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” Shan has Mu Xi ” Ding Liu / , this chapter in all 1622 words, update at: 2017-02-07 10:28

Bend one’s knees of Shan of the Qin Dynasty, the crotch to him is one foot, tang Fei ” Ao ” make loosen she, qin Shan begins to run, but she drank wine originally, plus a moment ago got fright, did not run one soft trip is in two paces leg on the ground, that despair in her heart, great storms went, crossed a ship in this small ditch today, helplessly look at Tang Fei to be chased after, “You still want to run, which can you run? Which can you run??

This is a devious alley child, qin Shan wants to call a person, however by Tang Fei a hand dies to death button mouth, he rectifies an individual to lean on her body, once the person drinks much body to be weighed all the more, what Qin Shan is pressed by him is essential cannot move. She sees Tang Fei’s driver is standing nearby, keep watch to him for certain, look they are early had been arranged, this oneself are to be over really.

Qin Shan struggles the more Tang Fei jumps over vigorously, he tore in drag Qin Shan’s jacket, pushing lightly now her trousers, “Ah ” , she right now already dog-tired, abandoned basically revolting.

“Work, the so wide path there cannot go, be not here? ” , the driver’s sound is transmitted, qin Shan sees somebody is being stood by hither, she realizes this is her only opportunities. Go all out do one’s best push Tang Fei, “Save me quickly, save me ah… ” Tang Fei is very fast clamp down on lives she, accelerated the start on the hand at the same time.

“Shan Shan, be you? Shan Shan? Shan Shan??

” toot toots ” , be A Shu, qin Shan resembled capturing help straw and same, be mad with joy.

Wang Shuwei begins to do not have the phone of Shan of get through the Qin Dynasty all the time from last night, to her breath of post a letter also was not answered, he knows she is the person of gruff disposition, oneself were maintained again what does inexorable also people say, he fears to be able to lose her this really, wuhan flies to look for Qin Shan after arranging the job to the company today so, be being communicated face to face after all still is a few more effective, lest second birth is misunderstood.

Going to Wuhan had been near at 8 o’clock, he will to credit card consume that hotel of clew, lost connection not to go up with the girlfriend mobile phone that says his downstage, very anxious, the Id that signed up for Qin Shan lets them check, decide she is in this hotel, but room date is offerred no longer anyhow downstage, wang Shuwei can find no way out, be forced to be in the sofa of the hall is classy she, this time place should have a meal outside, then he is being defended, handle the work incidentally.

Open the notebook that carries, wang Shuwei managed project plan, examined mail again, have the aid of translated a company of the other side to be combed afresh to the requirement of software, busy the table sees after be over, already fast at 11 o’clock, wang Shuwei to doorway look around, those who saw just come in is lofty plain, idle does not have a thing before, qin Shan all sorts of says their company to Wang Shuwei to the photograph strange flower things with respect to the Eight Diagrams, wang Shuwei is short to these Home Zhang Jiachang Home Li homes although do not have much large interest, should do Lezi to listen nevertheless, so he is to know lofty plain, seeing him is him only a person, did not see Qin Shan, rise before going up, “Hello, I am Wang Shuwei, it is Qin Shan’s boy friend, where is she now excuse me? Where is she now excuse me??

Lofty plain frightened jump, where risks a person that come out, still say the boy friend that is Qin Shan, boy friend! That, is Tang Fei? Think of here, lofty plain wine woke one most, “Are you Qin Shan’s boy friend? Does Qin Shan have a boy friend? Does Qin Shan have a boy friend??

“Yes, we had interacted large half an year, I make her telephone call be illogical, disturb you presumingly so. Disturb you presumingly so..

“Was over. ” lofty plain call to Qin Shan rapidly, close machine. Call to Tang Fei again, nobody are received listen. He this urgent, said its course with Wang Shuwei rapidly, two people decide to search separately, tang Fei size also is a boss, should not do what exorbitant thing, if still be not contacted,the word on calls the police.

Wang Shuwei is searched for along the driveway, phone of Shan of the Qin Dynasty closes all the time machine make him anxious, continue to going forth, a devious alley child in ignore bright showing a bit light silently suddenly, it is smoke! Return what can hear faintness to cry call, mind tightens Wang Shuwei, determination looked in the past.

