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Did not go training room. After all that place too person much look is miscellaneous. Rong Tianer still is holding Gu Zheng in the arms, come in independent musical instrument house. Inside narrow space, resound is worn the echo of gentle breeze, right now Rong Tianer changed that a suit to belong to cyan of her individual exclusive to grow skirt once more, the skirt of cyan is placed in the stroke of gentle breeze to move next lightly to swing.

These days, for oneself a few things, rong Tianer lays aside this crucial issue all the time up-to-date, nowadays, good ended the show not easily, rong Tianer also should return to the right path, incorporeal recall of Fang Junqian.

Rong Tianer is touching the one place place on Gu Zheng gently, she is very clear, was touched before this place a teardrop. Because be,was eager to rehearsal yesterday, so Rong Tianer has not enough time to ponder over so much. Can as bridge of sounds of nature the Rong Tianer of host be aware of? This teardrop, was gifted the interest with powerful effective enmity, this is Fang Junqian’s tear! And before this, actually once second bodeful. Rong Tianer was not aware of at that time, but the spirit that depending on sounds of nature now, she can buy bodeful phenomenon since memory eventually.

Fang Junqian’s soul, it is all the time actually near Rong Tianer, but the soul of square nowadays Jun Qian is average spirit not just, be in what drifted hundreds years in the fated metempsychosis of days onrush to complain however clever, below this kind of circumstance, even Hades advocate cannot look for gives a track, never mention it what sounds of nature purely became clever. Rong Tianer just realizes now, there is clew actually below a lot of circumstances, just she at that time returns muddled muddled to understand not to know alleged.

Since her after reading bend chaos, what have the sounds of nature that come with the body is agile begin an induction to arrive the effective power of misfortune of that bend male is associated, countless times midnight dream answers sleep lightly, be familiar with the resound that dialogue is by the side of ear countless times, countless for bend male love and the tear falls like rain, it is bodeful.

See Fang Junqian’s spirit for the first time, it is to be over there sleeve hand cliff, at that time is to pass watch for an opportunity, with Yang Yi pure see for agency. At the beginning Rong Tianer is not clear still why Fang Junqian can appear in Yang Yi pure beside, there is an explanation only presumably now, it is Yang Yi pure oneself also is to complain clever, what differ with Fang Junqian nevertheless is, yang Yi is pure it is what to fleshy body lodges is complain clever, be close to Yang Yi only pure, ability makes Rong Tianer induction arrives the existence of his oneself.

Yang Yi pure oneself also is to complain clever, rong Tianer can the induction arrives, she is natural can the induction arrives. Was that day in the evening, appear in one’s dream and make a request gives Fang Junqian Rong Tianer, leave hurriedly once more again subsequently, an ineffable bridge still appeared even in the dream. After Rong Tianer awakes, discover Yang Yi pure behavior is bizarre however.

Want to come now, everything concerns couplet. That day in the evening, yang Yi is pure not be at all enjoy the cool over the balcony, go pursueing Fang Junqian’s whereabouts however, after causing Fang Junqian to be obliged to meet hastily with Rong Tianer, come back to disappear once more namely. Discovered Fang Junqian’s track because Yang Yi is pure probably.

Next a month, rong Tianer forces him not to think these strange things, as a result these things did not happen really. The Yang Jiazhi that went to that all the time goes, rong Tianer saw Yang Yi’s pure elder brother Luo Lengyu. Luo Lengyu related the issue of bridge of sounds of nature with him. This let Rong Tianer think of the bridge that appears in her dream, just begin the fated metempsychosis of bridge of dabble sounds of nature to the Rong Tianer of this matter utterly ignorant originally. Play when her remove that paragraph ” bend male is recorded ” when, the sort of ambiguous sense is even more clear.

Rong Tianer cannot forget that she sees Yang Yi is pure the conflict with Luo Lengyu, the Rong Tianer after coming back asks Yang Yi is pure how, yang Yi is pure do not want to say however. Later Yang Yi is pure it is expressional abnormality condition, she drinks, drank a lot of wine. True word is being said after alleged wine, that day in the evening, yang Yi is pure those who spoke oneself is the identity really, she is bend chaos actually inside firm flying Chun, chun in relief princess! And this is secret, luo Lengyu also knows the likelihood.

Luo Lengyu is He Lai all previous after all, there also is suspicion in Rong Tianer heart. Just he is concealed very greatly, purer than Yang Yi even deep still, adding the other is to had seen only here so at the same time, go up a little besides small letter later so 9 outside also did not meet again, accordingly Rong Tianer also fails to be aware of up to now other and peculiar.

