Part 9

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Still be in water of a mist in Yan Rushuang when, gong Fei held off her outlet.

Circle of palace humble glower opens look at her, still be that familiar face, did not have completely however in the eyes in those days that is weak.

“Do you follow Leng Hanxi after all what concerns? “Do you follow Leng Hanxi after all what concerns??

Yan Rushuang is breathed out ah laugh, “Irrespective. “Irrespective..

Be stimulated by the manner of Yan Rushuang mention lightly, gong Fei fly into a rage, she grabs Yan Rushuang’s shoulder, mood acuteness, “Irrespective why can he be in of entire school before the relationship that makes it clear that for you I follow him? “Irrespective why can he be in of entire school before the relationship that makes it clear that for you I follow him??

Eat frost is knitting character to because exert oneself to do sth. ,brows looks at her and float slightly white joint, cold-shoulder put away, “Gong Fei, then you should ask him and not be to ask me. I do not think and you say too much, because pull low intelligence quotient easily after all. Because pull low intelligence quotient easily after all..

“Tong Yingshuang. ” cry when Gong Fei give that dusty when old name, yan Rushuang’s pupil sinks. “Yo[……]


Belated of the 283rd chapter proposes

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“President, I checked all important files to was not lost. I checked all important files to was not lost..

“Not, what to lose certainly. ” double eye of waist of clutch of both hands of severe grand day is looking whole office up and down bitingly; “Cannot decide the other side is whose person now. ” severe grand day resembles was what to think of suddenly, double takes out bag of a file in the drawer to him desk, open quickly, the thing inside still is in. Severe grand day looks at the thing inside carefully, corners of the mouth is ticked off remove a to sneer, “It is cold Xiao Feng. “It is cold Xiao Feng..

“How can the president decide? This evidence also is important to the madam. This evidence also is important to the madam..

“If my Mom can destroy me directly, the thing inside this is right cold Xiao Feng as much valuable; You also said time has 5 minutes only, for these 5 minutes of professional to people from come in to break up find a thing to take these things sufficient. For these 5 minutes of professional to people from come in to break up find a thing to take these things sufficient..

“President, that we… “

“Do not have a thing, many what this proves he knows, at the beginning he lures me to enter this plot in, look he n[……]


Banquet of the 207th chapter

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“Elder brother, should you attend the party tonight? Should you attend the party tonight??

Severe grand day sees next wrist watches think, “Hum, I go showing a side, I professional after all do not understand next I go to a hospital. I professional after all do not understand next I go to a hospital..

“Hum, good. ” knowing heart of severe grand day strictly is a blood.

Evening is Boer at 8 o’clock this hotel

Not only medical scholar, the professor still had a few investor and sponsor to come over, because this is severe home,be do to be on medicine all cure person the medical medical skill with communicate development better into the communication of be merciful, 2 because think the communication in this seeks more business chance and investment on the meeting really,be, 3 it is to hope to establish contingent of a few medical treatment to certain zone area of a few refugees has free medical treatment help somebody in danger or difficulty; Also asked a few reporters to make corresponding report for this at the same time, basically be to subject matter has almsdeed nature to have news of course;

Severe grand day and strict station bring smile in the face in the crowd dealing with, from time to time touch a cup to make a call gently, as[……]


Day of severe grand of the 196th chapter can come

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Severe grand day sits on helicopter oversee is indistinct see two bundles of lamplight are in mobile, “Fast below. “Fast below..

Helicopter is stood by slowly, put down all alone on helicopter to fall, two armed personnel are taking night to inspect lens to take the lead in descending at the back of of light, severe grand day is waited for below all alone is captured to fall to glide for an instant after personnel reconnaissance is safe, after white tea also tightens therewith;

4 people be born, search severally concealment dot, wearing night to inspect lens line of sight to be just as daytime, two armed personnel observe landform everywhere, light tone says: “Childe, we should go in the forest from the back. We should go in the forest from the back..

“Good. “Good..

Black clothes person enters the forest behind immediately, after severe grand day and white tea also tighten therewith, the risk with their caution potential beware of;

Blood hearing rustle sound gradually stand by oneself, after she relies on in to cultivate, slowly draw out the gun between the waist to preparing. The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is grasping a gun to take care to go with one’s eyes open step by step in hand of a small room, regard the bo[……]


The 185th chapter her inhospitality

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“In your eye, am I the sort of person that does not separate a person of extraordinary powers of extortion of green red black and write to seize? ” severe grand day closely the shoulder glare at that catching him is worn she.

“Be? ” blood the tear of grievance falls arrogantly with respect to that kind.

“Everything what you do to me even do I remind you? Is the first night of your home taking my occupy the feeling that your secretary performs passionate sport to be able to the consideration crosses me in the room? A flock of reporters ask your concern round me, the business that allows my outsider to give you two dry drift along brushs the buttock, can you have those who had thought me to experience? Can you have those who had thought me to experience??

What the eyes that severe grand day looks at her to get hurt can’ts help is confused, he never has seen this kind of expression in her eye, inhospitality comes extremely, his indignant eyes shakes, ineffable some fear after the event;

Blood the apparent force that finds him shoulder to go up is some more loose, blood carry hand the tear on a face, some disappointment perhaps say be inhospitality to laughing, “Severe grand day, where cannot I understand your anger to be in really? Is the daughter that ma[……]


Opportunity of the 167th chapter

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“Young lady, treat this condition, severe family name follows Lin make a clear distinction thoroughly bounds. ” the TV that beautiful jade amounts to conveniently to put out assembly room.

