Part 9

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Still be in water of a mist in Yan Rushuang when, gong Fei held off her outlet.

Circle of palace humble glower opens look at her, still be that familiar face, did not have completely however in the eyes in those days that is weak.

“Do you follow Leng Hanxi after all what concerns? “Do you follow Leng Hanxi after all what concerns??

Yan Rushuang is breathed out ah laugh, “Irrespective. “Irrespective..

Be stimulated by the manner of Yan Rushuang mention lightly, gong Fei fly into a rage, she grabs Yan Rushuang’s shoulder, mood acuteness, “Irrespective why can he be in of entire school before the relationship that makes it clear that for you I follow him? “Irrespective why can he be in of entire school before the relationship that makes it clear that for you I follow him??

Eat frost is knitting character to because exert oneself to do sth. ,brows looks at her and float slightly white joint, cold-shoulder put away, “Gong Fei, then you should ask him and not be to ask me. I do not think and you say too much, because pull low intelligence quotient easily after all. Because pull low intelligence quotient easily after all..

“Tong Yingshuang. ” cry when Gong Fei give that dusty when old name, yan Rushuang’s pupil sinks. “You say you are true still is a life big, in those days why didn’t you die to calculate directly? In those days why didn’t you die to calculate directly??

Yan Rushuang raises double eye, a of the thrill through in eye cold cold makes palace humble heart medium quiver, she says lightly: “You are wrong. Tong Yingshuang had died, hold your blessing in the palm, those who die is very miserable very miserable. Those who die is very miserable very miserable..

The before one pace on Yan Rushuang, take the hand the shoulder in Gong Fei to go up, say mysteriously: “Do not pass, say to let me before her on one’s deathbed how cannot let off you! She but doleful! She but doleful!!

Say, left a contemptuous smile only.

And Gong Fei, the back gave after fine fine cold sweat.

Also knowing today is how, of its one after another come. Yan Rushuang does not have the mood to living in the school today, gave a school gate to just planned to come home with respect to meet unexpectedly a flock of small mix.

Yan Rushuang supports the specified number, she today this luck also is quite possible!

The schoolboy that head is catching Huang Mao, mood not to be pooh-poohed: “Hello, girl, the money all that gets on your body is taken! Otherwise, do not think today! Do not think today!!

Say the person from the back to return very the blowing that cooperate removed disharmonious whistle.

Yan Rushuang feels disgusting only, the word does not want to say with them, cross a crowd to want to leave.

The male survival that head is done not have so by desolate over- , just wanted to stretched his hand to experience a powerful force.

Yan Rushuang looks later, see Leng Hanxi is grabbing the wrist of that person only, eyes approach cold.

Good, she admits, today is not infer who who looks for her. . . . . .

See Leng Hanxi’s eyes nevertheless, she is abrupt feel this individual is quite interesting also.

“How, what do you want to work? ” Leng Hanxi does not become aware the effort that increased him hand to go up, medicinal powder give out a strong vent one’s ill feeling.

That schoolboy felt not general stress, on the hand painful also be in accentuate continuously, one went out on forehead fine fine sweat, “I. . . . . . I did not think. . . . . . Did not want what to do! You. . . . . . You are fast loose! You are fast loose!!

Leng Hanxi distains that the individual loosens, very naturally has pulled Yan Rushuang to leave.

Yan Rushuang is the lay a finger on that is fed up with other very, but to Leng Hanxi, she also does not know why to there is in him heart another feeling.

After taking period of time, yan Rushuang starts to talk suddenly, “Leng Hanxi, can you unlock me? Can you unlock me??

Leng Hanxi unlocks her, yan Rushuang does his collar, maintaining oneself patience as far as possible, “Leng Hanxi, I feel you are necessary to give me an explanation, be in about you commend the word on congress. Be in about you commend the word on congress..

Leng Hanxi laughs slightly, light tone ground says: “Had been clear about what I feel I say quite. I often do not appear in the school, do not understand these rumors so. But since I h[……]


Belated of the 283rd chapter proposes

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“President, I checked all important files to was not lost. I checked all important files to was not lost..

“Not, what to lose certainly. ” double eye of waist of clutch of both hands of severe grand day is looking whole office up and down bitingly; “Cannot decide the other side is whose person now. ” severe grand day resembles was what to think of suddenly, double takes out bag of a file in the drawer to him desk, open quickly, the thing inside still is in. Severe grand day looks at the thing inside carefully, corners of the mouth is ticked off remove a to sneer, “It is cold Xiao Feng. “It is cold Xiao Feng..

“How can the president decide? This evidence also is important to the madam. This evidence also is important to the madam..

“If my Mom can destroy me directly, the thing inside this is right cold Xiao Feng as much valuable; You also said time has 5 minutes only, for these 5 minutes of professional to people from come in to break up find a thing to take these things sufficient. For these 5 minutes of professional to people from come in to break up find a thing to take these things sufficient..