Yang Yi is pure namely firm flying Chun, be informed this message, let Rong Tianer get in the heart not small blow. Because come so, explain the strange phenomenon that produces beside her faultlessly only. Be Fang Junqian above all appear, it is next firm flying Chun, so Where is Xiao Qingyu? He now body defect where?

The spirit of sounds of nature begins to emerge in a lot of and a lot of clew in surface when be waked up sadly, each then sealed in putting no less than hearts mystery is round, rong Tianer reverse the position of the host and the guest, begin with advocate the capacity of mover will check explore each thing. Be in eventually sleeve hand cliff, rong Tianer gives bridge of sounds of nature with genuine lachrymal call, also search so that resemble bend house. Pass through subsequently days onrush reachs bend random age, understood unforeseen event of this bend male eventually. Misfortune of this bend male is mixed so him embroil is very deep, because of this misfortune, the past memory of Rong Tianer is waked up sadly below imperceptible circumstance.

The past past, bend male misfortune, issue of this two stake at a draught afflux in Rong Tianer brain, let Rong Tianer unaware a bit. Han Qiaoyu is Han Lang, rong Tianer has not wanted to examined minutely, everything arranges its nature, delayed because of her individual private affairs before too much and too much, fang Junqian’s soul she now must recall, let everything return to the right path.

“I am sorry, majesty, I am sorry, childe! ” say of sound of Rong Tianer shakily. In the heart extremely apology remorses, a teardrop has delimited sadly spruce face of Rong Tianer, drippy, issue an instant, an air current of a scroll is flooding this narrow musical instrument room, from Rong Tianer inside body one emerge the spirit of the sounds of nature that alter is aroused once more, give birth to the change of this space and the world outside unripe cut off, this is secret, cannot let someone else know.

Meanwhile, the facial expression of Han tall eaves that welcomes a leader together with Han Ming over administrative building originally is however coagulate unexpectedly, he comes back to turn round to look namely to window edge, far activity center there, let Han Qiaoyu’s heart calm hard, that is the fated fetter between the soul and soul, lasting and eternal. Immediately, he is unexpectedly those who feel faint is aching.

“Qiao Yu, mix now guest people say, go the first dinning have dinner! ” Han Ming bades to his son.

“Pa, you go first, I am occupied still, go out first! ” differ Han Ming should be made, han Qiaoyu developed the office directly!

“Your this child! ” Han Ming is enraged so that get angry, but must laugh to deal with again however next occasion.

Han Qiaoyu has not enough time even elevator to wait, desperately building of administration of mad rush out of, drive toward the direction of mobile center. After from phalanx the performance ends, when he sees Rong Tianer leaves hurriedly, except because oneself are old of pa prevent, he wants early to be overtaken. This kind of distressed feeling sends now more apparent, han Qiaoyu also cannot be in charge of so much.

Around mobile center beautiful orchid gymnasium is upstairs, yang Yi is pure with Luo Lengyu two people are standing together side-by-side, the line of sight happens to coincide gather in mobile center three-pair part of musical instrument house. Luo Lengyu say: “So say, day be host of bridge of sounds of nature! Day be host of bridge of sounds of nature!!

“Yes, I wish she can the soul of recall Fang Junqian! I wish she can the soul of recall Fang Junqian!!

“Chun this world, had been you unlocked completely in the heart now? ” perturbed ground asks Luo Lengyu.

“Not clear, but, may be I also answered again did not go? ” path of Yang Yi pure forced smile, mood is so Bei is cool.

“Chun this world, must you force yourself into hopeless situation ability agrees to stop? One when listen to me persuades, put down hold read aloud! ” Luo Lengyu grabs Yang Yi’s pure shoulder gently, complexion slightly one Jing, wan Re has accident a bit, she can leave him and go like.

Right now, the form that building the next runs, entered their line of vision of two people, luo Lengyu decides an one look, it is Han Qiaoyu so, at the moment he is being driven toward the direction of mobile center, what did he discover?

“Han Qiaoyu, han Lang, what had he known? ” Luo Lengyu complexion abruptly ghastly.

To this, yang Yi is pure just also laugh mournfully to Luo Lengyu: “Eldest brother of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, not, should be forest eldest brother, on this world, is stopping again Chun in relief have not is put down hold read aloud?