When the voice t[……]


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” where Xiang Xiyang ” Wen Xi shadow / , this chapter in all 1916 words, update at: 2017-01-30 22:31

The next day early morning, lan Yuxi woke confused did not know what to produce, after knowing she seemed to fall into the be clear in water yesterday only, somebody saved her. Yes, right somebody had artificial breath to her yesterday, who can you be? Saw till her be asleep the Mu Beifeng by her, the appearance that he is asleep is looked at quite lovely still but in fact he is wrapping around the wolf of sheepskin, thinking in her heart is he saved himself, still have defend all the time beside her, can you be him how can this young ruffian save him? She is done a bit did not understand…

“You wake! ” aside Mu Beifeng also woke, he sees the Lan Yuxi that staring at his all the time feels to hold out at odds, “What to see, because this childe saved you,be so your settle on this childe, plan to be made with body photograph? ” she feels a bit comical, those who feel he is true is to imagine attraction from opposite sex arrogant and conceited, narcissism arrived home, “Comrade Mu Beifeng, do you feel I can compare myself to small still and babyish is bored man interested? ” his both hands holds a bosom in the arms, “Orchid teacher, that but not certain, unless you like, is old man also or it is you what heavier taste likes is female ” .

Her intestines is fast scamper is green, but must maintain image of a good woman again, “Mature of course every woman likes attractive man, and a few meetings rely on to gnaw what often like take advantage of one’s power bully people again is general not very is congenial, yes? ” she impolite still moved one bureau again.

“That with respect to wait and see what happens! ” Mu Beifeng is unwilling also give the impression of weakness.

Alleged love just gives him a definition below between the lover, it is to stand on the scratch line likewise, but arrives at terminus to who can say definitely again first! All everything is associate with cloud and mist nevertheless just, the person must look ahead. This is Lan Yuxi establishs the love below to oneself enunciative, so she looks very insipidly to these, at least now is.

Mu Beifeng is answered when arriving in the home, mu Mohua is discussing those who close to share economy to Internet this year to expand with the manager bang peak of Liu, after all what electronic business affairs develops now is very rapid must make hay while the sun shines. He just was crossed on stair was interrupted by Mu Mohua, “Crossed you two years to graduate again, it may not be a bad idea jackarooes now to the company, to moment I and your Shenyang aunt also can have set his mind at to fall half ” unripe ” Mu Mohua say. Mu Beifeng has bit of be agitated, “Be early still? Urgent now what, to time I can know how to be done. ” Mu Mohua to him son this kind of manner feels a bit sad, the son of others is the word that hears parents but he should follow his sing a different tune namely.

After Fang Qiaosheng goes back to the motherland, be arranged to be in enterprise of square family name to become general manager, his canal starts armed struggle will still have look very much, but because he is close to a female rarely so people thinks he is a Gay, his parents also is being urged ceaselessly marriage but who knows his heart in had Lan Yuxi early. Some things are such, you do not want to but the fact does not let you do not do person of really demiurgic lane again,be done obviously!

Lan Yuxi sits in the room, want to want to come here to had had period of time feel to be sent so going down also is not method. Then she just thought up the door to mix Shen Fangqing people say, happen to Shen Fangqing just also comes in her room. Mu Beifeng also comes out from across the room that as it happens saw Shen Fangqing entered Lan Yuxi, he sneaks away secretly the eavesdrop outside the door although this is not a what elegant thing. “Rain sunlights! Do these days you live fortunately? ” Shen Fangqing sits to ask. Orchid rain is hitting shiver not to know to should say she wants to move out all the time in sunlight heart this thing ” Shenyang aunt, I live very well. But I always feel to be no good so, I want to move out otherwise too bother you. I want to move out otherwise too bother you..