“President, that we… “

“Do not have a thing, many what this proves he knows, at the beginning he lures me to enter this plot in, look he needs me to dispel doubts for him now. Look he needs me to dispel doubts for him now..

“President, were then we borne? Were then we borne??

“Do not manage he, principal now close attention spends anguine activity, I want one by one to unplug these thorn now. I want one by one to unplug these thorn now..

“It is a president. “It is a president..

… …

“Should you go to young mistress of the house? ” Luo Xuan looks at the blood that just went out ask.

“Uncle, I consider Home Lin, eldest brother and Williams are in. Eldest brother and Williams are in..

“Young mistress of the house, the childe’s means leaves you in this, now is a critical period, the childe is not at ease you are not beside. The childe is not at ease you are not beside..

“I go back to won’t go out. “I go back to won’t go out..

“But… “

“My for company are you no good? ” right now severe grand day does not know when to come in to going hither, to blood before the eye brings a smile of infinite tender feelings look at blood.

Blood look at Yan Hao day the infinite tender feelings in that eye light then this sturdy already heart instant shook again, oneself want to leave beside severe grand day originally, waited for all things to end the thing that talking about them later.

“I these days for company you are good, white tea was staring at the thing of the company to go. ” severe grand day looks at blood say priggishly.

Blood the sincerity in looking at light of eye of severe grand weather, “I… “

“I am not at ease you are in Home Lin, beside me only I just can be at ease. ” before severe grand day looks at an eye some at odds blood some are anxious…

“Eldest brother, I should be in possibly here handle a few issues, are you in the home with Williams first? Are you in the home with Williams first??

Cold Xiao Feng listens so that bleed that a little hesitant choice, “I knew, oneself patronize good body. Oneself patronize good body..

Hanged a phone, severe grand day looks at a little silent blood, he pulls a blood the hand goes toward the room inside stair, blood follow back of Yan Hao day silently; Arrived doorway, blood of signal of severe grand day open a door with one’s own hands, blood some look at Yan Hao day hesitantly to stretch one’s hand slowly lay a finger on presses the hand that light jog leaves slowly, below momently by the room in decorate was stupefied; Raise a leg to walk into a room slowly, severe grand Tian Yi is taken slightly on doorcase look at blood gratifiedly. Blood look at that christmas tree, still have Christmas hat, still have withered flower, still have, the bright and beautiful box among that, blood some are unidentified so look at Yan Hao day later.

Severe grand day walks into look at already dull sentence some say regretfully: “I thought you that day in christmas originally surprizing, I follow sheng decorated one afternoon, but did not think of to give in that way job, you are taking a son to go from me. ” severe grand day carries the hand covers cardiac position, look at blood that kind is affectionate.

Blood everything before looking at an eye recalls him christmas day suddenly the clue orbit that day one red;[……]


Banquet of the 207th chapter

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“Elder brother, should you attend the party tonight? Should you attend the party tonight??

Severe grand day sees next wrist watches think, “Hum, I go showing a side, I professional after all do not understand next I go to a hospital. I professional after all do not understand next I go to a hospital..

“Hum, good. ” knowing heart of severe grand day strictly is a blood.

Evening is Boer at 8 o’clock this hotel

Not only medical scholar, the professor still had a few investor and sponsor to come over, because this is severe home,be do to be on medicine all cure person the medical medical skill with communicate development better into the communication of be merciful, 2 because think the communication in this seeks more business chance and investment on the meeting really,be, 3 it is to hope to establish contingent of a few medical treatment to certain zone area of a few refugees has free medical treatment help somebody in danger or difficulty; Also asked a few reporters to make corresponding report for this at the same time, basically be to subject matter has almsdeed nature to have news of course;

Severe grand day and strict station bring smile in the face in the crowd dealing with, from time to time touch a cup to make a call gently, as today’s sponsor square, severe grand day must its are cooperating not tire of irritatedly, look at severe grand climate strictly often look at wrist to express what the time that attend can’ts help to turn over a supercilious look, “Elder brother, otherwise you with respect to foregone? Otherwise you with respect to foregone??

Severe grand day looks at nearby that Y compatriots, “Do him I should follow his say a few words. “Do him I should follow his say a few words..

View the past strictly down the look of severe grand day, “You do not resemble careful convict the sort of, the family can be the person of royalty. The family can be the person of royalty..

Severe grand weather is cold hum, do I receive a cold Xiao Feng fell to still be afraid of the 2nd? See Yan Hao strictly the day distains that kind to be considered also indeed sigh helplessly tone, the heading that carrying goblet to thinking Williams next goes by;

“How? Be in these days here return a habit? ” the goblet that strict goblet touched Williams gently.