“Now Lin be busy enough with one’s own affairs, and severe grand day follows dividing line of their make a clear distinction again now, is this for me buy time changes the line of vision? Is this for me buy time changes the line of vision??

Blood ask oneself in the heart repeatedly, all these is too successful, too artful, those news are the *** that severe grand day puts intentionally, gain an opportunity actually for oneself namely? Is but his even if thinks him side is essential,not need built on is he severe domestic fame ah?

“Young lady, after all, this thing to us it is best opportunity. This thing to us it is best opportunity..

“Be, absolutely good the main chance! Absolutely good the main chance!!

“Bell… “

Blood look at incoming telegram person to receive electrify sentence quickly, “Hello? “Hello??

“Young lady, the stock of Lin falls all the time now, I send shareholder of a few before the person was contacted Lin family names, they sell of purpose, it is price respect has some of difference only… ” Si[……]


The 139th chapter moves the company M country

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“Childe, y country respect we had started work, do not give accident word, he will go tomorrow. He will go tomorrow..

Severe grand day hanged a phone to hold entrance bag, rely on on the back of the chair not to make a sound, the double eye of lock has some of uneasiness to show exhaustion slightly, there are a few things in his brain a few words, there is one caboodle to investigate a data on the table.

“Dong Dong… “

White tea pushs the door to come in look at bottom of eye of severe grand weather to having filar silk excitement.

Have sth in mind of half narrow one’s eyes is thinking severe grand day he, “What job to produce? “What job to produce??

“President, these days the formalities that the person of at hand of young mistress of the house is handling a firm. These days the formalities that the person of at hand of young mistress of the house is handling a firm..

“What formalities? “What formalities??

“Young mistress of the house moves the company of Y country. ” laugh what say white tea is complacent.

Chuckle of severe grand day, early know oneself why bring owls to Athens, took it may not be a bad idea nevertheless, of the province unpleasant before oneself.



The blood with the 82nd bashful chapter

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Gently blood put away, look at the towel on the head to fall down, severe grand day shakes helplessly shake one’s head, this young woman hair is not blown work to sleep, the cause since tomorrow is good ache, wanting to take wind canister, the voice that takes the head of a bed to be afraid of wind canister again sleeps lightly blood but have to blow a hair again, severe grand day is making little file blood on the ham that the head puts in oneself gently gently blowing a hair. This wife still can sleep really, this sound you won’t wake. Blow day of dry hair severe grand to put down wind canister to look at the young woman on him leg, a child resembles lovelily when be asleep, skin Bai Xi is meticulous bouncy be like with the baby simply, did not feel to break a spirit, that shows severe grand day to show abdomen has delimited gently coarsely slightly blood face, the turn around and stretch out one’s hand that the woman still is fed up with pats conveniently catchs the place that catchs severe grand day to had been stroked next spurt spurt mouth continues to sleep, right now eye ground fills severe grand day full tenderness, the sincere feeling with peculiar bottom of the heart is fermenting he himself also did not perceive the possibility change commonly character to this…

Do not have a word overnight



State of the 3rd order brings a hospital

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Entered the hall, the metal that rises by electrify ladder bolts, 4 people are waiting for the elevator that come down before elevator.

Through elevator metal lubricious door sees with oneself side by side the person that around stands, blood think secretly in the heart, look at these people between weird breath. Blood what is the goal that suspecting they let themselves come back after all now after all? Be conspiratorial?

4 people walk into elevator, bai Youhui pressed 3 buildings. Blood on the body that sees presbyopia of Lin Jinchen Na Shuangtao had not left his all the time through metallic door, blood cold hum. Unspoken criticism in the heart: The uncle still was to raise some of good children really, a son rectifies day of indulge in dissipation, touch a flower to offend grass, hanging the president’s honor, whats won’t be done, fortunately uncle and the old following with those Lin old family names insist to hit all the time spell ability to be able to continue to live. The uncle helps advance somebody’s career all the day he works, he is taking the money of Lin all the day however, the title that hanging Lin company president goes fostering those 3 stream female, really lamentable…

Allow, elder sister of dye-in-the-wood size of a thousand pieces of gold, altho[……]


Eleventh chapter parts company adscript (1)

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Last night, alluded suddenly with the gentleman after we part company, I go alone the thing of Qinghai. Still say with him I still can lie beside his nowadays, everything should thank God.

The thing has gone very long, I am to be willing to recollect not quite actually at the outset those painful associate with.

The original intention that writes a book after all just wants to tell everybody I pass very happily now, never think of to be being written however writing began to alternate a lot of things.

But, these painful at least I now can the calm was faced; At least, my conquer they; At least, they also are the one part in my life.

From small I have a trouble, when wave motion of mood of in every case is bigger fall ill extremely easily.

Went up in the train that day, I do not give accident cold. Begin to just cough, but arrived after Xining, because cannot get used to the high height above sea level of Xining or cold accentuation temporarily,knowing is, I begin dizziness.

But the idea that all these did not prevent me to continue to set foot on this land.

Driver master was in a railway station to just search, the person is quite nice still nevertheless, collect fees without because of[……]