“What your this child says is what word, how can bother us! What be boreal maple was done to you? ” Lan Yuxi thinks, what can he do to oneself, besides contend for everywhere send her picture to her, still have even if lean, the artificial breath yesterday. “You how? Do not have reaction to come over a long time ” Shen Fangqing broke her think, “Without, shenyang aunt, how is boreal maple little brother to me myself wanted to take away! ” day ah god! Excused her to say against one’s will if. Also e[……]


The forehead, 广州夜生活娱乐NFD we are not had language

” Shi Kai ” hard gold Chen / , this chapter in all 2029 words, update at: 2016-12-11 16:56

Lin Shichen’s achievement has been pass bubbling with noise, our Tfboys can take the advantage of this opportunity what to do of course ~~ Lin Shichen does not know why, should leave Wang Junkai only they, feel bit less in oneself heart what, it is oneself like to go up really probably he! Lin Shichen, what are you thinking, how can oneself like Wang Junkai? Are we friends clearly? Not again wishful thinking, calculate you to like a someone, the someone still does not look to go up you! Although Lin Shichen comforts him so, but oneself still cannot help think Wang Junkai, probably this likes truly namely!

Wang Junkai is same as usual still, will go to school together with Lin Shichen, do not know from when to rise, this had become their custom, but this morning Lin Shichen just ponders over this problem hind, she produced another kind of feelings to Wang Junkai, feel to there is a kind of charm on Wang Junkai’s body, attracting Lin Shichen to stand by him deeply, “Wang Junkai, do we know how long? ” on board, lin Shichen asks Wang Junkai indescribably, wang Junkai thinks produced what thing, come with respect to face about, say to Lin Shichen: “How, you asked about this how suddenly to come, what thing to produce? ” Lin Shichen dare not is opposite inspect Wang Junkai, oneself are mixed he is right inspect, oneself face is met aglow, in case was seen by Wang Junkai? Lin Shichen dare not think downward again, come with respect to face about, say disapprovingly: “Did not produce what and thing, I ask casually namely, how? Still forbade me to ask? ” the face about that this ability is at ease comes to Wang Junkai, the respecting that thinks of somewhat: “This problem, actually I also had not noticed, it is good that I feel we were known long, do you feel? ” original Wang Junkai also has this kind of feeling, lin Shichen feels he became medium a large award, want what to say to Wang Junkai with respect to face about, did not think of Wang Junkai also face about came, the labial as it happens of two people bumps in again together, be in last time, wang Junkai and Lin Shichen had received a kiss on weather station, did not think of so fast, their once performed again, the forehead, we are not had language, you can be fastened so cruel we these do not have amative person!

Wang Junkai realizes his action is a little beyond the mark, unlocked the other side synchronously with respect to god of He Linshi Chen, “Wang Junkai, I feel between us seem what to had produced before, do you have this kind of feeling? ” although Lin Shichen’s face still is in red, but the right think of a way that this kind of thing is him, do not speak out, of own hold back afflictive, “I also have this kind of feeling, but it is to say not to come out, be like us from be born to be known! ” at the same time if Wang Junkai heard what Lin Shichen says, the idea in the heart in him heart also speaks out, “Hum, there is the reason that indissoluble before us? ” Wang Junkai nods, feel Lin Shichen says without the fault, “A moment ago thing is I do not take care, not be intended, you but must not thinking is me in the petty gain that takes you ah! ” Lin Shichen is low head says, wang Junkai saw, a feeling that wants to dally with her upsurges in the heart, as it happens there have a wall, jade Wang Junkai is pressed to Lin Shichen slowly, use a hand to form to close in front of Lin Shichen’s finally graphical appearance, it is the mural Dong in idol play, you knew! In Lin Shichen’s heart, a fawn is touched touch hit wind continuously, “You, what do you want to work? ” Lin Shichen fears say. “The business that you a moment ago did to me, did not want to admit again now, who does my mental loss expenses look for to want to go after? ” Wang Junkai is bad say badly. “Can be I also have fall victim! What doesn’t your mental loss expenses calculate, my? How don’t you pay to me! ” Wang Junkai laugh, loosened Lin Shichen, “I say casually namely, won’t be you taken seriously? ” the Lin Shichen that says this word look back on sees red face, “Hello, you can open for fun the next time small, such doing bad to me to you ah? ” Wang Junkai has laughed, ” good good, I knew, go, we go to school want to be late! ” saying, one plays Lin Shichen’s hand, run quickly to the doorway of the school, it is actually such, wang Junkai and Lin Shichen often are in not far from the school place to get off trend school, still can do exercise so!