The laugh that Williams sees be without guard strictly later is worn greet sb, “Strict, I introduce to you, this is Yi Lisha Y compatriots is like white young lady and me, following us actually is same place school, nevertheless she differs with us period, very artful. Very artful..

The smile of strict courtesy starts goblet signal gently, “Hello. “Hello..

“Hello, severe gentleman, long the name that hears you. ” Yi Lisha reachs a hand in vain.

Of strict courtesy extend a hand to be grasped gently at her, look up and down carefully this Yi Lisha is white before the move young lady, bai Xi’s skin, the face of goose egg a pair of bright eye the star as the sky, the hair of a coffee wraps around at that on sweet shoulder, saw a piece of familiar face on her face it seems that, tick off corners of the mouth gently strictly to shake shake one’s head, although her appearance is alike in spirit, but the aroma on her body is too thick be in momently the identity of blatant her Y compatriots, the double eye that still has that pair of blue is sending out all the time the light that draws a person, can be that individual won’t, if describe, then the individual goes namely silty and the lotus that does not catch, and before this is a poor and common lily just;

“Can be if doesn’t Miss Yi Lisha white mind, I denied with Williams gentleman say a few words word? “Can be if doesn’t Miss Yi Lisha white mind, I denied with Williams gentleman say a few words word??

Yi Lisha shows proper laugh in vain ” do as you wish. Yi Lisha shows proper laugh in vain ” do as you wish..

Strict beck sees Xiang Weilian subsequently, “My eldest brother wants to thank your thing in the hospital there, past say a few words how? ” Williams looks at the same time just in time of Yan Hao day also is looking hither, “Good, we go. We go..

“How, see your this look is tonight Chun Xiao momently ah? ” show bad laugh strictly bad intentionally.

Williams knowingly be puzzled of eye smooth evil spirit, “Your M compatriots is too low, we this is the confluence on the heart, so low without you? So low without you??

Strict a wine expresses shallow not approve of also does not object.

“Severe president hello,[……]


Day of severe grand of the 196th chapter can come

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Severe grand day sits on helicopter oversee is indistinct see two bundles of lamplight are in mobile, “Fast below. “Fast below..

Helicopter is stood by slowly, put down all alone on helicopter to fall, two armed personnel are taking night to inspect lens to take the lead in descending at the back of of light, severe grand day is waited for below all alone is captured to fall to glide for an instant after personnel reconnaissance is safe, after white tea also tightens therewith;

4 people be born, search severally concealment dot, wearing night to inspect lens line of sight to be just as daytime, two armed personnel observe landform everywhere, light tone says: “Childe, we should go in the forest from the back. We should go in the forest from the back..

“Good. “Good..

Black clothes person enters the forest behind immediately, after severe grand day and white tea also tighten therewith, the risk with their caution potential beware of;

Blood hearing rustle sound gradually stand by oneself, after she relies on in to cultivate, slowly draw out the gun between the waist to preparing. The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is grasping a gun to take care to go with one’s eyes open step by step in hand of a small room, regard the bodyguard of special training as his insight, hearing is very strong, he stands by the whoop that listened to insecurity gradually, he crouchs light of private parts specific item to staring at that audio provenance closely slowly, he is judged should be blood, because the enemy is so won’t nervous,breath, he explored to ask softly: “Is young mistress of the house you? “Is young mistress of the house you??

Blood instantaneous screen lives breath, listening carefully, another call out young mistress of the house gently, blood cover excitedly the mouth laughed, he knows is who came, because only they just can call themselves young mistress of the house, rise slowly next feeling black went, wood looked at form to be at ease thoroughly, she is blood, busy rise before going up;

“Uncle? ” blood excited call out gently, because sound is nervous some are asp.

“You do not have a thing young mistress of the house, very long did not hear this name. ” some recall Luo Xuan and saying excitedly.

2 people are confluent crouch in underground to one place, luo Xuan saw a hair scot-free blood simple and honest laugh, the observation that the look still is vigilant condition this all around.

“How do we do now, cannot always wait for all the time be here? Cannot always wait for all the time be here??

“Be at ease, the childe can come a little while. ” Luo Xuan is saying self-confidently.

“Hum, can severe grand day come? How does he know? How does he know??

“A moment ago discovered the thing is wrong inform a childe, I estimate the sound of the helicopter that a moment ago heard is a childe, the person that can hold in helicopter nevertheless also is finite, but we still should look for a childe now, such ability had protected you. Such ability had protected you..

