Th广州品茶微信e 3rd chapter makes ground your home greatly

” universal of flying celestial being admire an affectionate couple not to admire celestial being only ” on Guan Wan / , this chapter in all 2061 words, update at: 2014-01-12 13:39

Glacial Qing Dynasty follows king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank to come to bedroom palace, angry goggle at of king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank is put on the ice clear, say: “Girl, you tell me,

Be laughing and playing glacial Qing Dynasty wears: “King mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, you are really fierce, whats do not escape to pass your law key point, pretty good, putting Qing Dynasty on the ice is to have been to the world, nevertheless, glacial Qing Dynasty just wants to make king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank glad, do not have other, is this not OK?

“It is not OK that I did not say, you tell me, suspect you fairy identity? Suspect you fairy identity??

“This, did not have of course, king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, I work very careful, since last after the lesson, ice is clear absolutely won’t follow the same old disastrous road. ” glacial Qing Dynasty cites a 3 rule, vow solemnly say.

“Good, I believe you, remember, can not have again next time, you are in if privately descend to the world, sad home absolutely won’t forgive you, clear? ” king mother empr[……]


Call together of the 19th chapt阡陌广州同城社区er is clever

” bridge of sounds of nature ” small Qiao Er / , this chapter in all 3468 words, update at: 2014-10-19 12:44

Did not go training room. After all that place too person much look is miscellaneous. Rong Tianer still is holding Gu Zheng in the arms, come in independent musical instrument house. Inside narrow space, resound is worn the echo of gentle breeze, right now Rong Tianer changed that a suit to belong to cyan of her individual exclusive to grow skirt once more, the skirt of cyan is placed in the stroke of gentle breeze to move next lightly to swing.

These days, for oneself a few things, rong Tianer lays aside this crucial issue all the time up-to-date, nowadays, good ended the show not easily, rong Tianer also should return to the right path, incorporeal recall of Fang Junqian.

Rong Tianer is touching the one place place on Gu Zheng gently, she is very clear, was touched before this place a teardrop. Because be,was eager to rehearsal yesterday, so Rong Tianer has not enough time to ponder over so much. Can as bridge of sounds of nature the Rong Tianer of host be aware of? This teardrop, was gifted the interest with powerful effective enmity, this is Fang Junqian’s tear! And before this, actually once second bodeful. Rong Tianer was not aware of at that time, but the spirit that depending on sounds of nature now, she can buy bodeful phenomenon since memory eventually.

Fang Jun[……]


The world loves eleventh cha广州花名录pter free from worries absolutely (below)

” bridge of sounds of nature ” small Qiao Er / , this chapter in all 3500 words, update at: 2014-10-11 11:44

As host of bridge of sounds of nature, rong Tianer knows very well to this matter is stayed in light of the identity of the person that oneself can be watched aside only, from at the beginning, she is unalterable what. Because she knows that she must comply with condition development, if what she changed really, can be that punished?

Next a got-up affair develops, the case that also knows before Rong Tianer of no less than is same. The emperor is beginning hand processing to decide kingly government office, give orders the whole family copies behead. Fang Junqian must hurried back go rescue, however the emperor is iron surely the heart should pull out this disaster, the result is, fang Junqian personally hand blade decides kingly father husband and wife, the eye looks at his family member to die in oneself in the in pairs below the intimidate of the emperor before, fang Junqian is overwhelmed with sorrow.

That one night, rain cats and dogs, drench destroyed all hopes, two men are desperate in execution ground solace, mutual support, mutual hug. Just be like — at brim of extensive region eaves, Hong Huang, only of remnant, final, surround attentive.

“Bend eaves… are you in? “Bend eaves… are you in??

“I am in. “I am in..

“Be in all t[……]


2- ” one sword pricks Xiang Taiyang ” outline of in广州夜网论坛WFGcomplete draft reference

” city of drive sword bend ” sheep is elegant / , this chapter in all 544 words, update at:

Incomplete draft outline:

Fully: Because water be soiled is ambiguous already,is paragraphs of big character before playing paragraph of character, cannot identify.

