On make-up examination of the 5th ch广州品茶论坛SEDapter

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The old bends over to be drawn sedulously on the desktop.

Careful observation, before meeting discovery is compared on old table clean and orderly a lot of, the paintbrush that draw paper of what cleared away rise, pile up at random no longer.

That just still termed begins, experience the winter vacation of a few chapel, the dormitory becomes very dirty random, old defecate still has flower to center the time afternoon to clean the living quarter thoroughly with Hang Xuan.

Crossed the Spring Festival, weather turns gradually warm, the opportunity that thick coat wears becomes little, add jacket ark space finite, hang Xuan receives the thick jacket that often does not wear, from outfit of a few age is taken out to be hanged below chest deal with the spring air temperature with acuteness change in order to prepare.

Hang Xuan clears away good clothing, see the old still is being drawn, some are curious.

“The old, what drawing. What drawing..

“It doesn’t matter, at a loose end also does not have a thing, it is informal picture. It is informal picture..

Hang Xuan goes by, see the old is drawing 4 case cartoon, several pieces had been drawn on the side.



Love o广州新茶 快餐f the 60th chapter refuses silent

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Wrap around the clothes that has a lovesickness, stand before faint and parting window, the flexuous lot in wanting to fall those in the heart very much grows long record, but however the tear is noted like rain, that? Be to fall beautiful tear? Why to always wash rice drop of the sound of rain, is dimple worn the heart billows that leaves a person?

The night sky of S city, autumn meaning diffuses, give this ” not nocturnal city ” caught different colour.

Lamplight is dim in, it is a night that does not have Mian, do not know to have such how many evening, she likes to stand in autumn corner office, awaiting a flower to blossom fall…

Chen Ke open a drawer gently, a pair that when take out a grandma to stay Yu Zhui, she holds them in both hands gently in the hand, think consider is worn, not by sighed gently.

Was used to write diarial everyday she, no matter be when, she also won’t forget, she says: “Probably time is the most beautiful and true testimony, best ending is be collected by a large book, and the tender man in that book, that beautiful woman, into the word. Into the word..

Look at that pair of Yu Zhui crystal ray is given out below dim lamplight, beloved person is however besides a thousand li, but at the moment beside his m[……]


In night of the 90th chapter, of that warmth deep and remo广州喝茶上课网站te blue

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Pull a, the twittering broken language of wind, with the night blurred, in all dance, I fell with life garrulous the lovesickness heavy curtain of one ground, silently, look, miserable what rainbow falls is withered and yellow scatter, see the red withered of full ground incomplete in the last days of winter, read aloud you.

The ding of the Christmas is knocked noisy.

Early morning, wind is small, the cloud is weak, today’s weather and yesterday evening are comparative, be of having a unique style it seems that, it is probably was affected by festal atmosphere, wind uncle made madly howl no longer, however gentleness is being swayed softly.

The music of the mobile phone rang, chen Ke open open one’s eyes, chronic ground murmurs from warmth be climbed by the nest, rub the beautiful eye of the Song that knead Xing, close lightly close lightly is small the small mouth that become warped, gently spread plays trick.

She rises the curtain that pulled open quietly elegant, a gentle sunshine instant bestrews whole room, wind kiss is worn she is sent like the length like waterfall, downy sunshine is illuminated on the face that her Qing Meiru paints, beautiful eye is on the move, corners of the mouth ticks off that smile that rise, as firework kind wispy and win[……]


The res广州桑拿夜生活论坛tful night of ancient capital of the 85th chapter

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What is beautiful? What is love? By what are we taken to bring? From morning till night? We are living, recording the dribs and drabs of the life with nib, we practice becoming the person that dare not cry smile, finally in respective play all the time.

Overworked and bustle understanding, encountered to penetrate with photograph cherish appointment, he this one still be her that one, a promise in, a kiss in, a few minutes be? A few seconds be? He, left this generation promise, “Leave generation, pull all one’s life even, she, a pair of delicate hands, does understanding say ” who is so persistent? Does understanding say ” who is so persistent??