Blood shake shake the gun in the hand, “I myself can have protected myself. ” Luo Xuan saw blood the gun in the hand, a moment ago oneself did not discover to there is a gun actually in her hand, oppugn next saw blood, although the day is black blood the expression that cannot see Luo Xuan face go up but like the doubt that watchs to resembled feeling him to oneself direction from him, “How, suspect my level? ” blood the hand medium gun takes Luo Xuan before, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces highs take everything into one’s own hands lives, “My young married daughter, you can not want a muzzle to aim people on one’s own side, I can not want to did not die in enemy hand to die in your fire accidentally however. ” Luo Xuan presses blood hand.

Blood cover mouth titter, this once the warmth that uncle gave her to needing at the moment lets what she is not fearing all over frozen;

“Young mistress of the house follows in my back, we want now… phut phut ” two guns noise interrupted abrupt phut phut Luo Xuan’s word.

Blood immediately nervous rise, xuan Yeli of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces engraves vigilance austere rise, “Young mistress of the house follows at the back of me, we look for a childe now confluent, it is certainly in front be hit, the childe should not know we are from the back, go quickly. Go quickly..

Blood nod the footstep of Luo Xuan of prep close behind, jungly Reagan does not have a road originally, it is Chu Dong fort[……]


The 185th chapter her inhospitality

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“In your eye, am I the sort of person that does not separate a person of extraordinary powers of extortion of green red black and write to seize? ” severe grand day closely the shoulder glare at that catching him is worn she.

“Be? ” blood the tear of grievance falls arrogantly with respect to that kind.

“Everything what you do to me even do I remind you? Is the first night of your home taking my occupy the feeling that your secretary performs passionate sport to be able to the consideration crosses me in the room? A flock of reporters ask your concern round me, the business that allows my outsider to give you two dry drift along brushs the buttock, can you have those who had thought me to experience? Can you have those who had thought me to experience??

What the eyes that severe grand day looks at her to get hurt can’ts help is confused, he never has seen this kind of expression in her eye, inhospitality comes extremely, his indignant eyes shakes, ineffable some fear after the event;

Blood the apparent force that finds him shoulder to go up is some more loose, blood carry hand the tear on a face, some disappointment perhaps say be inhospitality to laughing, “Severe grand day, where cannot I understand your anger to be in really? Is the daughter that marries you because of Home Lin namely me? Be because am I returned after 8 years,still living? ” blood do not know herself why so ask, still have in the heart probably so the expectation of a silk to this man!

Severe grand day slowly raise eye light of some injuries affection look at blood, some are cadaverous on face of egg of that piece of goose, there is the hair of the chaos that be blown by wind on tear stains, in her eye light good cold and cheerless, is this the person that he expected to wait 8 years? Who is she comes back nowadays once can how? If not be oneself retaliation so she won’t be victim…

Transmit buzzing engine sound after one’s death, severe grand day wants what to say, zhang Zhang mouth still did not speak out finally; One stop urgently, two people jump down hastily on the car, blood with Yan Hao the day sees all along person do not make a sound at the same time;

Go strictly to 2 people with what actor rice fling rushs before, nervous look at 2 people between the ** flavour of flee hither and thither, a kind of self-evident sound flee hither and thither is between 4 people.

Blood sneer twice. “Saying to return is comical really, god still is joke person really, the world is so great, but I knew you unluckily 4 sibling of severe home, be in this T city is, I go Y country or, it is for what after all, is God to gave me to issue a legendary venomous insect? Should father with you namely is family kink together? ” blood thin figure shakes in this wind, eye light is on the move a bit see Xiang Yanhao day, “Severe grand day, once you say me, make me a few further from your brother. ” blood chill eyes sweep is worn the 3 brother before can’t help from ridicule, “Be, each is poised and graceful, brilliant and cheesy, each industry celebrity, be rich and powerful family more child. ” blood the look is on the move Yu Yanhao day on that gloomy and cold face, some chuckle ” how, what to have marvelous, your some I am far from rare, more distain to be infected with, conversely day of your Yan Hao looks for me. ” the high-heeled shoes that saying to leave the eyes of next scorn to stepping 10 centimeter goes below Xiang Shan…

Actor rice just should stretch his hand go barring, but that stubborn form enough makes clear the heart of that definitely,have how determined…

” so does indulge herself step down hill? ” some look at actor rice anxiously severe grand day and strict, latter knows what to thinking far from, actor rice sighs, take strict car hastily, carry a head to overtake that thin small figure;

At one’s convenience actors or actress how rice jockeys to say with her that perverse form does not pay no attention to demit to get on a car namely, may declivous road apparel high-heeled shoes is bad to go, that fine person is furious take off high-heeled shoes lost directly, bare is worn the foot goes, gradually the across that people disappears in crooked road, have not of severe grand day is advertent is him since hold in mouth or eyes of corners of the mouth that laughs;

Look at light of eye of severe grand weather strictly to bestow favor on be addicted to mediumly to sigh secretly later, both hands inserts bag to thinking severe grand day, the eldest brother in wind as before bank of that kind of Wei, wang Zhe breath as before very powerful; His sweep is worn automobile body a week[……]


Opportunity of the 167th chapter

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“Young lady, treat this condition, severe family name follows Lin make a clear distinction thoroughly bounds. ” the TV that beautiful jade amounts to conveniently to put out assembly room.

