The blood with the 82nd bashful chapter

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1518 words, update at: 2020-03-23 15:37

Gently blood put away, look at the towel on the head to fall down, severe grand day shakes helplessly shake one’s head, this young woman hair is not blown work to sleep, the cause since tomorrow is good ache, wanting to take wind canister, the voice that takes the head of a bed to be afraid of wind canister again sleeps lightly blood but have to blow a hair again, severe grand day is making little file blood on the ham that the head puts in oneself gently gently blowing a hair. This wife still can sleep really, this sound you won’t wake. Blow day of dry hair severe grand to put down wind canister to look at the young woman on him leg, a child resembles lovelily when be asleep, skin Bai Xi is meticulous bouncy be like with the baby simply, did not feel to break a spirit, that shows severe grand day to show abdomen has delimited gently coarsely slightly blood face, the turn around and stretch out one’s hand that the woman still is fed up with pats conveniently catchs the place that catchs severe grand day to had been stroked next spurt spurt mouth continues to sleep, right now eye ground fills severe grand day full tenderness, the sincere feeling with peculiar bottom of the heart is fermenting he himself also did not perceive the possibility change commonly character to this…

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