Arrived in class, what was people saying, because Wang Junkai is pulling Lin Shichen to come to the school, had been commonplace, if Lin Shichen or a person comes Wang Junkai the school, that ability is abnormal! Classroom Li Anan is silent, talking without the person, this lets Lin Shichen more was at ease, when everybody was not commenting Wang Ju[……]


23 广州夜网论坛EFDsnowed

” the Manzhusha in hell China ” the graceful in water / , this chapter in all 3569 words, update at: 2017-03-06 09:26

Love is, you see him not pleasing to the eye, still meet him to cook, you scold his slovenly, still meet him to wash the dress, you disrelish him to bother, still do not leave do not abandon.

She is thinking, side eye just discovers, there is a light scar actually on his neck, it is new scar! Be a mark having a tooth that she factitious bites apparently, the should go feeling him neck with not own hand, ceng… flashy artifice was captured.

“Good ache… ” she can’ts help phonate, sensory artifice within an inch of is given birth to crumb, monsoon outstanding hear sound reaction to come over, loosened immediately hand, packed up what shine in the eye and pass to kill subsequently meaning.

Rise continuously in light of sit up Xiang Song cherish, light mouth: “Woke? “Woke??

Song Xishou aches still do not have delay to come over, see monsoon outstanding, the instant that just is handholded by him seems to see the thrill through in his eye a shade crime, it is she is enraged from the crime that had not seen, can be now it is downy completely in the eye, be she was misreaded?

She is kneading an artifice to grousing, pain tear came out quickly: “You how so large interest, good ache. Good ache..

Monsoon outstanding pupil is dark, a short while shallow laugh: “You want incivility I, I so handsome, affirmative meeting is being frightened! ” the feeling is like really by incivility, still stretch his hand hold tight hold tight dress.  

The relation change between two people is too sharp, when letting Song Xiyi between suit hard, she catchs a hair to conceal her awkwardness, a hand plays had finger, handle points to scuffle was together, immediately loll, in a low voice delicate words says: “You know I sold season family name the share of 30% secretly a few days ago, I sold 50 million, still promise him to give again 20% , · of my · · ” from the back voice is smaller and smaller, the head is built quickly pull be on the quilt.

Monsoon outstanding stretch one’s hand handhold the finger of her scuffle, pulling her to rely on her a bit closer, shallow laugh: “Want you to be beside me only, it is whole season family name to also be indifferent to. It is whole season family name to also be indifferent to..

Look at her the top of head, the cinch that use a hand a her little hand. Unusually warm the centre of the palm lets one has flowed to warm in Song Xixin, feel room temperature is unusually elevatory, she carries the eye looks at monsoon outstanding pupil, blink eyeball, taking a question. At this moment, he lowers his head to kiss went up the lip of cherish of the Song Dynasty, do not have development, simple kiss is worn, she is a bit small hide.

Monsoon outstanding the arm that pins her, depressed tone says: “Do not move. “Do not move..

The breath of his expiration lets itch in Song Xixin, she slowly closed an eye, his lip Fu come up, it is like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply was kissed only, stretch his hand the fine small of the back that tackled her, the head is put aside was in on her shoulder, the movements is afraid of greatly very gently touch the arm that is fond of her.

“Little grudge. ” monsoon outstanding cry gently.

“Hum? “Hum??

“You had thought Yilinhui cheats you, for instance his leg may be done not have bad. ” his sound had a cold idea.

Cherish of the Song Dynasty twists an eyebrow, a bit angry: “It is good that you often are not aimed at my elder brother, the family member that he is me harms me without reason, still hurt a leg to save me. You can not be aimed at my elder brother again. You can not be aimed at my elder brother again..

Monsoon outstanding did not reply, good a little while ability is dark dumb sound: “I am sorry little grudge! “I am sorry little grudge!!

Cherish of the Song Dynasty just takes out a hand to answer without conversation hold in the arms was in on his clement and warm waist.

Monsoon outstanding body budge, the tepid breath of expiration sprays by the side of the ear in cherish of the Song Dynasty, say subsequently: “Come home! “Come home!!

“Good. “Good..

Cleared away a thing two people answered Hai Yuan, region boss machine looks at backlash to tighten the two people that be next to, seem what to differred, also warmed in the car rise.

