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” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 693 words, update at: 2017-07-30 11:17

Next planes already before dawn two at 3 o’clock, plan of our group person lives in the hotel one evening, report for duty to the company again tomorrow morning.

There are a lot of fastfood vendor’s stands on the roadside before hotel door, i: “Well elder sister, are you hungry? Otherwise has a thing. Otherwise has a thing..

“You want to eat. ” apparently the condition of well elder sister has not restored, the mood is very bad.

I: “The boss comes two bowls of acerbity hot pink, one bowl puts chili more. One bowl puts chili more..

“Wait a bit, come immediately. ” the person that this time place has food taken late at night is very much still, the boss’ business is prosperous very.

I: “You like those who weigh to taste, have a try combine disagreement taste? ” I give the hot pink of that bowl of acid with much chili to her before.

“Taste is good still. ” edge of well elder sister eats an edge to say, see she agreed to have a meal well eventually, in my heart very glad also. We are fellow-townsman, will be in together again this new city works, mutual should each other coordinate.

“I eat a bowl again even, what the flavour of this acerbity hot pink has eaten than before is delicious. What the flavour of this[……]



” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 621 words, update at: 2017-07-25 18:03

Celebrate a festival in battalion area this year unusual lively, towards evening very form a pile the artillery piece that form a pile piles child already early caboodle arrived in the center of the football ground, listen veteran say to leave last it is already good that the Spring Festival puts firework old. After dinner passes, he goes dress the ranks assembled, I await firework to blossom alone.

Did not pass how long, a singing and a catchword noise rise, I know the team has assembled, and should come over immediately. Day already very black, make fall, bang, firework blossoms quickly, illumed night sky. Abrupt, my eye was blindfolded, wanting to need not want to know is him.

I: “You beat the gun?

“Without, the leader says serious offence red-letter day, can accompany a family member. Can accompany a family member..

I: “I still do not calculate a family member. “I still do not calculate a family member..

“That still is not thing ” , he pulls the hand that had me again.

The beauty with the special mood tonight, because,knowing is very long did not see so royal firework is performed, because,still be beside have a different person for company. After the meeting, also saw a few family members and child eventually.



The 19th 广州水磨SPA水疗JFGchapter

” the angel of love ” Nai falls 152102/ is written, this chapter in all 1372 words, update at: 2017-09-06 11:46

Liu Xin came to a company like that, departmental door person in charge was listened to to report recent job to plan in the office, good, such, everybody works, liu joyfullies wait for them to go out, play graceful graceful the homocentric form that organizes to him, she is the heart really deft ah, the phone rang, liu Xin was pressed like that avoid carry, liu Zong, the doorway has a lady to look for you, say the old friend that is you, old friend, liu Xin reads aloud like that, who is wanting a long time to meet

Let her come in, clank clanks the door rang, a marriageable woman pushs the door and enter, the figure is hot, build is carried high, a pitch-black show is sent, appearance beautiful skin is white, willingly, you are not bad, the woman asks

Did not see Liu Xin does not admit to give her almost like that for years, this woman why person, she calls Du Lina, it is Liu those who joyfully before cummer, international famous model, two people should not because of disposition later, parted company, cannot think of, old hind, she came back again,

Rena, did not see for years, you are so beautiful still, come back to also do not make acoustical call with me, I am good receive you, liu Xin replies like that

I but not dare fatigue is irritated our Liu Zon[……]


The 15th chapt飞机夜广州论坛首页er

” the angel of love ” Nai falls 152102/ is written, this chapter in all 3193 words, update at: 2017-09-01 15:06

Sun Na comes to villa, entering room is a stateroom, what whole house decorates is gorgeous, europe type style, the left of the sitting room is hanging a pair of canvas on wall, sun Na is being looked up and down, be attracted by this deputy picture place, sun Na, you came, liu Xin went from stair like that, this pair of picture is I was spent last year 20 million those who buy, will sit please, liu joyfullies close self-sufficient Sun Na pours tea, this is Dragon Well tea of highest grade west lake, taste is good, said to hand Sun Na,