Every time in the still of night when, chen Ke always like a person, a character, or it is to see a movie, write every time see moving point, those who touch is a bottom of the heart in distressed, distress, agonized, distressed, but… those who remain, just, another mouth swallows one mouth fall bellyful.

This day, had eaten lunch, chendan maple eldest brother says a bit uncomfortable, should go back rested, ou Xiaoping also is go up as always in the table catnap.

Sit silently in shop, chen Ke feel a bit bored, browse back and forth mobile phone, photograph in what saw the cousin is published however innocentl[……]


The language with the new sound with the 40th familiar c广州悦来香pm之家是真的吗hapter

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Who be, holding high my longing, so unfamiliar however that let my drink is the move painful with beauty?

Return the home of S city, two sister younger brother cooperates with division of labour together, begin to clear away everything in the home.

Be in imperceptible, outside the window, already was setting sun dusk, rosy clouds all over the sky, chen Ke the meal that the edge is eating a little brother to do, the frontier says: “The meal that you do A Di now is more and more delicious, who to know to be able to do my sister-in-law, then she has gourmet’s luck! Then she has gourmet’s luck!!

The pretty and handsome face since old eaves complacently says: “Elder sister, often do not say me, yourself also the eldest child is not small, you when do you just look for an elder sister’s husband to me? You when do you just look for an elder sister’s husband to me??

Chen Ke listened to be stupefied slightly, cough cough twice, think this sensitive topic says change purposely: “A Di, window of lock good door is remembered when you will go to work tomorrow, came off work to come home with respect to breakfast, tired rest below, wait for elder sister next coming back that cook again, know? Know??

Old Yu Yang reads a load on one’s mind heavily, ha[……]


2 chapters have thirtieth a kind of affection calls as close as flesh and b广州桑拿狼友网lood

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Love is a kind of very abstract thing, it is a kind of a kind of feeling, body is realized, a kind of body and mind exceeds the pure beautiful reaction at reality.

This kind of feeling often is affecting whole soul and mood, and of force big, arriving greatly often is not sensible and OK pilot, or essential unjustifiable can tell.

Chen Ke the setting sun that stepping wintry day, below the setting sun delicate the back of soft beauty appears a little alone, she slowly go in ever pulled a hand that to had gone together with Feng Wu, on the distance coming home that kept infinite warmth, do not know when to just can be pull a hand to go again together with him.

Feng Wu telephones today say, the work in these day homes is much, phone her less so, chen Ke understanding ground responded to him, call him to notice to rest, the person that actually two true positive love, interior induction is interactive, dim in ased if to have a kind of tacit agreement already, when you miss him, he also misses you, the heart that says namely then is interlinked.

Chen Ke arrived at the door the home, discovering the door is with the door left unlocked, she knows affirmation is the little brother came back.

She arrived in the house, was stupefied by the circ[……]


Detached misunderstanding 广州蒲友论坛(1)

” hello adieu my first love ” dumb earnest / , this chapter in all 399 words, update at: 2017-08-17 23:36

As a result of child book all the way buy buy, what when Xie Ziye opens the door, see after all so is the house of the bag bag that is thrown on sofa and cold and cheerless.

The thing of in quick succession lets this all along sober man can’t help feeling exhaustion recently, sit on sofa, to the chilly of one room. Did not open the sitting room of the lamp, have the light that that the setting sun loses infirmly only.

Xie Ziye feels the pit of the stomach covers tightly frowzily, brain thrill through too much picture, child book is capricious, laugh, cry, tricky, oneself love those. But be in just, asked oneself, worth while?

Worth while? Did not know, be like worthiness, previously…

Xie Ziye leans on sofa, he needed to rest well.

“A Yu, you are not taken so much, chairman is not tall! Chairman is not tall!!