Monsoon outstanding helping cherish of the Song Dynasty up to take an entrance, see the doorway closes closely, eyebrow is knitted slightly, took out the[……]


Seventeen Yi Lin X广州桑拿夜网论坛ERGing

” the Manzhusha in hell China ” the graceful in water / , this chapter in all 2203 words, update at: 2017-02-26 04:10

Once the purest oneself fly as cruel actual ash already smoke destroys!

“Elder brother! Be you? Be you really? ” this piece of familiar face before cherish of the Song Dynasty looks at an eye, be fond of again in the heart Jing, consider do not get oneself to also be bumped into by the car, feel what an arm aches to should die but still want to stretch one’s hand the face that goes feeling Yi Lin, look to be bumped to go out psychedelic.

At the moment more and more ambiguous, at the moment one black fainted.

Original by day person is much, large cocktail party was held here what is more,the rather that, the person is more, already very somebody was surrounded come over, see cherish of wounded the Song Dynasty and Yi Lin, however nobody notices the person that strikes a car already escaped secretly!

Passerby looks at the two people that lying on the ground, in succession say: “Call an ambulance quickly, that male leg shed a lot of blood! ” somebody took a mobile phone to make emergency treatment telephone call.

“Go away! ” frozen sound nots allow to ignore from transmit outside the crowd, monsoon outstanding, of Xie Jing, monsoon goes towards crowd stride.

Monsoon outstanding see Song Xiyun falls on the ground, go up to did not bleed personally fortunately, crouch next stretching one’s hand to take her arm: “Little grudge, little grudge, wake! Wake!!

Discover Song Xiyi went via fainting, crouched next holding in the arms to remove cherish of the Song Dynasty, just look to go up to the ground is lying person, complexion is heavy, treat Xiang Xie condition: “Let a person send a hospital, was over to explain to me why he can be here. ” holding double of Song Xixiang car in the arms.

Somebody raves in back: “We called an ambulance. ” those who respond to him is breathed air cooling.

Insensible medium Song Ximeng arrived to go.

“What do you call the name? ” year young Song Xiwen.

“Yi Lin ” the boy is hanging down first, it seems that very fear.

Year young the boy that cherish of the Song Dynasty looks at this thin and small, having in his eye endless helpless.

“I call the Song Dynasty cherish, you follow me later, I can protect you! I can protect you!!

“Elder brother, I seemed to fall in love with monsoon outstanding. ” the cherish of the Song Dynasty of green period is a bit bashful.

“Not OK! “Not OK!!

“Why elder brother? He is open-armed to me. ” mood of cherish of the Song Dynasty is a bit excited.

“He can kill you dead, be no good absolutely! Yi forest sound is tender, but the tone is very firm.

Monsoon outstanding the hand that pulling Qiu Xinya goes far gradually, cherish of the Song Dynasty exerts all his strength at the back chasing after, loud growl: “Monsoon outstanding you come back, you promise to won’t drop me. ” but how is she also chased after.

·· of · of · · ·

Kindheartedness hospital, the monsoon in ward outstanding giving Song Xigai the quilt in small movement, suddenly her canthus sheds a tear soundlessly, inpour she in the hair of two hair on the temples, he sees the movement in the hand, subsequently gently erasure her tear stains.

After a day, song Xihao opened an eye without omen ground, saw an eye first outside, the day wants black.

The monsoon that side head saw climb to be asleep in bedside outstanding, what to think of suddenly, should lift a quilt to get out of bed but what the hand aches easily is fierce, she saw a hand, it is to binding bandage so, should be a car bump into the abrade when coming over, thinking slowly should get out of bed.

Monsoon outstanding feel activity woke, delay next tired bodies, remove a waist to see the cherish of the Song Dynasty that Xiang Zheng should get out of bed continuously: “Do not want to be moved in disorder, the doctor says the bone amlposition of your arm. The doctor says the bone amlposition of your arm..

“Where is my elder brother? Monsoon outstanding! ” Song Xigen did not care about him to say originally, just thinking Yi Lin Xing?

Monsoon outstanding small frown heart, light say: “You were misreaded, that is not your elder brother. That is not your elder brother..

“Either, I saw, it is good that you take me to look for him! ” Song Xixiang starts work the arm that goes pulling him, eye inner tube is worn anxious expression.