“Now Lin be busy enough with one’s own affairs, and severe grand day follows dividing line of their make a clear distinction again now, is this for me buy time changes the line of vision? Is this for me buy time changes the line of vision??

Blood ask oneself in the heart repeatedly, all these is too successful, too artful, those news are the *** that severe grand day puts intentionally, gain an opportunity actually for oneself namely? Is but his even if thinks him side is essential,not need built on is he severe domestic fame ah?

“Young lady, after all, this thing to us it is best opportunity. This thing to us it is best opportunity..

“Be, absolutely good the main chance! Absolutely good the main chance!!

“Bell… “

Blood look at incoming telegram person to receive electrify sentence quickly, “Hello? “Hello??

“Young lady, the stock of Lin falls all the time now, I send shareholder of a few before the person was contacted Lin family names, they sell of purpose, it is price respect has some of difference only… ” Si Lun is anxious a little.

Blood sneer, “Be a refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality really, the price that pressing them to carry is again one times lower give them, if do not sell,calculated. If do not sell,calculated..

“Young lady… “

“Do by what I say, still have, valued Lin Jinchen, close all messages, let him enjoy that final live a luxury and dissipation life well! Let him enjoy that final live a luxury and dissipation life well!!

“Yes, young lady. Young lady..

… …

“President, the partner of Lin is in of purpose now cast. The partner of Lin is in of purpose now cast..

“Hum, guess not hard. Guess not hard..

“Is the president knowable who is now in the share that buys Lin? “Is the president knowable who is now in the share that buys Lin??

Severe grand day looks up look at Bai Chayi the face is dim, coltish handsome eyebrow ” it is young mistress of the house. Coltish handsome eyebrow ” it is young mistress of the house..

“The president is brilliant. “The president is brilliant..

“How many can she take now? “How many can she take now??

“Although young mistress of the house can receive the share of all partner also be mixinged not quite then Lin Tianci contends, altogether of share of wife and daughter is 55% , that 40% distributing to go up in the hand of a few partner respectively, the broken lot that still has 5% is over there high level of a few companies, young mistress of the house is afraid also can get only 40% do not have method to draw Lin Tianci get down from a horse at all. Young mistress of the house is afraid also can get only 40% do not have method to draw Lin Tianci get down from a horse at all..

Chuckle of severe grand day takes coffee light, “Be occupied to be directly by Lin Tianci when the of 15% share of junior grandma all, under the circumstances he also should be spat came. Under the circumstances he also should be spat came..

“Is he transferred without conduction equity? “Is he transferred without conduction equity??

“Should do not have, because how won’t he also think of already dead person will be abrupt,come out to seize share with him. Because how won’t he also think of already dead person will be abrupt,come out to seize share with him..

“President, should want us to remind young mistress of the house? Should want us to remind young mistress of the house??

“Need not, she cannot think of my woman how possibly, her thing you continue to pay close attention to, the safety that assures her is good, give otherly it is good that herself will do, if those who cannot solve is in,help, she is the person of a cheese that does not like others to move her. She is the person of a cheese that does not like others to move her..

White tea looks at severe grand day to put down a cup of one face bestow favor on be addicted to, speak of young daughter-in law, the tenderness of strong president can give a person that only is young mistress of the house, click of the tongue of click of the tongue, white tea unspokens criticism;

“Was opposite, is Chou Yan working? Is Chou Yan working??

“I am in his arrangement Boer this hotel, he is arranging the deta[……]


The 139th chapter moves the company M country

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“Childe, y country respect we had started work, do not give accident word, he will go tomorrow. He will go tomorrow..

Severe grand day hanged a phone to hold entrance bag, rely on on the back of the chair not to make a sound, the double eye of lock has some of uneasiness to show exhaustion slightly, there are a few things in his brain a few words, there is one caboodle to investigate a data on the table.

“Dong Dong… “

White tea pushs the door to come in look at bottom of eye of severe grand weather to having filar silk excitement.

Have sth in mind of half narrow one’s eyes is thinking severe grand day he, “What job to produce? “What job to produce??

“President, these days the formalities that the person of at hand of young mistress of the house is handling a firm. These days the formalities that the person of at hand of young mistress of the house is handling a firm..

“What formalities? “What formalities??

“Young mistress of the house moves the company of Y country. ” laugh what say white tea is complacent.

Chuckle of severe grand day, early know oneself why bring owls to Athens, took it may not be a bad idea nevertheless, of the province unpleasant before oneself.

