Eleventh chapter parts company adscript (1)

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Last night, alluded suddenly with the gentleman after we part company, I go alone the thing of Qinghai. Still say with him I still can lie beside his nowadays, everything should thank God.

The thing has gone very long, I am to be willing to recollect not quite actually at the outset those painful associate with.

The original intention that writes a book after all just wants to tell everybody I pass very happily now, never think of to be being written however writing began to alternate a lot of things.

But, these painful at least I now can the calm was faced; At least, my conquer they; At least, they also are the one part in my life.

From small I have a trouble, when wave motion of mood of in every case is bigger fall ill extremely easily.

Went up in the train that day, I do not give accident cold. Begin to just cough, but arrived after Xining, because cannot get used to the high height above sea level of Xining or cold accentuation temporarily,knowing is, I begin dizziness.

But the idea that all these did not prevent me to continue to set foot on this land.

Driver master was in a railway station to just search, the person is quite nice still nevertheless, collect fees without because of[……]