Eleventh chapter parts company adscript (1)

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Last night, alluded suddenly with the gentleman after we part company, I go alone the thing of Qinghai. Still say with him I still can lie beside his nowadays, everything should thank God.

The thing has gone very long, I am to be willing to recollect not quite actually at the outset those painful associate with.

The original intention that writes a book after all just wants to tell everybody I pass very happily now, never think of to be being written however writing began to alternate a lot of things.

But, these painful at least I now can the calm was faced; At least, my conquer they; At least, they also are the one part in my life.

From small I have a trouble, when wave motion of mood of in every case is bigger fall ill extremely easily.

Went up in the train that day, I do not give accident cold. Begin to just cough, but arrived after Xining, because cannot get used to the high height above sea level of Xining or cold accentuation temporarily,knowing is, I begin dizziness.

But the idea that all these did not prevent me to continue to set foot on this land.

Driver master was in a railway station to just search, the person is quite nice still nevertheless, collect fees without because of my girl chaos.

After arriving on the car, the backlash that I discover a car still is sitting a pair of young lovers, most propbably was not about to get along together, nod then smile.

They are afraid is the young lovers in a pair of be passionately in love, from what the car sets out that rises momently, two people begin to chirp say ceaseless, now and then ask a few questions to driver master.

A long time, does the boy say: ? Does basketry Ω carry group of foot of  of pool of thin < of copy of Nie of dream of  of approach of fabricate make up of quilt of   left-eyed flounder does  bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase grind plinth of swan of calcium of anxiety of ∩  admire?

Compare with them, I resemble be about to dying old age old person is same, the nest is on his seat, binocular lock is sending out up and down all over a kind the breath that does not have opportunity of survival.

Master of car boss machine says weather has been held out, and Xining of tea card distance is further, go there today more appropriate, reduplicative route need not take behind, then everybody agreed.

Went after tea card, we complain a in river of a dark horse civilian constellation in the evening, wanting to rise early the following day see sunrise.

After washing gargle, lie on the bed to want today a day, quite good still, the mood gradually improve rise.

But sleep to midnight, I begin to have a headache, disgusting, breath is hurried, that momently I was psyched out, fear oneself were in this place to death so, what the my people after fearing a few days comes over to see is living me no longer, fear I also lose sight of those people that I am loving again.

After fearing, I am strong from aplomb firm firm oneself mood.

I rely on a wall to sit on the bed, breathe slowly.

Had not known how long, do not have eventually so afflictive, lay down slowly again sleep. What awake the following day is extremely early, but the curtain block of massiness held off sunshine, bite outside the window babble Dong sound lets me think by accident rained, missed the sunrise that day after all, later, took the picture after a piece of sunrise only.

The following day, journey of a day is spent below the beautiful scenery at exclaim nature and the condition that fear to die.

But seem to taking the pleasure like a self-abuse again, I still drive to hike backbone mountain in the master when, get off friend of issue as before is patted to encircle in the heavy snow that flutters in all over the sky, match article: ? Does scar of Sha of collapse of 8 make a present of imprint low  ?

Everything is held out later successful, driver master takes us went relatively him herdsman with a lot of cheaper area of scene of Yu Erlang sword is done tourist attraction, they call Cuorilangga.

Over me turning classics annulus, that momently, was like a heart to calm really a lot of.

The companion goes riding yak, I crouch before a girl to see cobble of her many a load one’s writing with fancy phrases, not tire of its are irritated, feel very interesting, ask a girl what this calls, but the girl did not manage me, continue load one’s writing with fancy phrases is worn cobble.

Going later on the road of tower Er temple, I asked a driver ability knows so that calls Manishi caboodle, use pray blessing.

We still were come up against on the road should go the Tibetan of pilgrimage, mix really the film ” Gangrenboqi ” in exactly like. That momently the shock with true heart, plaint devotional great.

After a few days, I stand in home town afresh on that familiar land, feel oneself seemed to come over alive afresh eventually.

After coming home the following day, my beat became sufficient courage sent the first message after parting company to Mr A, passed very long, mr A answers me:

“Actually, I have a girlfriend. I have a girlfriend..

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