“President, ” white tea face shows appear to be reluctant, “That allow the young lady came. “That allow the young lady came..

Severe grand day blinks eye gently, that eye light contains vinegary.

“Let her come in. “Let her come in..

The eye ground of Gou Qixiao of data corners of the mouth that is like what think of somewhat to look at a desktop to go up has delimited firm of a shade.

“Grand day, busy? Have time to eat lunch together midday? Have time to eat lunch together midday??

Lin Yuner is hanging the smile of standard of daughter of an eminent family to appear in severe grand day before, she these year helping Lin Tianci’s orderly management wear company, little expands basis, lin Tianci is gratified very, also can leave her the company later, this also is the sth used to one’s own advantage that says Lin Yuner is proud, what she leans also is herself, resemble severe grand day after all this kind of success the man of much gold won’t like the sort of effeminate charming woman, what because of Lin Xieer she looks is clear, severe grand day can fall in love with her actually…

Severe grand day is ticked off tick off corners of the mouth, “Good. “Good..

Say to rise to rise put on coat.

Allow jubilate in the heart, desktop of light shoot a glance at smiles next followed severe grand day to go.

Insipid soup is fed

Severe grand day as always sit in that packet, resemble an emperor that stand high above the masses, allow be together to always be met with severe grand day every time virtually has a kind of oppressive feeling, she says not to come out is what feeling. She feels the complexion of severe grand day not to appear aloof to him from time to time from time to time to stand by all the time, feel severe to grand day does not reject her request again occasionally, she is done knowing this man can be however still by him such manner is attracted deeply cannot extricate oneself.

Waiting for the time of serving, allow feel atmosphere is a little awkward, active opened radio receiving set, she also is to wanting to explore explore one time.

“Grand day, that last the honoured guest of that Y country on the banquet she… “

“Is she to follow blood is some resemble? “Is she to follow blood is some resemble??

Severe grand day has received word stubble to ask directly, allow be stupefied, laugh awkwardly.

“Be, how can the world have so artful thing, regrettablly my cannot say word, wait for organic meeting I must become a friend with her well. Wait for organic meeting I must become a friend with her well..

“Do you feel the world can have so artful thing really? ” the Yun Danfeng that severe grand day says is light, a bit mood looks not to come out.

Allow bottom of deadlocked terrified eye has a fluster to had delimited the instant is packed up look at Yan Hao day, dare not believe, say… , does so cannot tall cliff fall down can you die?

“Your means? “Your means??

Hold in mouth or eyes of edge of mouth of severe grand day is worn laugh, it is tender unexpectedly in eye light, she is done knowing day of right now severe grand is what meaning after all, she never has seen severe grand day is so affectiona[……]


The blood with the 82nd bashful chapter

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Gently blood put away, look at the towel on the head to fall down, severe grand day shakes helplessly shake one’s head, this young woman hair is not blown work to sleep, the cause since tomorrow is good ache, wanting to take wind canister, the voice that takes the head of a bed to be afraid of wind canister again sleeps lightly blood but have to blow a hair again, severe grand day is making little file blood on the ham that the head puts in oneself gently gently blowing a hair. This wife still can sleep really, this sound you won’t wake. Blow day of dry hair severe grand to put down wind canister to look at the young woman on him leg, a child resembles lovelily when be asleep, skin Bai Xi is meticulous bouncy be like with the baby simply, did not feel to break a spirit, that shows severe grand day to show abdomen has delimited gently coarsely slightly blood face, the turn around and stretch out one’s hand that the woman still is fed up with pats conveniently catchs the place that catchs severe grand day to had been stroked next spurt spurt mouth continues to sleep, right now eye ground fills severe grand day full tenderness, the sincere feeling with peculiar bottom of the heart is fermenting he himself also did not perceive the possibility change commonly character to this…

Do not have a word overnight

Set upright day, warm sunshine is anxious also want to know the person in the room how, blood feel be agitated of filar silk bright idea hum spurt turn over a body to continue to sleep, messy hair seeks a comfortable seat in loiter of the loiter on the chest of person pork, holding blood in the arms bosom one deadlocked, alvine transmit an uneasiness, must not move again, what do not know to be able to control the body otherwise is hot and dry, gnash one’s teeth of severe grand day is holding to; Oneself awake a long time, the woman in the bosom wants scarcely too frank, random all the time convulsion is kicked, oneself are borne so that have how to work hard she does not know for certain, still move in chaos now.

Blood the temperature in sensory bosom lifts gradually, oneself sleep lightly suddenly the before staring at have sth in mind content with a pair of bright big flurried eyes, the line of a suit bronze-coloured should be before his, the Adam’s apple that upgrade sees scroll, firm and persistent chin, resolute face, eyes that bears finally is in it seems that noisy discharge this what…

Blood do not want to know to drain wants to wear in that eyes what, but the breath that sheet closes to closely with this, blood of the first consciousness want to escape only.