Lin Jianxiang is occupied the company that returns the United States, come back after 7 days, when arriving, he can hold a Party, invite a few public figures, when you arrive, go with me, on the party, should jump companionship dance, I asked a teacher to be able to teach us these days, additional these days I also do not go to a company going to work, you are accompanied in the home, we should understand everything of the other side more, lest appear in the future flaw, begin from today, you are my girlfriend, you live here, you can be at ease, what won’t I do to you, I do not lack a woman, good, your square upstair, I take you to look

In hill of Chengdu black town, li Hao walks on hill road like that, he is heard suddenly help sound, he is in cliff down[……]


Dozenth chapter: Res广州夜网SN论坛VDSponsibility

” encountering you is a flower leaves ” one star dirt / , this chapter in all 1873 words, update at: 2017-08-26 15:41

Finally, when those who hit should enquiring who be being hurt strongly greatly is when decanal grandma just came, big strong oneself bump into say however.

Answering Ranglindong strongly greatly is accident very, final Lin Dong is supporting sb with hand actively big strong go infirmary sees a doctor, all the way two people did not talk, only helpless laugh is hanged on the face of two people. Often see the other side, laughing.

Actually they know, those who come to here is orphan, everybody is willing to be bullied, but want to be not bullied can bully others only, but inner longing or hope can have an understanding, the come friend that chat. They know very well the feeling of the other side.

Through a few minutes, two people went from infirmary.

“I am sorry ~ ” it is same time almost, two people are blurted out. 4 eye photograph looks, the instant, big strong the hand ajar before be being hanged at the bosom, lin Dong sees, it is happy very grasped go up.

Since that day, two people always are together amuse oneself, like before seeming, passing without its happening completely.

“Big strong, I have a thing to want to tell you. ” Lin Dong is looked at big strong say.

“What, should that give[……]


The 42nd chapter: Regressio广州龙凤网n

” encountering you is a flower leaves ” one star dirt / , this chapter in all 2406 words, update at: 2017-09-18 17:34

After Lin Dong and Yin Yao propose, the village that Lin Dong thinks to return his to live in one’s childhood goes telling his parents the family member this good news.

After two days, two people returned Lin Dong to be familiar with new village, went above all grave forest goes hold a memorial ceremony for did obeisance to parental younger brother and sister people, come in the home of old village head after that.

Long parted for a long time, coming back to also be returned last time is 3 years ago, lie between when old, the village also falls in Lin Dong’s help, become richer and richer, after be informed Lin Dong to come back, in the girl girl girl that big ox is holding him in the arms and the home that getting oneself son Hu Wa to head for old village head with joy.

When seeing Lin Dong, the orbit of big ox is wet.

“East child, good child. ” in the bosom that big ox makes girl girl village old partner, before going up with Lin Dong closely embrace together.

Speak of big ox, in married jian hou mian of wife Su Su one embryo is a boy, this big Niu Gaoxing is bad, nowadays Hu Wa also 8 years old, girl girl also already 3 years old!

After been embrace, big ox looks to the Yin Yao beside, pat Lin Dong’s should[……]


The f广州夜网论坛WFGirst chapter: Tonight

” encountering you is a flower leaves ” one star dirt / , this chapter in all 1766 words, update at: 2017-08-14 21:54

Autumn wind is bleak, stars of curtain of night, be in right now travel of a sedan is on a winding road.

Gradually the car comes down slow to stop around an orphanage, father sits in the face about on driver’s seat to hoping to leaning close in the daughter that sleeps soundly in maternal bosom.

And maternal canthus is like teardrop slides, be reluctant to part.

The mother hopes to to father: “Must so do? She can be our child. She can be our child..

Father’s complexion is a little ugly, also some struggle, but final he or the choice that held to oneself.

Will be immersed in dreamland year only little girl of 5 years old is lost flintily was in the doorway of orphanage, should see somebody holds her in the arms after going in, father resembling is loose at a heat.