Servile bear □ (one solution doubt is like ” Ti ” word, 2 solution doubt is like ” wither ” ) be sent 9 mountain villa with haze, rebuke plan and haze escape several times, abortive, haze is killed by club of suzerain of 9 mountain villa, xiong Ye is given Wang Fu by master resell of 9 mountain villa, wang Fu encounters strange kill, killer is free child search Chou Zhi this, slaughter whole place of business, bear is released, suffering begs killer free child do obeisance to division.

Free child with ” one sword pricks Xiang Taiyang ” training of killer sword action is ursine.

Bear practices hard stunt, abnormality goes out action, unique skill is become greatly. Free child accept business of killer of below one picket, free child experienced all corners of the country of all previous that take bear.

In all corners of the country, bear encounters Xia Yun, meet with however free child object.

Free child take bear to drive one place to the county, kill a county to make, answer in hall of thunder of prefectural outskirt snipe, appear right now accident, tang Men has a hand[……]


The0769桑拿论坛 21st chapter is moment

” ghost differs a trainee ” the tear that recollects loneliness / , this chapter in all 1964 words, update at: 2014-11-30 21:49

The 21st chapter is moment

My time 2588 days

Curtain of night had been pulled open prelusive, the sun is poor still so lose lose be about to follow to say acoustical good-bye today.

Right now Yang Pulan looks at the head beside approvingly, and right now head, be like the size like a watermelon, not be round however nevertheless, go up because of the head, insert full bone, still or so both sides also has to compare a little bit this head is small, be like the small forehead of the size like fist, and there is a complexion evil spirit more after the head black, the old of eye double glare, abandoning a head is more extend have 3 foot how long, in the ceaseless waveringly after the head.

“You will cry henceforth laniary, I want you to treat the foe like the dog Yang Pulan of quite fierce ” is being touched with the hand laniary, resembling touching is rare very, it is rare thing very like.

Laniary the favor that hears host renown, give out cough up to breathe out from inside mouth the sound that cough up breathes out comes out, and these sound also get on face of former this locality to also cannot have moved the Ku epiphysis that play again at the same time rise.

Yang Pulan sees this also is amaze[……]


Thirteenth chapter treats soldier of广州桑拿夜网论坛HDF You Ling ghost

” ghost differs a trainee ” the tear that recollects loneliness / , this chapter in all 2648 words, update at: 2014-07-19 14:39

Thirteenth chapter treats soldier of You Ling ghost

Here Wang Hao cannot use a space to convey, call oneself thing to can find that some earlier so.

Right now oneself ghost difference is taken was finished, also do not have the 2nd, without method, can wear only. Get ready, enough horse power, issue one second to run next, the local raise that although be in,king bright leaves blast blast dust.

And leave in Wang Hao before long, appeared from inside the ground head of a skeleton, nevertheless skeleton head is the Ku head that risking light La Guang actually.

“You dare kill my brother, you stopped with respect to the retaliation that waiting for our king, ah! Abhorrent human ” blue death’s head says to disappear in the earth’s surface again.

It is a woods at the moment, in the woods from time to time the voice that can have bird comes out, the Wang Hao that goes on the road sees a handsome bird beyond from fly to oneself ” is breathed out! My as it happens is hungry also, what the ” of as it happens that you come to thinks in Wang Hao’s brain right now is a plan law of brambling of similar cellar or pit for storing things is boiled, similar still those who take an examination of chicken one’s deceased father. Think[……]


The 18th chapter, an affectionate couple of be in di广州夜网SN论坛VDSstress

” tear of China die young ” Hua Jin announce / , this chapter in all 3255 words, update at: 2014-12-06 11:16

“Drive cure, only the wife of a prince how. ” do not listen to give any moods in the sound that pulls a month.

Imperial physician brushs the cold sweat that turns around to go up, it is this carefully to bestow favor on a coronal again the empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of emperor the wife of a prince of 6 palace an arteries and veins.

“Drive cure, I this is how. ” Lian Weiyu rises from the bed.

Always be disgusting these days fierce, always want to spit, but whats are spat do not come out, also always eat sleep, thunder is hit do not wake, always eat very more, love eats smoked plum.

“Congratulation the emperor, empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of congratulate on a happy occasion, empress or imperial concubine of the first rank has pregnancy. ” forced smile path.

Does Lian Weiyu laugh at: ? Stop adept? ! Stop adept? !!