Severe grand day holds in arms of nimble the woman in the bosom, “You still want to escape, hum? ” the voice with severe grand hoarse day is in side side echo.

“I, I am done not have, too, too hot. ” blood deadlocked is worn body not dare fribble, be afraid of day of a not careful Yan Hao to be able to eat his dry clean.

Hold in mouth or eyes of edge of Tian Wenyan mouth wears Yan Hao dangerous smile, accompanying clang, of silk by be lifted by severe grand day immediately.

“Ah… ” blood frighten so that aphonia screams.

“What be afraid of? Bashful? We are lawful husband and wife, I did not see your where, hum? ” the word of severe grand day is provided extremely tease a gender.

Blood red facial deadlocked is worn the body dare be not moved easily, “You, you do not go to work? Get up rapidly? Get up rapidly??

Sheet of severe grand day carries a feminine forehead chin and him to inspecting, blood flurried eyes does not have wrong expression is invite to oneself, severe grand day is in also cannot help thin lip is enclothed directly on blood sexy lip…

“Hm… ” if remaining, flood in this deep lips the rest of one room charming and gentle…

Severe grand day is deep-set the pit that enters this young woman, cling to of this woman oneself everything does it mad…

Midday have been when next buildings, servant is preparing lunch in the kitchen, before looking at severe grand day to come over to go up immediately, send his respects to ” eldest son, you rose, whether should use lunch? Whether should use lunch??

“Good, ” say to look up like looking, hold in mouth or eyes of upstairs door corners of the mouth is worn shallow smile, “Young mistress of the house did not cry, let her sleep meet, rise when to be to her the meal has. ” say to go to table directly. Servant nature understands the implication of severe grand day.

Severe grand day has taken lunch to hurry to a company afternoon, firm an elevator, an Na with res[……]


State of the 3rd order brings a hospital

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2619 words, update at: 2020-03-07 15:49

Entered the hall, the metal that rises by electrify ladder bolts, 4 people are waiting for the elevator that come down before elevator.

Through elevator metal lubricious door sees with oneself side by side the person that around stands, blood think secretly in the heart, look at these people between weird breath. Blood what is the goal that suspecting they let themselves come back after all now after all? Be conspiratorial?

4 people walk into elevator, bai Youhui pressed 3 buildings. Blood on the body that sees presbyopia of Lin Jinchen Na Shuangtao had not left his all the time through metallic door, blood cold hum. Unspoken criticism in the heart: The uncle still was to raise some of good children really, a son rectifies day of indulge in dissipation, touch a flower to offend grass, hanging the president’s honor, whats won’t be done, fortunately uncle and the old following with those Lin old family names insist to hit all the time spell ability to be able to continue to live. The uncle helps advance somebody’s career all the day he works, he is taking the money of Lin all the day however, the title that hanging Lin company president goes fostering those 3 stream female, really lamentable…

Allow, elder sister of dye-in-the-wood size of a thousand pieces of gold, although compare try to make a good showing of that elder brother, in Lin the strongest hotel holds a post artistic chief inspector, helping do Lin; Having a cynical heart however regrettablly, also do not see other people is better than her, such she lets blood also be anxious, this kind of psychology can kill her…

Of course, blood know so much, not curious, although people on one’s own side is absent home, but oneself or meeting are paying close attention to the development of Lin all the time. Although know Lin does not belong to him, but the concern that still having countless ties with oneself, at the outset oneself also choose hotel management to read aloud, it is the edification because of father, 2 it is to perhaps can return Lin one day…

Bai Youhui was knocked gently next doors push the door next and enter, blood follow aunty to go to in go.

Go to the front of sickbed, see Lin Tianci lies on sickbed, cadaverous complexion, double eye lock, the outline line on the face is deep. A pair of dashing eyebrows are closing to gently slightly, what sleep it seems that is disturbed, there was inter of thrust deep into the enemy forces of trifling white hair on thick black hair, uncle these year aged and a lot of gaunter, blood ache of a silk flits in the heart, orbit one wet, tear is in orbit revolve.

Bai Youhui sees blood the concern in the eye, eye ground glide the smile of a calculate, to two children one wink, 3 people were retreated slowly, keep blood with Lin Tianci. blood the job that brings oneself was finished. Remain lean god-given oneself were solved…

3 people are retreated to the door outside, everybody the Dou Shu in the heart tone, “Look this girl is too tender still, so good cheat ” , the Bai Youhui’s complacent children chin that looks at oneself one raise, “Go… “

Twisting her then that pail waist moves toward elevator, “I still have card bureau afternoon, agreed, you also do the thing of pron yourselves. Remember, fastened leakage to issue sth gives the trick out, notice your words and deeds, next, all of us should live together, did not say to leak the mouth, otherwise allow you can be about to be married Yan Hao day… “

“Mom, you always need not remind me this problem, I already very clear, it is you, the chance that meets with her later is maximum, it is good to did not say to leak. I and eldest brother should go to work everyday won’t have too much contact with her. ” allow grouchy.