Monsoon outstanding the movement that sees her, press her arm quickly: “Are not[……]


The 69th ch广州桑拿夜生活论坛apter

” very strange I love you only ” bend Chen W/ is written, this chapter in all 714 words, update at: 2017-05-11 12:35

@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#

{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_^^-={_{_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_{_#^^-={_



The 16th c广州桑拿狼友网hapter

” very strange I love you only ” bend Chen W/ is written, this chapter in all 714 words, update at: 2016-12-10 09:07

@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_^^-={_{_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_{_#^^-={_



The 70th chapter佛山蒲典 is remembered

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1046 words, update at: 2017-03-23 20:20

“Disappear automatically? ” Mu Xiaomeng some indissoluble, what is called disappear automatically?

“Hum. ” boreal nods gently, also not be willing what to explaining more.

“Boreal , why do you say I do not remember us meeting for the first time? Am I written down very clearly obviously? Either in Gu Bao, I still am written down to now. ” Mu Xiaomeng spoke the bewilderment in him heart, mu Xiaomeng has a lot of doubt in the heart, mu Xiaomeng wants to ask clear at a draught.

“I take you to see type thing. ” boreal was pulling Mu Xiaomeng to arrive to carry a layer on the head. Top layer has a house only, press constant manage for, very should big, when Dan Muxiao dream goes in, inside ability discovery so narrow before. And, mu Xiaomeng also does not know boreal to want to take her what to see, inside this house, whats are done not have.

The doubt on dream face sees boreal Jiang Muxiao in the eye, without the explanation, silent does not make a sound extend the palm, the five fingers drifts slightly along with air, next, the disastrous house that stricture returns before Mu Xiaomeng sees becomes capacious at a draught rise, and a lot of more thing. Though the thing is very much, but put very well, sleek.

Boreal is very familiar walk into a corner, take out an iron box and an album from inside the cabinet.

Box of iron of Mu Xiaomeng result, identifying this is that iron case that he recall li of outfit candy. Open, mu Xiaomeng still has the candy paper that has taken candy to remain inside discovery. The candy paper of these color by crane of paper of well-advised fold thousand, without the 1000 paper crane of a bit ruffle.

“Is this? ” Mu Xiaomeng carries eye sees northerly , express to indissoluble. “You send me. ” Mu Xiaomeng is low first, light tone, “Oh. ” Mu Xiaomeng dare not believe those who send him to this is her a bit!

Mu Xiaomeng has received the album in boreal hand again. One page page browses, she is inside discovery in one’s childhood photograph. Each pieces of photograph is to close according to, add up to that man that take with Mu Xiaomeng, grow very loftily, very handsome, that man, it is boreal . Mu Xiaomeng dare believe scarcely, oneself still are dot, and boreal is already grown.

“It is you want in that way, our early was known. ” and, loved each other.

Of course the word north from the back did not speak out, also not be willing to speak out. Loved each other because of them namely, so, later, mu Xiaomeng died. Boreal thinks all way, will full time and energy are used on body of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair of bring back to life. Emperor day does not lose an observant and conscientious person, he was found eventually. Be about to wake in Mu Xiaomeng when, mu Xiaomeng was walked along by staking. And kidnapper, it is Lin Yizhou. Later, somebody tells him, ghost a group of things with common features should auction a woman, he sneer passes, but become him to know,be Mu Xiaomeng when, he is pressed be unable to bear, do not ascend an auction to meet, with respect to direct Jiang Muxiao breaking money the dream gives ‘ buy ‘ come back

Eye of eye of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair is turning in what keep. Abrupt expression is something wrong strong, beautiful eyebrows is knitted closely, apricot eye lock, support the specified number with the hand, close sweat of oozy silk silk begins again on forehead.

Boreal knows Mu Xiaomeng was what to think surely, what otherwise expression won’t change is so far-fetched. And boreal also knows, because remember for a short while,Mu Xiaomeng is too much, information content is too big, be not accepted at a draught so. Because worry about Mu Xiaomeng meeting centre of gravity is flabby and fall, boreal pulls Mu Xiaomeng into the bosom.