Drive cure look, already black facial the emperor, heavy inclination: ? Basketry pull  to pull excuse me of laborious of a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice of accept of busy of perch of reef of laborious of  of bifurcation of  of  Tan Tan! ?

The Gong Ren of Chen palace in succession genuflect is on the ground, forget even spare sb’s life[……]


Mothe广州佛山桑拿论坛REWr love of the 9th chapter

” Chun Yangling Ling ” south Men Reran / , this chapter in all 2250 words, update at: 2017-02-10 16:49

An Xiuji uses a hand to be stroked on Chun Yang’s face, do not consider on the cry bitterly drain that meet again after a long separation. She ignites another likewise dim oil lamp went kitchen room. She is taken become a monk or nun in two only eggs and a bit flour, dedicated and serious ground did paste of panada of a bowl of egg. She spilled a few salt on the face that paper paste, cautiously end arrives in the room, put on a small. Chun Yang has not waked. An Xiuji closes good door window, blow out an oil lamp. She sits on kang, first slightly pitch, the eye gets together remove all with nothing left to look a daughter up and down: The hair is withered and yellow, pell-mell caboodle is on the head; Before the face compares 5 years some smaller, the malic face of round circle turned elliptical goose egg into the face; The lip is cadaverous, without a bit redness of skin; The body below the quilt is skinny certainly. An Xiuji wipes an eye with the back of hand, defend silently beside Chun Yang.

About the time that spent a bag of smoke, chun Yang’s eyelid beat, beat again then, open slowly next come. Fix eyes on looks at the daughter’s An Xiuji to stimulate body of the nutation that use the land, the hand touchs the hair like move spring Yang Kucao, the lip is asp: “Chun Yang, in relief… I am mom… it is mom[……]


The decision0757佛山js论坛 leaves

” Shan has Mu Xi ” Ding Liu / , this chapter in all 1251 words, update at: 2017-02-21 23:03

After driving away Wang Shuwei, tang Fei accompanies Qin Shan in the hospital, look at her to just weep silently to also do not talk, tang Fei is sucked greatly at a heat, “Shan Shan, go looking for Wang Shuwei before me, cheat him to say his arm is impossible to restored. Cheat him to say his arm is impossible to restored..

Qin Shan is amazed, no wonder of his for no reason at all be about to leave hospital, return what ask Qin Shan to him to protected labour to be driven away, it is so such.

“I am very sorry, because my cause lets,generation so much is misunderstood between you. ” Tang Fei very regret.

“It doesn’t matter Is am sorry, since he wants to drive me to go all the time after traffic accident, used so much means not to fear to delay me namely? I am tired really, the means of this kind of mutual torment also should stop. The means of this kind of mutual torment also should stop..

“Actually I can feel come out he still loves you very much, you… “

“Ah, should remove a persuasive talker how suddenly, who is knowing eventually just you most the person that care? Who is knowing eventually just you most the person that care??

Tang Fei temporarily tongue-tied, “Shan Shan, I am sorry really, i… “

“Your action has[……]



” Shan has Mu Xi ” Ding Liu / , this chapter in all 3329 words, update at: 2017-01-18 20:22

Wang Shuwei drags Qin Shan hastily, pull her in him bosom, the encircling her waist of rascally does not make her random move, “Shan Shan, my head is good ache, my head seems to did not suffer me to control. My head seems to did not suffer me to control..

Of do all one can of Shan of the Qin Dynasty want to flounce off Wang Shuwei, “You loosen to me, the word that says sprinkles the water that go out, your brain is bad to make do not remember, I can be one word does not forget one sentence. I can be one word does not forget one sentence..

“Shan Shan, I am sorry ” , wang Shuwei bends over to say in her side side.

“Wanting to puzzle with sugar-coated bullet I, you want or else let go not to blame me impolite to you ” , bite what Qin Shan says make a determined effort toward Wang Shuwei’s shoulder, wang Shuwei eats painful, suck at a heat, however more emphatic is her band in his brachial turn, “Do not let you go. “Do not let you go..

Qin Shan calm hurries release what is held, see there are two deep teeth to imprint on Wang Shuwei’s shoulder only, “Your brain drinks water, do not know to hide? Do not know to hide??

“Want you only can vent one’s anger, I am fond of a dot what to calculate ” , crooked mouth of king tree Wei is being borne ache, giggle Shan[……]