is abrupt to the Lun Chun of southwest of great use up all one’s resources county is started large-scale inbreak. Liao Jun is rapid and occupational county of human relations honest, did not encounter the resistance that has an organization, daqing official or be seized without fighting or betray one’s country begs flourish, miss.

To this, fang Junqian decides to be asked for in person, will talk about alliance this poison fang pulls out!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — ,

Outside emperor’s audience hall, the Rong Tianer that expects a long time already Cong Jinluan inside the hall furious those who go firm flying Chun barred come down, although her a suit China take pull the land, colourful makeup thick, elegance and talent is free from vulgarity, but the desolate that also does not mask grief however. Rong Tianer knows, she a moment ago had been troubled by unpleasantness with Fang Junqian, she is really crazy foolish, why all the time hold tight wears a paragraph not to belong to her be in love with to be not put?

“Chun in relief princess… “

“Good, you did not say, are you He Ren after all? Is persuading this palace to leave Fang Junqian frequently why harbour intentions? ” firm flying Chun is strong Rong Tianer anger cries.

“Harbour intentions of my it doesn’t matter, I am done so is for hello, you leave Fang Junqian to you also be kind of disengagement, you are very beautiful, very good also, the meeting between the world has the person that is belonging you really, you is why bother persistent at a Fang Junqian? ” Rong Tianer persuades hard.

“Enough, this palace does not want to listen, you also do not appear before this palace, otherwise, cease blame this palace callosity! ” say, firm ground of firm of flying Chun firm swings sleeve, stride ground went away.

“Chun this world, chun this world! ” hold the post of Rong Tianer how to cry, firm flying Chun turns round none, look at firm flying Chun goes further more, rong Tianer feels the heart is very painful suddenly, those who come to here these year, although wanting not to change historical contrail, but be in imperceptible in, rong Tianer also is not to did not make a few effort. These year, she also is trying to persuade firm flying Chun, hope firm flying Chun can think a bit, nevertheless this is used without giving thought to seemingly.

Contrary, it is Rong Tianer intervening history of over and over again, the practice that tries to change the history lets herself within an inch of however with respect to body defect dangerous situation. Was on the move several years in the onrush of days, it is not just in rescue of this bend world love, still be Rong Tianer, the ego of host of bridge of sounds of nature saves atone for. Intervening histories, also be in aeriform in the door of the fate that opened Rong Tianer.

Every time she when a green unlined upper garment stands before the mirror, she can feel a sadness that arise spontaneously, why to pass through when her when metempsychosis, can this body is dressed up? In looking at a mirror when her when oneself, that sunglasses man that before was not being thought of by ground couplet however, encounters over bar, that man says she is a green actually! This makes Rong Tianer heart medium be burned immediately had an anonymous fire.

Be here these in year, intervening bend male thing, also awakening the memory of Rong Tianer sleep deeply sadly. But these memory are faintness, scattered, rong Tianer of as a result is essential cannot medley give a paragraph of complete memory. Midnight dream answers sleep lightly, also be in the mind that breaking Rong Tianer sadly.

Once, rong Tianer is in fan shop, be attracted indescribably by the folding fan of color of a blackish green, empty none is however inside this fan, inn-keeper is laughing at an explanation to however: “This childe, you want what calligraphy and painting, can say with us, we can help you be drawn. We can help you be drawn..

It is so such, rong Tianer takes this folding fan, do not know why, feel however hard give up.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — ,

After Fang Junqian go out for a battle, the Yu Huan is like bend that is able to walk eventually comes 84 cloud ride also be hurried to subsequently as confluent as him, as expected, in Fang Junqian ” the heart is superabundant ” poisonous on the verge of death or destruction, xiao Qingyu is saving Fang Junqian is unexpectedly resolutely 3 conditions that promised Yu Yue resolutelyingly: Kneel down, abandon a leg, blind eye!

After Fang Junqian know the inside story, resemble bend house to make can answer bright, he sacrifices actually oneself eye comes cure Xiao Qingyu, two people, be in all the time for the other side him sacrifice. When Rong Tianer saw with one’s own eyes witnesses all these, burst into tears already however. Blue sky, why to want to torment them so, the amour between them, not allow really at the world?

After the event, talk about alliance to make again condition, and chest slave of wild, Tian Bin, an old name for Japan also very station talking about alliance is in same a battlefront, fang Junqian again drive is driven ask for in person, the Yu Zezhen that be like bend defends emperor city. In the meantime, spy talking about alliance inbreaks city of emperor of great use up all one’s resources, intent collaborate from within with forces from outside, kill unaware.

Weigh in relief happy festival time, taking the advantage of Xiao Qingyu to be in cabinet of splash-ink bend city during, talk about alliance to use ” igneous feng4huang2 ” assault, intent buy resembles bend house at the deathtrap, all previous classics 3 generation are weather-beaten ” cabinet of splash-ink bend city ” be about to die bend collapses! A form of address for a man about one’s father’s age of place favour service arrives, him sacrifice is changed so that resemble bend house one life. Xiao Qingyu has life risk, far the Fang Junqian that talking about alliance churchyard can be experienced however, want to say the heart has Ling Xi, namely bend male between 2 people explained this kind.

A got-up affair later also is more and more not allow hopeful, fang Jianhui of former Daqing prince is devoted into actually talk about alliance, palace of great use up all one’s resources fine line be related is informed talk about alliance, xiao Qingyu is dying. Another place, ground of without a stop of square Jun Qianzheng hurrieds back emperor city…

Act as a guide by Fang Jianhui, tens of come from in talking about the ground of the pickeddest killer without anybody knowing it of alliance to slip into palace. Of the leader of a sports team, it is to browbeat at the outset unexpectedly the slave-girl small mattress of Guo Chunyang’s princess. Gentleman of 100 poisonous man also follows more than months come. According to his view, he should revenge for Mo Yuyan with one’s own hands, saw with one’s own eyes witnesses Xiao Qingyu to die before oneself. After be discovered by guard, the person such as small mattress is given orders to shoot kill, hand loss most. Right now they escaped, square Jian Huicai gives Xiao Qingyu to be in, small mattress wants to use actually firm flying Chun comes eliminate Xiao Qingyu. Right now, rong Tianer does not realize the nerve that which come to, appear personally actually prevent, she wants to take away originally firm flying Chun, it is before her after all in modern society, with firm flying Chun be on friendly terms, cannot bear really the heart is looked at firm flying Chun one fault is again wrong go down.

“Should you take me to go? ” firm flying Chun is shown suddenly the Rong Tianer of the body is frightened, she exerts all her strength the hand that throws Rong Tianer, one face is inwardly angry!

“Princess, go quickly with me, I take you to sounds of nature the bridge, leave here. Beg you, do not go harming incomparable childe! ” Rong Tianer is fraught. Had had not enough time however, when just when she is gashed toward her arm,a blood is about to enter metempsychosis of sounds of nature, the person such as small mattress arrives, jiang Yifei Chun is unripe unripe pulled, rong Tianer has been to try in vain to change historical contrail right now, so inevitable meeting gets the penalty of metempsychosis. In metempsychosis, it is always trammels unendingly, rong Tianer is in eventually spatio-temporal in decline, preexistence memory is waked up sadly.

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