And in head of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair, not quite be over to remember catenary suitably to form. Mu Xiaomeng recalled bygone feeling, remembered oneself and boreal see first, recalled the childhood with Lin Yizhou, and, still remembered oneself secret, , what do not know even boreal is secret.



The 110th广州百花园登录 chapter

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1153 words, update at: 2017-05-02 20:00

Gu Bao.

Mu Xiaomeng is in call.

Boreal says in the phone him move has many to think her that. Mu Xiaomeng’s nose is a little acerb, before but she encountered a rogue on the street ah ~~ but Mu Xiaomeng still did not follow boreal to say.

“A few days do you still have to you can be answered then? “A few days do you still have to you can be answered then??

The laugh of evil of boreal evil, “If if you say,thinking me to think me very much very much, I can consider to go back now. “If if you say,thinking me to think me very much very much, I can consider to go back now..

. . .

“Then still did not come back! “Then still did not come back!!

“My joking ~ still has a few days, if do not have achievement all the time, I come back. ” he can not be willing to be being defended all the time promote a cell greatly, still come home defending oneself wife to rely on chart quite. Wife still can cuddle, this cell can? !

“Good, I tell when coming back. I tell when coming back..

“Hum. “Hum..

Is this the rhythm that should prepare a surprise to him?

. . .

Hanged a phone, again a phone comes in. Mu Xiaomeng saw what also do not look receive, “Hello ” sound inner tube is worn languid is lazy.

That person wears the phone infirmly sound path, “Yes, dawn dream elder sister? Dawn dream elder sister??

“Are you? ” Mu Xiaomeng came for an instant spirit.

“I am shallow. “I am shallow..

Shallow? Mu Xiaomeng is being searched for in brain, remembering this is that girl with ease foster boat. “Shallow? What thing is there? What thing is there??

“Yes, ” shallow paused, “Dawn dream elder sister can you come out? I am occupied want to say with you, be about the childe. ” shallow want to make an appointment with Mu Xiaomeng to come out, tell the heart of her childe idea.

The childe works a few days this very exert to one’s utmost. Shallow good be afraid that he goes down at a draught. Even if the childe is comforting him all the time,say won’t.

“. . . ” Mu Xiaomeng pondered over two seconds, agreed, “Good. “Good..

“That, we are in about afternoon, at 4 o’clock! Addiction night. Addiction night..

“Good. “Good..


Afternoon at 4 o’clock, mu Xiaomeng is punctual appear in addiction night. Letting what Mu Xiaomeng did not think of is, it is bar unexpectedly! And it is this city biggest public house. Person of of all kinds gathered together here, ruffian is blackguardly Gao Fushuai, guest of young lady billow is foolish Bai Tian, have completely.

Mu Xiaomeng lick one’s lips, choose person can be used simply here.

Do not know really why shallow meeting is here about!

Mu Xiaomeng waited for ages in addiction night, did not see shallow. Already at nightfall, shallow had not come. Call, dozen be illogical. Mu Xiaomeng feels he is played.

At 7 o’clock, bar lively.

Be fried so that some slant headache, just wanted to rise, hear the voice that microphone transmits, “Night, this puzzling. Tonight, we invited famous music Great Master—-Koma, koma is the most mysterious music person, track adventitious, music exceptionally, age obtained highest musical honor gently. ” talking person pauses, it is it seems that in condole person appetite, sit in the woman of next platoons, after listening, become excited, shout, “It is Koma! Invited Koma unexpectedly! Invited Koma unexpectedly!!

Talking person is ticked off had corners of the mouth, koma as expected very make money, immediately path, “Tonight, koma will play a song, only this one, if want to hear the song of Koma, after needing to be in, buy by oneself. We will be special the melody of transcribe Koma, and be not given out external, 3 months a melody, all sell dicker, ask you to undertake auctioning buying. Ask you to undertake auctioning buying..

“Auction? ” the men and women of next platoons cannot help phonate, though be so very hole, the reputation that can be Koma and obtained recognition are held out really tall, between numerous music person, acquisition voice also is highest. But the track that did not secure as a result of Koma, and never record a song, never issue song, had not had contradiction with other music person so. This, same also.

So, still moved with a lot of popular feeling.