Hear severe grand day to put forward to want allied requirement originally very glad, because he is to retaliate father only,can be and such doing, in that way oneself marry what regular in the past meeting had not auspicioused day, regular meeting torments him. Want manic, allow one stamp, the high-heeled shoes that stepping on 10 centimeter walked into elevator…

Elevator closes, turning point appeared people of a white, be like what think of somewhat to look at that elevator that closes.

Just the severe grand day that they say, it is eldest brother, they are the people of Home Lin. His know is that all the day the Lin Jinchen of childe elder brother of do-nothing not attend to one’s proper works or duties. That female is look unfamiliar having a place, just hear that middleaged woman to call her allow, so is he eldest brother should prepare allied woman the Li[……]


Eleventh chapter parts company adscript (1)

” this gives birth to Xing Dejun, sufficient ” Bai Xiaotao / , this chapter in all 1256 words, update at: 2020-03-16 15:05

Last night, alluded suddenly with the gentleman after we part company, I go alone the thing of Qinghai. Still say with him I still can lie beside his nowadays, everything should thank God.

The thing has gone very long, I am to be willing to recollect not quite actually at the outset those painful associate with.

The original intention that writes a book after all just wants to tell everybody I pass very happily now, never think of to be being written however writing began to alternate a lot of things.

But, these painful at least I now can the calm was faced; At least, my conquer they; At least, they also are the one part in my life.

From small I have a trouble, when wave motion of mood of in every case is bigger fall ill extremely easily.

Went up in the train that day, I do not give accident cold. Begin to just cough, but arrived after Xining, because cannot get used to the high height above sea level of Xining or cold accentuation temporarily,knowing is, I begin dizziness.

But the idea that all these did not prevent me to continue to set foot on this land.

Driver master was in a railway station to just search, the person is quite nice still nevertheless, collect fees without because of my girl chaos.

After arriving on the car, the backlash that I discover a car still is sitting a pair of young lovers, most propbably was not about to get along together, nod then smile.

They are afraid is the young lovers in a pair of be passionately in love, from what the car sets out that rises momently, two people begin to chirp say ceaseless, now and then ask a few questions to driver master.

A long time, does the boy say: ? Does basketry Ω carry group of foot of  of pool of thin < of copy of Nie of dream of  of approach of fabricate make up of quilt of   left-eyed flounder does  bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase grind plinth of swan of calcium of anxiety of ∩  admire?

Compare with them, I resemble be about to dying old age old person is same, the nest is on his seat, binocular lock is sending out up and down all over a kind the breath that does not have opportunity of survival.

Master of car boss machine says weather has been held out, and Xining of tea card distance is further, go there today more appropriate, reduplicative route need not take behind, then everybody agreed.

Went after tea card, we complain a in river of a dark horse civilian constellation in the evening, wanting to rise early the following day see sunrise.

After washing gargle, lie on the bed to want today a day, quite good still, the mood gradually improve rise.

But sleep to midnight, I begin to have a headache, disgusting, breath is hurried, that momently I was psyched out, fear oneself were in this place to death so, what the my people after fearing a few days comes over to see is living me no longer, fear I also lose sight of those people that I am loving again.

After fearing, I am strong from aplomb firm firm oneself mood.

I rely on a wall to sit on the bed, breathe slowly.

Had not known how long, do not have eventually so afflictive, lay down slowly again sleep. What awake the following day is extremely early, but the curtain block of massiness held off sunshine, bite outside the window babble Dong sound lets me think by accident rained, missed the sunrise that day after all, later, took the picture after a piece of sunrise only.

The following day, journey of a day is spent below the beautiful scenery at exclaim nature and the condition that fear to die.

But seem to taking the pleasure like a self-abuse again, I still drive to hike backbone mountain in the master when, get off friend of issue as before is patted to encircle in the heavy snow that flutters in all over the sky, match article: ? Does scar of Sha of collapse of 8 make a present of imprint low  ?

Everything is held out later successful, driver master takes us went relatively him herdsman with a lot of cheaper area of scene of Yu Erlang sword is done tourist attraction, they call Cuorilangga.

Over me turning classics annulus, that momently, was like a heart to calm really a lot of.

The companion goes riding yak, I crouch before a girl to see cobble of her many a load one’s writing with fancy phrases, not tire of its are irritated, feel very interesting, ask a girl what this calls, but the girl did not manage me, continue load one’s writing with fancy phrases is worn cobble.

Going later on t[……]