Constrictive brows also of in a way extended a few, and the maternal heart that takes in backlash truly times feeling suffers.

Double closefisted is grasping the dress to cover to wind, tear also does not stop flowed.

The father that passes through rearview mirror all these also times feeling is helpless, halt a little while.

The sedan of this black gray disappears in boundless dim light of night[……]


114 made a佛山桑拿夜生活论坛 mistake

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1845 words, update at: 2017-09-09 15:32

Does bearer ask in reply actually I how do they think? I want to break down simply.

At this moment of young feminine grinning ask: “Do you know who we are? Might as well speak out to listen! Might as well speak out to listen!!

This answers me cannot again silent, I raise a head to look at her encouraged say: “I know, the ex-wife that you are a boss — the elder sister that she is you. The ex-wife that you are a boss — the elder sister that she is you..

My one’s voice in speech is downfallen still, 2 people vis-a-vis bursts out laughing! I what laugh am creepy, do not know they laugh at the meaning in? Be annoy or distain to mine?

2 people the laugh of unbridled is enough, old ability is brushing the tear that canthus laugh comes out: “The child, deficient how you think of? Don’t you have those who discover Chong Wenchang to follow me two quite picture? Don’t you have those who discover Chong Wenchang to follow me two quite picture??

“Chong Wen? Who is Chong Wen? ” I muddled, who is the Chong Wen that they say?

See the look that I indissoluble, be surprised youngly: “Who is Chong Wen don’t you know? How to have so funny thing? Simply too comical — Xi — ” saying her yock of to one’s heart’s content rises.



That 41 广佛街 论坛girls are you

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 2427 words, update at: 2017-05-18 21:18

The classmate when learns in when receiving a son, be encountered accidentally, this is a very regular job originally, oneself besides can remember oneself feeling accident to him, appear and it doesn’t matter? Because I am right his impression is too common, not quite poor also without good impression, sympathize with a bit at that time probably?

I give the money that give he also was not received finally, he laughs a little shyly to me: “We are old schoolmates, a string of sugarcoated haws on a stick returns money, you is this knock Chen I? Myself strings together this, do not have a thing to do livelihood seeking a site, need not what capital. Need not what capital..

I also become awkward rise, do not give Qian Xinli compunctious, give again? He already so said, how do I still give? Look at a son to eating sweetly, laugh what I feel embarrassed to him, stemming from curiosity also is to do not have a word to seek a word: “Tong Zhiyong, we have 10 the coming year to had not met about, and, what I cover myself is so severe, how can you still admit at a draught do I come? How can you still admit at a draught do I come??

Tong Zhiyong looks at me, write in a pair of not big eyes full complacent: “I remember of course, because this pair of your eyes are too special, the impre[……]


After parting company the following day (es广州98场推荐say)

” point to seam escape you ” dawdle head small silver / , this chapter in all 556 words, update at: 2017-11-14 22:16


Today, I felt really, heart more and more ache, the feeling that remember to the end of one’s life. I am suffocative come, I besides drink did not have other think of a way, I do not put the pleasure that you give me. You say you consider a person, I worry about you very much however. I did not keep back contacted you, you let I and you become a friend, but you know, how can I bear others to take care of you, my meeting jealous. And, I do not mind you not to let me accompany you, but do not part company. You ask me, be to be in persuade you to stay? I say to be opposite, you should abandon I, I must persuade you to stay. Think together only with you, even if just give me a status, and your infer me not infer I am OK, you refuse all the time. You say, meet with me in the evening, I cried however, met, I can break down thoroughly. I regret to did not receive your telephone call yesterday, very regret, but I am in all the time persuade to stay, man Bing is I am talking, you are listening, I say you think well, give me the answer again, but I had not said, you say to I am sorry. My heartbreak, what I want is not this, you cheat me bad. I am in by wept in the nest very long, I want to drink, I say to accompany me to drink afternoon to Fan Fan, his come to an agreement or understanding. What actually I t[……]