Luo Lengyu put down tight grip to live sadly Yang Yi’s pure hand, the eyes that chilly sorrowfuls is hoping to wipe run form then, still have musical instrument house that window, for a long time is not moved!

Inside musical instrument room, rong Tianer has placed Gu Zheng eventually, heart path: “Gentleman male Majesty, if you can feel a day call, that comes back please! That comes back please!!

At that time ” bend uses up the world ” , searched incomparable childe, now with respect to do sth following a set pattern by! Stroke musical instrument to play, ” bend male is recorded ” slowly shed have diarrhoea and go out.

Golden hall is red in former days towel lonely

Bend male records legend of through the ages and gentleman to say

Shadow of grey of peach of blood shed in a just cause falls

Xiaolou sits be like,Yun Danfeng is depended on gently yesterday

9 pagoda an ancient wine vessel made of horn prepares a fault

Country is grasped do not see side of gentleman of Yi person companion

Develop of flourishing age of bend male the world

Calm country becomes the sea tear 5 times letters

Runner shaft moves spring, melody rises suddenly, sodorous and mournful, the bead that tear of a drop is like a line is same, flow to drip and go out inside Rong Tianer orbit oneself. Rong Tianer raises eye eye, of bend male love clearly to be in eye, this Duan Chen sealed bend of hundreds years male memory, be in eventually of Rong Tianer perform below, be aroused once more. Outside musical instrument room, han Qiaoyu hurried to here eventually, he is already right now breathless, but the line of sight stays on the door in room of that musical instrument all the time however, pass through the glass of the door, see that wipes cyan form to stroking musical instrument to sing nowadays OK and clearly. He can experience the drawing that gives him to the spirit that soundses of nature then, it is one kind is cast off hard and he is not willing again the drag in of give up, be fetter of a preexistence hold read aloud.

Is this ” is bend male recorded ” ? Why is Rong Tianer also mixed of bend male love embroil very deep? Han Qiaoyu decides the ground to stand surely so over, looking at Rong Tianer, this looks, asing if is lasting.

1000 army balefire of lofty or bottomless of cavalry gold dagger

All directions reaching the sky of smoke of gunpowder devises clever strategies (dare to die and Jun Zun)

Rich man of heroic bearing of bright of sword sharp edge is ecru (all show manhood instinctive quality)

View world in all hand in hand extensive

Nuo of red line of boundary of bridge of the fate brings lovers together

Peach branch makes an appointment with road of bellyful lovesickness San Qian

China hair gives birth to fleeting time early to pass

Firework is used up unique double arrogant later ages says

10 thousand lis of beautiful scenery are flourishing geometry

A life is like be apart of chess yin and yang (however be apart of yin and yang)

Oath of sleeve hand cliff dies in all return Jun Yinuo (I should give birth to broadness of irrevocable title deed)

Acheron green jade falls chant leaves a song

And wait for the future world and gentleman and

Libretto ends, but melody still continues, for a long time is ceaseless. Right now, an evil wind comes over abruptly, that is a dim enmity clever in the block up that tears off a space, faint show a body. Rong Tianer once more the tear falls like rain, she chokes with sobs:

“Extensive region Yu Dadi, in the years that does not have incomparable childe then, ten years of acedia longing, ten years, painful be like 10 show those who wear a heart is unripe without can love.

“Of the world of this paragraph of bend of you and incomparable childe love, bend uses up the world, common people deserves to look up at only, sortie is not had colour! Sortie is not had colour!!

“Majesty, day entreat Majesty to show a body, majesty time pass through many places of these hundreds years, allow a day for you terminative, allow a day end unforeseen event of this bend male, let everything return the right path! Let everything return the right path!!

Rong Tianer is not witting, at the moment everything inside musical instrument room changes, it is actually be used up to stop eye ground by Han Qiaoyu. He is fab, rong Tianer has actually so ability, why, when the back that he sees Rong Tianer trembles right now, his heart, be just as Ling Chi general, is terribly distressed?

Inside musical instrument room, if show,a form is like concealed, be like is to break through a space hard limitation is general, rong Tianer sees, mind easily, take the bit with good already preparation, show toward the hand the needle delimits, immediately of a blood is ejective. Next, hear Rong Tianer fills august order only:

“Rong Tianer, the spirit with sounds of nature, with the name of host of bridge of sounds of nature, square Jun Qianzhi of great emperor of eaves of call together extensive region is clever, let all histories return the right path!

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