Child book drive is looked at vexedly child book , he should be taken care of child book , cannot let child book takes so much thing, but do not want to compare really child book is short, the Guo Xiezi that he should change firelights or sunlight that man wants euqally high to compare him even tall, such oneself are OK handle book is grabbed came back.

“Why to call Xie Baibai? “W[……]


Listen to广州夜生活论坛 me to explain!

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Be such. Do not know today how headache. . .

I I I also do not think. . .

But it headaches namely…

Headached a kind of sense that I feel to brain wants to be dropped from the head at any time easily gently…

So grouchy today text will update certainly tomorrow! ! ! !

I am wrong! ! !

Beg let off! ! !

To show my acknowledge a mistake good faith. Put one small theater.

Look. Everybody old man, small fairy is excused!

I am wrong really!

===================Break up a line===================

Child book : Body of our home dumb earnest is unwell, let me come out to block smelly egg.

Wu Can: Not OK! The what heart that you bring the writer! How can let my home soft flesh block smelly egg! Soft flesh! Be fast! To come at the back of me! I help you block smelly egg!

Child book : …

Xie Ziye: …

Old space navigation: …

Etc! Appeared what? Old space navigation! How are you here!

Old space navigation: Why can I be here? I am this book is male… Europe! ! !

Bending over half-dead author start will covering the mouth of[……]


Encounter not satiate the广州夜网SN论坛WKH emperor that is maintaining

” hello adieu my first love ” dumb earnest / , this chapter in all 2098 words, update at: 2017-07-05 16:54

“Old space navigation! Your his Mom wants to work after all! ” Lin Nong is driven beyond forbearance howl let child the footstep with book ongoing stopped. Old space navigation… child the name that this all one’s life cannot forget book ! Old space navigation! ” ? ? ! Child book ! ” big growl let Cai Shen within an inch of enters memory again child book was frightened jump ” dry ah you! Neuropathic ah frighten me dead! ” child book turned over a supercilious look to also did not accede this to Cai Shen of the glorious and great name of his name be stupefied greatly the head feels without language. No wonder does not have a girlfriend! Groan hum ~

” you just are! Neuropathic same station is worn do not move return have the nerve to say me… ” what Cai Shen says is their everyday dialogue only but auditor is intended. Forest when of Nong Zaizi book comes out already self-conscious stopped pair of old space navigation roar, she won’t grow other ambition, she child a girlfriend that book is old space navigation nevertheless, but the lawful husband and wife that her Lin Nong is old space navigation! Have her Lin Nong only! is not her child book ! The erect small of the back that thinking Lin Nong is not own is pulled. Pulled the arm that has helped old space navigation. “H[……]


The 15th chapter 广州夜网生活娱乐VHSis awkward 4

” phenanthrene gentleman does not leave ” degenerate unruly or unrestrained / , this chapter in all 3116 words, update at: 2017-09-06 23:25

Liu Xingtan did not think of true is Tang Zifei, look at before this resembles is to err the woman like the pupil of introspection, his eyes also slowly downy come down, it is the teacher had excused the pupil that err in the heart. He took aim the steamed stuffed bun below the foot, so she just buys breakfast to oneself just — although arrive as a child big, he had never had the thing of the and so on of steamed stuffed bun of soya-bean milk deep-fried twisted dough sticks of these street, in his eye, these are the rubbish food of one hundred percent.

His face about moves toward a kitchen, what is resembling like happening, insipid say: “Changed the dress to come in have a meal, later these things need not you are bought. Later these things need not you are bought..

The corners of the mouth that just raises from him can see, right now mood still considers Liu Xingtan right.

Hear Liu Xingtan and did not blame oneself, tang Zifei the easy with little gift the tone comes down easily, doff next jacket, a carpet of hurry-scurry is optional after was being cleared away, just go to the front of table, discovery is putting egg of a sandwich of vegetable of a slices of fish meat, decoct and a cup of milk shipshapely on table. And Liu Xingtan has sa[……]