“The auction begins 25 days from this month, a week a piece. A w[……]


Offi广州桑拿信息ce of president of the 91st chapter

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1116 words, update at: 2017-04-13 20:20

Alert boreal nature is to hear, the arm that extends oneself has pulled Mu Xiaomeng, mu Xiaomeng at a draught lie down is on the bed. Click of the tongue, it is intended that boreal forces absolutely! But look at boreal to shut have sth in mind, want talking look without a bit, mu Xiaomeng has some of tooth itch. She reachs a hand, hold on the very fast face in boreal , call in next.

Open open one’s eyes, look at Mu Xiaomeng the appearance with one innocent face. Of outfit still resemble really!

“Ah—-” cry in fear of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair, look at him body to go up to approach the man that come over suddenly. “Do you want to work? “Do you want to work??

“I am not dry, I do you! I do you!!

“You ” what Mu Xiaomeng’s face enrages is aglow, boreal looks at her fully red face, a feeling of a kind of happiness is permeated with suddenly between the heart.

Actually, a Mu Xiaomeng has been held out really beside.

Determination was decided below boreal , no matter how, want to protect Mu Xiaomeng. Even if, it is bid farewell crime.

“I say, I want to marry you. I want to marry you..

Marry her? Terrified of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair lived. Buy her obviously, want to marry again now?

Nevertheless, having a v/arc a person’s status still is good.

“You are married ah ~~ ” writing on Mu Xiaomeng’s face ‘ I do not have an opinion ‘ these 4 big character.

The corners of the mouth of boreal is ticked off rose to laugh, henceforth, mu Xiaomeng is his wife, his Lin Yizhou does not want to grab a person with him.

The mood is auspicious, boreal unlocked Mu Xiaomeng. Be opposite in a low voice say of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair, “Do not move you tonight. ” Mu Xiaomeng is interrogative, then he says again, “Come tomorrow evening, will go tomorrow civil administration bureau. Will go tomorrow civil administration bureau..

This is, should marry her really?

Mu Xiaomeng ticks off corners of the mouth. Hit a yawn, not was asleep a little while.

Boreal received a telephone call, the company has an important meeting tomorrow morning. So the following day when boreal awakes, look at Mu Xiaomeng sleep colour, go after the bathroom washs gargle to pass, decided—-Bale Mu Xiaomeng head a firm in!

Wake when Mu Xiaomeng so when, him discovery sits the room that be in, it is the room that oneself stay in far from. Mu Xiaomeng immediately confused, take a mobile phone to phone boreal . Boreal is attending a meeting in assembly room, firm rebuke a high level, the spunk on the face still does not have come out, conversation is taking taste.

The mobile phone rang, boreal is black face looks report shows, should seeing is ‘ madam ‘ when 2 words, pieces of whole face changed, become by violent storm wind He Rili. The organ that talks repeatedly is tender a few minutes.

Next, boreal is in assembly room put through before numerous high level the telephone call that Mu Xiaomeng makes, manner is downy, “How? “How??

Voice of dream of dawn of that wash one’s hair says the telephone call asply oneself did not know to be taken where, saying was to change a room.

Next boreal soft tone asks to there is a devil resembling on wall. Mu Xiaomeng says is. Next, boreal is ad cool-headed face the phone was hanged.

“Continue to attend a meeting! “Continue to attend a meeting!!

That Mu Xiaomeng is confused really, everywhere look around, just discover bedside has a piece of advantage, the handwriting of boreal is above, after Xiao Meng letting wash one’s hair awakes, ate the breakfast outside.

Issued a bed, walked out of this bedroom, mu Xiaomeng just discovers, this is the president room with a big Nuo, and, everything needed is ready of bedroom of toilet of the kitchen in president room. And Dou Youbing wind is being held back, be seen not easily by alien.

Had eaten the breakfast on tea table. Mu Xiaomeng saunters in president room. Look at the desk of boreal , mu Xiaomeng be seized by a whim, run over to install Bi~~

Sit on dermal seat, do not carry have many comfortable.

Take a document on the desk at will, to air say, “Meet this plant dare you also come to rubbish plan M.K? Redo! ” the file in throwing a hand at a draught. Paper flies upwards, the Mu Xiaomeng that look with respect to a word, bright! !

Free do not pass 3 seconds, pick up of[……]