The 22nd chapter: “Cense ” resounding world

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For a short while, bai Chen’s message is completely on the net. Knowing is which vermicelli made from bean starch is in Bai Chen vermicelli made from bean starch group the network was arranged if sending. # of vermicelli made from bean starch of # Bai Chen, the topic such as tender # spends # Bai Chen abiding no less than. Scan widely looks, home the discharge of nobody and heat can equal Bai Chen. Although she won’t reappear is on screen, but the sign that recreational group has her from beginning to end and the world that belong to her.

Handle the issue on the net, bai Chen exited small gain.

Summertime night is having bright tiny spot and bright and clear moon, the lamp of office of 23 buildings chief inspector still is shining. Lin Lingyun opens the door to go in, see Bai Chen bent over to be asleep on draw stage, do not know the dream arrived what, her brows is being knitted closely. Lin Lingyun extended a hand to touch next knitting brows. “I can defend you. Be at ease sleep. ” see knitting brows is loose only.

Lin Lingyun takes the blueprint on draw stage, whole sees a person a kind of deep sense, cense series is Bai Chen retreat a circle to come head make, she is valued very much.

Home, the Mu Yunchen that opens the meeting c[……]